My 2019 revenue measures—to date.

Have you crunched your 2019 numbers yet? And I don’t just mean your revenue numbers—revenue is only a part of the story when assessing your 2019 to date. While your monthly revenue numbers are important, there are several other numbers you must consider that will paint a


The ROI of Rave Reviews.

​A business model—at its simplest—has three branches: Marketing Sales Delivery I’ve already written about the issue I see many entrepreneurs coming up against directly in their marketing, so today I want to focus on delivery—and how it’s essential to your marketing. Creating a killer experience for your clients is one of


Having it all is hard.

We are collectively confused about what “having it all” means, and this lack of clarity is causing us to burn out, “quit while we’re ahead,” and play smaller than we’re capable of because “having it all” looks (and is, at times) fucking exhausting. We need


Your Dream Home Inside

In 2008, my husband and I bought the least expensive house in the nicest neighborhood available in Tenafly, New Jersey. We’d just tied the knot and saw this as the perfect starter home for us to juggle shared, part-time custody of my new bonus daughter


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