We should all be delegating

Last Sunday, I delivered a passionate sermon about why you need to hire household help (cleaning, organizing, shopping, cooking, errands, etc.) right now, so you can free up 650 hours of your time every year, feel 650 times happier, have 650 times more energy, and


What could you do with 650 hours?

How much time do you spend doing household activities—like washing, folding and putting away laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, dishes, vacuuming, wiping that weird pink gooey-gunky spot off the counter (WTF is that?!), and generally keeping your home in livable condition?  Have you ever tracked your time


Stop helping your boyfriend become rich

I know a woman who has always dreamed of investing in real estate.  Instead of watching Netflix in the evenings, she flips dreamily through real estate listings, sighs in elation at gorgeous photos of stainless steel fixtures and marble counters, and runs mortgage calculations. Real


Are you making B.A.D. decisions?

What is a Broke Ass Decision aka B.A.D.? It’s when you make a decision that: – Steals your time and energy. – Makes you feel weak, insecure, and trapped. – Eliminates options rather than creating them.  Basically, it’s any decision that leaves you feeling broke:


This is about you.

This moment is bigger than a virus. This is bigger than what the President has to say or what the WHO has to say. This moment is entirely about you.  Collectively, we are going through a momentous shift. Most of us are waking up in


Is creativity killing your profit?

Growing your business is a creative endeavor. Look no further than Queen Bey, vocal artist and leader of an empire that extends far beyond her latest album. Business is an art form. You, as a business owner, are an artist. You are constantly creating solutions to large problems and presenting those solutions to the public


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