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Hello Seven Podcast with Rachel Rodgers | How Being Yourself Can Make You Millions with Pinky Cole, Live from ROI: The Millionaire Summit

111. How Being Yourself Can Make You Millions with Pinky Cole, Live from ROI: The Millionaire Summit

At the ROI Millionaire Summit, we had the opportunity to record some live podcasts with the fire speakers at the event and capture some of their inspiration. And y’all, they did not disappoint. So, in this episode, I’m pleased to bring you Pinky Cole, a restauranteur who has disrupted and made millions in one of the most notoriously difficult industries.

Pinky Cole is the owner and operator of Slutty Vegan, a plant-based burger chain. Pinky says it’s easy to make $1 million, but it’s hard to stay there. This episode is all about building an empire while being your authentic self, so if you’ve got a million-dollar idea but you don’t want to be a one-hit wonder, this episode is for you.

Tune in this week to discover how Pinky Cole turned her business into a money-making machine and is building an empire from there. We’re discussing why so many entrepreneurs are unhappy, why getting comfortable is worse than your worst enemy as an entrepreneur, and how to stop hiding and be noticeable through your business.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How in the beginning, when you’re building a business, it’s all about the impact, the idea, and the challenge.
  • What slutification is, how Pinky came up with it, and how you can get yourself some.
  • The value of your unique in-your-face-ness.
  • Why comfort is your worst enemy as an entrepreneur.
  • How committing 100% to one thing gives you long-term freedom.
  • Why it’s easy to make $1 million, but it’s hard to stay there.
  • Pinky’s advice for not getting stuck in one space as an entrepreneur.
  • How to turn your business into an asset that pays you for life as you grow beyond your core.

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Rachel: One of the things that she says is, “Your best work is never behind you.” And I’m like, yes, exactly. I think sometimes we’re like, “Well, I’ve had the success. I’m done.” No, you’re not because what happens when you plateau? You start to do this.

Pinky: You get comfortable.

Rachel: You get comfortable, and it doesn’t last forever. So it’s like you got to keep showing up.

You want to make more money? You are in the right place. Welcome to the Hello Seven Podcast. That’s seven, as in seven figures. I’m your host, Rachel Rodgers. On this show, it’s all about you and your money. We talk about how to maximize your earning potential, how to make better financial decisions, and how to find your million-dollar idea, that genius business idea that’s going to make you a whole lot more money. I’m here to show you how to expand your income and expand your confidence, power, and joy.

If you are a woman, a person of color, a queer person, if you’re a person living with a disability, or you don’t fit the stereotypical image of what a millionaire is “supposed” to look like, this show is for you. No matter who you are or what you do for a living, you could be earning a lot more than you currently do. Your journey to wealth starts right here.

Pinky: Well, hello.

Rachel: Hello.

Pinky: Don’t we look festive?

Rachel: Yes. Listen, so do you.

Pinky: Thank you.

Rachel: First of all, I love this, the jewels in the hair. It’s so good.

Pinky: Let me tell you, it’s so funny. My hairstylist was like, “I got to do a hairstyle that’s got to last because I can’t go to Puerto Rico with you.” So this is that. So here we are.

Rachel: And she nailed it.

Pinky: She did. I’m so happy to be here. I had such a great time yesterday.

Rachel: Yay, so did we.

Pinky: Like I went home on a high.

Rachel: Yes, listen.

Pinky: And it wasn’t weed. It was just a natural high.

Rachel: Listen, I was like, Pinky came in on 1,000 trillion, okay? She was like, bring your energy up because I’m here.

Pinky: Yes.

Rachel: All right?

Pinky: That’s the vibration that I’m on right now.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: I told myself, 2023, y’all, it’s my Jordan year.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: Because it’s my Jordan year, I’m going to make sure that I operate in excellence in every single thing I do. How I show up, how I speak, the impression that I lead, the relationships that I build, and how I lead my company. So the space that I’m in, I’m so clear and so focused. More than I’ve ever been in my life.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: And I’m just happy to just be in the presence of, like, all of my dreams and desires.

Rachel: Exactly. And I love, too, that your operating in your excellence is you being you.

Pinky: Yes.

Rachel: It’s not, oh, I’m running a playbook or this is how you’re supposed to present, this is how you’re supposed to dress, this is how you’re supposed to look, I’m going to run the playbook to the best of my ability. No, no, no, no. You are just going to be 100% yourself, 1,000% yourself. Bring all of you to everything, everywhere you go. And that’s winning. That’s excellence.

