Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

037 MDB Rising with Trudi Lebron

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:037 MDB Rising with Trudi Lebron

Want to learn how to make bank, claim your power and have an impact? Get my guide, 10 Behaviors of Million Dollar Women, and stop getting in your own way to 7 figures.

I run a seven-figure business while raising four kids and keeping my marriage (and sanity) intact. I built my business from $0 to seven figures and I know it’s possible to have it all – family, success, money, impact and eight hours of sleep.

“I invested every last dime of my savings account to hire Rachel. Less than two months later, that savings account is already replenished and growing. BEST INVESTMENT I’VE EVER MADE IN MY BUSINESS.”

Dr. Lindsey Byron

“I can’t say enough about how amazing Multiply has been. I’m not just a mom or a nurse. I’m a BOSS and I’m about to change the course of my family’s future.”

Tracie Braylock

I made $100,000 from my very first digital product (after sitting on the content for a year!)

I got a killer flagship product that I didn’t know I even had. Rachel is brilliant in the sense that she can give you a one sentence tweak to your model and it will change the entire trajectory of your business. I am walking away with an online musical theater program that I would’ve never even explored had she not pulled it out of me. My favorite was that the program felt like a behind the curtain tour of Emerald City. We are all clearly HUGE fans of Rachel. However, to see the ACTUAL blueprints of her product that has made her a million is the most epic benefit to me. Her revealing the truth of how she does it and continues to do it demystifies the entire process of creation. Her revealing her process so simply and effectively gave me the confidence to trust and move with it……it clearly works.”

Robert Hartwell

Broadway Dancer & Founder of The Broadway Collective

The best investment in myself and my business that I could have made.

“I had a head (and heart!) full of ideas for products, but had no real plan or process to make them happen. With MADE: IN FRANCE, there’s a strong support system to keep you on-track and motivated. The brilliant ideas and feedback from Rachel, her team, and the other members of our MADE group took me, my product and my business to a new level that I would never have gotten to on my own! My ONLY hesitation was the cost! But it was the best investment in myself and my business that I could have made.

Peg Kusner

Interior Designer, Peg Kusner Designs

040 Million Dollar Responsiveness

Today, I’m sharing a conversation I had with two members of my Million Dollar Badass Mastermind – TaVona Denise Boggs and Lindsay Bryan-Podvin – about their experience of keeping their…

This is about you.

This moment is bigger than a virus. This is bigger than what the President has to say or what the WHO has to say. This moment is entirely about you.  Collectively, we are going through a momentous shift. Most of…

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