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Rachel here. The Make Money Moves Challenge begins tomorrow and it’s 5 days in a row: December 5th – 9th. For the first time ever (and …
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Hello, Black Friday.

It’s been a few years since I've run a Black Friday offer.  But… this year we’ve decided to say:  Hello, Black Friday. My team and I have created …
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The Mark of a Powerful CEO

One of the hallmarks of a powerful CEO is the ability to make quick decisions.Notice I didn’t say making the right decisions—the ability to make quick decisions.Not …
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Are you in the right room?

The Hello Seven Mastermind is a group of powerhouse entrepreneurs. Each person is an established business owner—currently making $30k/mo in revenue or more. It’s a diverse …
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Did you catch this?

Have you listened to the podcast called Side Hustle Pro? Recently, I was a guest on the show and had a fabulous conversation with host Nicaila …
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I love it when people talk about me.

Your clients are talking about you—whether you like it or not.  They might be singing your praises. They might be grumbling and complaining. Either way, it’s …
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