Pinky: That’s excellence.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: And I’m so proud of you, by the way.

Rachel: Thank you.

Pinky: You’re welcome.

Rachel: Thank you. That means a lot to me.

Pinky: Look, I had to, you know how you meet somebody, and you’re like, “Oh, they dope.” So I started researching, right? Oh, she’s powerful. I love it. I just love what you represent.

Rachel: Thank you. I love what you represent. Literally, and that’s how I feel. I feel like, you know, Sonia was saying yesterday, I was like, I did not plan what the speakers are going to say. I have no idea what’s going to come out of these people’s mouths. Okay? But she was like, “You don’t have to plan alignment.”

Pinky: Nope.

Rachel: And I was like, see, always with the poetry with you.

Pinky: Okay, listen, I love good poetry when it’s real.

Rachel: It’s real.

Pinky: When things are in alignment, it works out exactly how it’s supposed to work out.

Rachel: Exactly.

Pinky: Like when I got, I’m being totally transparent with y’all. When I got booked to do this, right, at first, I’m like, okay, all right. I don’t really know these people.

Rachel: Right.

Pinky: I’m being honest.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: And I’m like, okay, it’s a conference in Puerto Rico. Great, we going to Puerto Rico.

Rachel: Exactly, we need a vacation anyway. Yes.

Pinky: But then, when I came here, it exceeded my expectations. So when I say that I’m proud of you, it’s not just because I’m just saying it to sound good.

Rachel: Yeah. No, I know you’re not because I don’t think you say anything like that.

Pinky: Yeah, no, no, no, I can’t tell a lie. I’m proud of the level of execution. I’m proud that I get to be a part of something so special. It was over 500 people in the room.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: I didn’t expect all that.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: I was pleasantly surprised. And I’m just happy that you thought of me to put my name in the hat to do this.

Rachel: Yes. Well, of course. I mean, first of all, it wasn’t me. It was my audience that thought of you. And I mean, I follow you, and I’m a fan too.

Pinky: Well, thank you, y’all.

Rachel: But to me, I think you are similar to me in that we really care about our people. We care about our community. And so everything, I just ask. I’m like, who y’all want to see? And then I went and got everybody that they said, I’m like, okay, everybody I can afford. And I can afford them this year, probably won’t be able to afford them next year. But like everybody, back and forth.

Pinky: Evolution.

Rachel: Yeah, exactly. Evolution. Listen, her price went up yesterday, okay? Again. 

Pinky: Yes, it definitely did.

Rachel: Again.

Pinky: Because I walked out of here like, yes, I’m here. I’m alive. It felt so good, but it’s important. You said something really key that I was just talking to my fiancé about the other day. Somebody asked me, so what is the key, the secret to, like, really growing a brand?

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: And while I’m growing it in real-time, you literally said what I say all the time. You got to talk to the people.

Rachel: Yes. 

Pinky: You won’t know what they want until you ask.

Rachel: Just ask them. It’s so easy.

Pinky: I go on my Instagram like, hey, I’m looking for an assistant. Hey, I’m looking for this.

Rachel: That’s how I sell everything. I’m like, hey, y’all, I’m thinking of doing XYZ. What do you all think? Oh, we love that. And you go.

Pinky: And you’d be surprised at the resources and the people that want to be a part of the process.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: It’s not always about; I don’t even know the topic of this discussion. But I’m telling you, it’s not always about the final pretty, polished thing.

Rachel: Exactly.

Pinky: It’s about what happens in the process. And that’s how you get to grow businesses.

Rachel: And that’s actually how we connect as humans, right? Because we want to connect. We’re real people, and we want to connect as real people.

Pinky: Yes.

Rachel: And so when someone shows up being real and saying, like, I don’t know if this is going to work, but here’s what I’m thinking. What do y’all think? And you’re like, yeah, I like that, too. All right, let’s co-create it together, right? Like, you’re a part of this because you’re saying yes to this, and we’re going to build it together.

You’re going to give me feedback, and I’m going to take your feedback, and I’m going to make it better, right? Because I’m building it for you. And it’s just about having empathy for people. And I think part of the reason why we have so much empathy is because we’ve been that person.

Pinky: So let me tell you about my empathy, okay?

Rachel: Tell me about your empathy.

