Shmillies made THIS much money from the $10K challenge

If you don’t think you can make money fast, I’m about to blow your mind…

During last year’s $10K in 10 Days Challenge, we made $3,519,262.66 as a community. That’s over $3 milli in literally 10 days! We had members who never thought they could earn significant sums of money quickly and those who never tried new ways to earn. 

Take for instance Amodhi Weeresinghe; 

Her goal was to sell newsletter masterclasses for 10 days. Pitching her services alone wasn’t going to do it, so she tried Hello Seven taught strategies like no-nonsense selling and collecting on money owed to her

And she exceeded her $10K goal.

These are the kinds of results that our Club members are getting.  

That’s the power of our business coaching. 

That’s the power of our tools and strategies. 

That’s the power of The Club

The Club is a group of diverse entrepreneurs that you can lean on and be inspired by, especially during our money challenges. It’s where members have learned how to earn more, make better financial decisions, turn a successful side hustle into a full-time business, and so much more through education and fellowship. 

The Club is also the only way to join in the $10K in 10 Days Challenge coming up next week. 

JOIN THE CLUB to sign up for the $10K in 10 Days Challenge before kick off on June 1. 

Me and my Hello Seven Team will lead you through 10 days of intensive coaching and training about sales, marketing, operations, legal, finance, and so many more invaluable tools and strategies. 

If you want to make more money faster and more efficiently now, walk through The Club doors. I guarantee this is a membership that pays for itself—many times over.

I’m looking forward to blowing past $3M on the next challenge. Don’t you want to see how much of that you can make?

It’s time for you to start making shmoney now… 

So let’s get it together!



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