Hello Seven helps non-conforming, boundary pushers who want to make more money and are committed to personal development—all so they can make a positive change in the world. We help them by providing executive coaching (that pushes limits and challenges societal constraints), an empowering community, and strategic, wealth-building content. The change we want to make is a more balanced distribution of the world’s economic and political power. We’ve got exciting new projects in the works…so many that we need a hand to get them all done. And we are looking for some awesome team members!

Who We Are

Our mission is to empower women-owned businesses, Black-owned businesses, queer-owned businesses and other entrepreneurs from communities that have been marginalized to make $1m in revenue and build wealth. Getting to $1M+ in revenue isn’t just a financial bragging point—it’s a benchmark that allows them to make a difference in their lives, their communities and the world. We do this by delivering top-notch executive coaching in the form of coaching programs, live and virtual events, a podcast, a newsletter, and online-based communities. We have a growing audience of 50,000 women entrepreneurs and are on a mission to serve as many women as possible.

What We Believe In

Personal responsibility is paramount. We are committed to radical personal responsibility, that means admit when you’re wrong or when you’ve made a mistake. It also means be loud and proud about your accomplishments and contributions and don’t downplay them.

Honor thy customer. Our customers have entrusted us with their big dreams and we honor that trust by providing the very best customer experience possible and are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight our clients. We are 100% committed to serving our customers at the highest level with the full respect and quality they deserve.

Do epic shit. We are committed to making things happen. We’re a team of doers, and when we come up against a roadblock we’re quick to find and decide on a solution to make sure we keep pedaling forward.

If you’re not growing you’re dying. We are committed to constantly improving and innovating. We refuse to stay stagnant and are always coming up with new, outside-the-box ideas that will blow  our customers away and take our company to the next level. We value and nurture creativity in our team.

We like our standards the way we like our spirits: high. While we create and produce a large amount of projects each year, we never compromise the quality of our work. Attention to detail is crucial in every task to ensure we are always producing the best content, events, training and experiences possible.

Ride or die. Being part of a small team means that at times we are all hands on deck. You’ll never hear anyone on the team say “that’s not my job.” Each of us shares a can-do, everything has a solution attitude. We are all in on this mission together.

There is always room for improvement. Our team members are committed to education and growth. You’ll have access to the online training, books and workshops you need to ensure you have the resources to assist you in getting the job done.

Werk your strengths. Every day you’ll be working in your strengths and doing things you love to do — managing exciting and fast moving projects and our people. You’ll be working smart, having fun and getting paid for it!

Laughter is mandatory. We work hard and we play hard and we share a lot of laughs along the way. If you’re not having fun, what is the point? We’re a family, and having an environment where you can be yourself and have a good time is one of the many things we pride ourselves on.

The future is equitable. We believe that economic equity is key to improving our greater society. We’re dedicated to helping people whose path to influence, power, and wealth has been made more difficult by prejudice and systemic inequality. We are on a mission to empower these people by teaching them how to think differently, maximize their resources, and expand their reach as they build their bank accounts.

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