Pinky: Girl, don’t do this, but people will DM me and say like, “Pinky, I’m about to get evicted and like I’m about to get evicted tomorrow, and I need like three” – I’ve had to catch myself, y’all.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: Because I’m like, what’s your Cash App? Do you understand what I’m saying?

Rachel: I get it.

Pinky: That level of empathy, like it’s deep.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: It’s deep to a fault sometimes because, obviously, you can’t help everybody. Am I the only person like that? I will take the shirt off of my back to make sure that the next person is good. And it’s worked to my advantage so much. But sometimes I’ll have to catch myself like that. Do you know what I mean?

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: Empathy is real.

Rachel: It’s real. And you want to do it, like to me, I’m like, okay, it needs to be systematic.

Pinky: Yeah.

Rachel: It has to be scalable, right? I want scalable empathy because I want to be able to serve as many people as possible. I want as much transformation as possible. And so eight figures sounds like a lot of money, but it’s like there’s still a lot of expenses that come with that. It’s not like I take it all home.

Pinky: Yeah, overhead. Listen.

Rachel: Listen, you know about the overhead.

Pinky: Y’all, let me tell you. Can I talk to y’all? Okay, the restaurant industry is one of the hardest industries to be in for so many reasons.

Rachel: 100%.

Pinky: First of all, you got to pay labor. You got to pay the EOC, the DBAC, and ABCD. Like it’s so many things to pay.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: So, like for me, I got lines down the block, and a lot of people come to the restaurant. And yes, I make a lot of money. By the time I pay all these damn bills, I’m like, God damn.

Rachel: Exactly. What’s left?

Pinky: What’s going on?

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: But what I realized is, when you’re building, it’s really about the impact and the idea that all things are possible. Like Slutty Vegan has made so much room for all the things that I want to do. I even came up with like five ideas backstage just now.

Rachel: Listen, listen, we were talking earlier about how you just ideate and come up with, like, and you’re literally launching your ideas within 48 hours, which I love about you. I used to do the same thing. I’d be in the shower and just launch it. Do you know what I mean? And just make it happen.

But here’s the thing, and here’s the difference that I want to make sure everybody gets. You have to commit to that one thing that’s going to give you that freedom. You commit to one thing first. You get that first million under your belt, right? You get that extra income so that you can hire the team and create space for yourself so you can even come up with ideas. Then you’re now in a position where you can hire teams for every idea that you have.

Pinky: So it’s interesting that you said that. So I was saying this yesterday, it’s important to make sure that you focus on that thing because the thing will make room for you, right?

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: And Slutty Vegan has allowed me to do all of these things because I made sure that I was super focused.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: Let me be honest with y’all; if you ain’t made it yet, it’s easy to make a million dollars.

Rachel: It’s really not that hard.

Pinky: It’s hard to stay there.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: You understand what I’m saying? You can make it fast, but what are you going to do to keep it?

Rachel: Yes, and how do you make it repeat it?

Pinky: Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Rachel: Like where it’s repeatable millions.

Pinky: Where you can do it again and again and again, which is why I always wonder, like, why is a one-hit-wonder a one-hit-wonder?

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Pinky: Right?

Rachel: Exactly.

Pinky: It’s easy to get there and make that big hit. But you’re only as good as that big hit. And I’m speaking really, like, practically speaking, right? Like, I’m not here right now; I’m here.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: So when I say that, you’ve got to be able to be consistent in all things that you do.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: Every time I come up with something, I’m like, all right, cool. It’s because I’ve made this village work. It’s robotic now, so it’s a machine. So now that I have this machine, you got the oil leaking down to the other parts of the machine.

Rachel: Exactly.

Pinky: And now it leaks down to the other parts of the machine to make the other machine work. And that’s how you build an empire. That’s how you build the biggest companies and organizations in the world. That’s where I’m trying to get to so that I can leave something for my daughter. I can leave something for my son. Or I can leave something for my damn self if I want to because this is what I’m working for.

Rachel: Exactly. Exactly right. Exactly. And that’s what we at Hello Seven are trying to do because so many people who are out there teaching business and coaching and education, they teach you how to do sales and marketing, they teach you how to maybe get the first million. They don’t teach you how to keep it. They don’t teach you operations. They don’t teach you processes and systems. They don’t teach you finance and insurance. They don’t teach you how to lead and manage a team, right?

Pinky: It’s not easy.

Rachel: And that is the stuff that we teach because I want you to build an asset, not just a job that pays you well. I want you to have an asset that makes you money when you ain’t there.

Pinky: Yes. Do you know how many unhappy entrepreneurs I know?

Rachel: Oh my God. All of them.

Pinky: Some of them are still unhappy right now.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: This is a part of the reason why we’re here because you wanted answers. You needed support.

Rachel: Yes. Yes.

Pinky: So finding that pathway to be able to grow the thing that you get the first time and allow it to be a wash, rinse and repeat, that is when you really truly unlock that level of freedom.

Rachel: Exactly. Exactly right. Do you know what your new best friend, Susan Hyatt, says?

Pinky: Susan needs her show, okay?

Rachel: Listen, listen.

Pinky: The real life coaches of – Where’s she from?

Rachel: She’s actually from Savannah, Georgia. She’s a southern woman.

Pinky: Okay, the real life coaches of Savannah. Oh my gosh, it would be a hit.

Rachel: Listen, that combo was so magical. I was like, let me try this. I just intuitively think this is going to be great. Let me see what happens.

Pinky: But she’s herself, and that’s why I like her.

Rachel: This is what I’m saying. Y’all both being up there being very different, but authentically yourself 100%. I love it so much. It’s so good. But one of the things that she says is your best work is never behind you. And I’m like, yes, exactly. I think sometimes we’re like, “Well, I’ve had this success. I’m done now.” No, you’re not because what happens when you plateau? You start to do this.

Pinky: You get comfortable.

Rachel: You get comfortable, and it doesn’t last forever. So it’s like you got to keep showing up, right? And that’s how you do this.

Pinky: Girl, you better talk to me. I’m about to run around this right now. Let me tell you something about comfortability. Comfortability is worse than your worst enemy.

Rachel: I agree.

Pinky: Do you know what I mean when I say that? It is worse than your worst enemy because, guess what? You know what, the worst enemy is thinking most of the time.

Rachel: Exactly.

Pinky: That level of comfortability, you’re going to look up and realize that like the essence is gone because you go comfortable with the money, you got comfortable with that status at that time.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: But, like, I am in the business of climbing mountains.

Rachel: That’s right.

Pinky: And this don’t have nothing to do with money.

Rachel: Exactly.

Pinky: So for the people who are in here that are at the top of the food chain are entrepreneurs, like moving the mountain is what’s exhilarating to me.

Rachel: Exactly, and it feeds you.

Pinky: It feeds you. I get excited about new ideas so that I unlock these challenges and come up with something so great. It’s really like the Pinky and the Brain model for me.

Rachel: Totally, 100%.

Pinky: I’m a genius, and I’m insane, okay?

Rachel: Yes, both and.

Pinky: At the same time. And or, you know?

Rachel: Yes, you have to enjoy the journey because that’s what’s going to keep you here. That’s going to keep your excitement and keep you moving forward, right? Learn to love where you’re at right now and get excited about where you’re going. And as soon as you climb one mountain, you’re like, “Where is the next mountain at? That was fun.” Right?

Pinky: It’s a high.

Rachel: And you’re like, “Okay, I need a vacation.” You go lay on the beach for a week, and now you’re like, “Okay, where’s the next mountain because I’m bored now.”

Pinky: Yes. It’s a good high.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: Like I get high off of growing, and elevating, and elevating my consciousness. Like, that gets me high. Weed can’t do that for me.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: Alcohol can’t do that for me.

Rachel: It’s true. It’s so true.

Pinky: I’m serious. I’m keeping it real with y’all. The elevation is so necessary.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: And it feels so damn good.

Rachel: It feels so good.

Pinky: Yeah.

Rachel: You mentioned essence, okay, so I would love for you to share with the audience; what is slutification? What does that mean, and how can we get some?

Pinky: Slutification is the art of having a euphoric experience eating a plant-based burger.

Rachel: I love it, yes.

Pinky: If that was in a dictionary, that’s what it would be. But that’s what it was, right? So like when I created Slutty vegan, I knew that if I named it Pinky’s Vegan, wasn’t nobody coming.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: I knew that if I didn’t add like the raunchiness or the raciness, or the provocativeness, the in-your-face-ness, then people weren’t going to pay attention.

Rachel: Yes, the in-your-face-ness, y’all.

Pinky: It’s called disruption.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: Do you understand what I’m saying?

Rachel: Don’t be regular.

Pinky: Yes.

Rachel: Be your unique self in every way.

Pinky: Literally. The level of disruption has gotten me through doors that you could only imagine.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: And because I was disruptive, I’m like, there’s got to be a tagline. I’ve got to build this community like how Beyonce got the bee hive.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: Slutty Vegan got the sluts, right?

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: And sluts get slutified, right?

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: It’s like when you open up Pandora’s box because vegan is not supposed to feel dirty, but Slutty Vegan is a good dirty.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: So when you have that good dirty experience, it’s like, well have you slutified? And like, well, yes.

Rachel: Yeah, it’s like, If I haven’t, I want to. That sounds interesting.

Pinky: Right? And it doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or anything. Everybody gets slutified. Everybody.

Rachel: Listen.

Pinky: And nobody feels dirty doing it. And I’m so glad that I created this level of slultification, because now it’s a badge of honor.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: There is power in words.

Rachel: Yeah.

Pinky: When you can redefine the meaning of words, you can change the world.

Rachel: You reclaim them.

Pinky: Do you understand what I’m doing right now? First of all, I’m a strong Black woman.

Rachel: Yes, you are.

Pinky: I celebrate my Blackness.

Rachel: That’s right.

Pinky: But when Pinky shows up, I represent the Black woman, the white woman, I represent the middle-class woman because I was once middle class. I represent the mother.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: I represent the entrepreneur. So there’s not one category that I’m speaking on behalf of.

Rachel: That’s right.

Pinky: I’m speaking for everybody. And that level of intimacy and energy, that is what saves the world.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: So as long as I continue to do what I’ve done with Slutty Vegan and redefine narratives, I know that one day we’ll look up, and the world will be a better place.

Rachel: Absolutely. Listen, there is so much there. First of all, the juxtaposition, right, of slutty and vegan. It’s like this is how you build a bomb-ass brand, right? Have juxtaposition. What am I bringing to this industry that’s not already there? Let me bring some of that energy to it, and that’s what’s going to make people pay attention, right?

Instead, a lot of times, we walk through life trying to be unnoticed. We’re like trying to hide. Stop hiding, okay?

Pinky: Stop hiding.

Rachel: Be noticeable, be bold, right? And also, make a statement that you can get behind. And even if you shook, do it, right? Because you’re getting people on board your train. They’re like, what is this?

Pinky: Let me tell you something funny, speaking of getting people on board your train. So y’all remember yesterday I was talking about the Shroom concept?

Rachel: Yes. First of all, you got a lot of, like, you got investors, you got customers.

Pinky: In my DMs right now, like, “Hi, can we set up a meeting?” A grower, his family member is here, somebody who is a grower of mushrooms that I would love to talk to. I’m a chef, and all I make is mushrooms, and I have a mushroom farm. I would love to talk to you. I said, “Okay, let’s set up the call.”

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: So that level of disruption, even just alone for the concept, like it sounds psychedelic, Shrooms, but you’re really literally talking about mushrooms. Being disruptive in the spaces that you have in your businesses is what’s going to make people pay attention.

Rachel: Yes. And when you talk about your ideas that are unique, but you’re passionate about them, right? That’s what gets people on board, is the passion that you’re like, okay, give me – It’s like flies to honey. We want to see people authentically being themselves and being passionate, right?

The other thing I want to point out, too, is that you said, and I think we need to talk about this all the time, every day. You are a Black woman. You’re not only talking to Black women or Black people. You’re talking to everybody.

Pinky: Everybody.

Rachel: Everybody.

Pinky: Pinky talk is for everybody, okay? That’s my motto.

Rachel: Correct, because I think so many times when we, as Black people, write books, or we create businesses, or we create communities, it’s always like it’s for Black people. No, okay? Stop. Why? White people make things for everybody, but Black people can only make things for Black people, right? Same with Latinos. Same with everything, right? It’s like queer people make it for queer people, right? Like, everybody, stay in your category. Stay in your box.

Pinky: And you don’t have to stay in a category.

Rachel: No.

Pinky: The most successful businesses and brands in the world are universal brands that everybody can appreciate.

Rachel: Exactly.

Pinky: And I want to be the change that I wish to see. I want to debunk the myth that you got to stay in one space. I want to be able to, like when I say the aunties love me because I’m like the rich auntie, right? I want to be able to speak to them, to young people, the Gen Z‘ers. I want to tap every single industry space so that when you see my name, it’s like Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce.

Rachel: Exactly.

Pinky: Like when you see their name, they are universal to the world. The Michelle Obama’s of the world.

Rachel: Exactly.

Pinky: That’s the lane that I’m in, you know? And that’s the lane that I’m going to continue in.

Rachel: You don’t have to deny your Blackness to do that either, right?

Pinky: No, absolutely not.

Rachel: Because people are attracted to that authenticity. They want more of that. We don’t see enough of it, right? And so when you do that and invite everybody in, magic happens, right?

Pinky: Yes, absolutely.

Rachel: So I just hope that you feel freed up to serve everybody in whatever way that you want to serve and recognize that you can be for everybody. Everybody can be your client, right? You don’t have to put yourself into a box. You don’t have to have this narrow view of what’s possible for you or who your audience is, okay? It’s all about relating to people, you know?

So I think you just freed a lot of people up just now.

Pinky: Thank you.

Rachel: This was so dope.

Pinky: Like you’re telling me, it’s time. Why would this only be 20 minutes, okay?

Rachel: I mean, first of all – 

Pinky: You know I like to run my mouth, okay?

Rachel: I was like, this is going to be a fire 20 minutes. It’s going to be a shot in the arm.

Pinky: Okay.

Rachel: Let’s take one question. If you want to serve everybody, how do you do that on day one? You usually don’t do that on day one. Like day one, you’re going to have the people who are attracted to –

Pinky: You’re going to have your core.

Rachel: Yes, you’re going to have your people who are attracted to you first.

Pinky: And then once you acknowledge your core, you realize that you can grow beyond the core and still support that core in the beginning.

Rachel: Exactly. Right.

Pinky: Like you never leave your core. The core is what gets you where you’re supposed to be.

Rachel: Yes, they were the early adopters, right? They were the ones to raise their hand and say yes first and tell their friends.

Pinky: Exactly. And those are the people that always stay there because they’re going to support you, good, bad, and ugly. But then, when you start to elevate a branch out to your brand, you start to make the brand more universal, at least in my humble opinion.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: I’m just going based on my experience.

Rachel: Your experience. That is 100% accurate. So product market fit, right? That’s something that some of y’all have taken my class on that, right? The fortune 500 companies of the world, this is how they do it. They focus on early adopters first, right? They have a target market. They’re hyper-focused on them. They get those early adopters in the door. The early adopters don’t need proof. They’re the ones that are willing to say, yes, they are sold, right?

Then they go tell friends, and they bring the referrals, right? And then you get the mass market because the mass market needs evidence. They’re like; I don’t know.

Pinky: They need to know it’s going to work.

Rachel: Right, like before you came to this conversation, like, “I don’t know nothing about this, let me see. I’m going to come, but I don’t know if I’m staying, right? Let’s see. I’m going to just deliver what I said and bounce,” right?

And so you have those folks who need evidence. And so the early adopters provide the evidence for the mass market, right? And then you have people who are never going to buy, no matter how much evidence. So we just, bye, ignore them, right?

Pinky: Yes.

Rachel: And so that’s how it works, literally, for Fortune 500 companies. This is how you build businesses, right? You find a core, and you focus on your core; you serve the hell out of them, right? You create a relationship with them, a community with them. They fuel your business.

Pinky: And then you move up.

Rachel: Exactly, and then you expand beyond that. That’s how it works. So it’s like, we don’t need to do all of this on day one, okay? Let’s keep it simple on day one. Let’s have an offer. Let’s have an ideal client that we’re serving. Let’s get it out there. Let’s make this first million. Then we can expand and hit everybody, right? Then build other companies and all the things.

Pinky: Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Rachel: Yes, listen, we are on the same page.

Pinky: Yes.

Rachel: All right, well, you said that you keep things on time. So I’m going to keep us on time too.

Pinky: Can I say one last thing?

Rachel: Please say one last thing.

Pinky: So, as you go out in the world after this experience, I want you to walk away from this space and all the other spaces that you encounter while y’all are here and realize that everybody has the ability to unlock that potential.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: And the only thing that separates us at this moment is nothing. Do you know what I’m saying? Not a damn thing.

Rachel: Yes, literally. You are our peers. You are our peers.

Pinky: Yes, you are our peers. So go out in the world and be unapologetically who you are. Be authentic in everything that you do. Don’t cold switch for nobody.

Rachel: Yes.

Pinky: Don’t switch it up for nobody.

Rachel: Exactly.

Pinky: People will love and respect you for exactly how you are and exactly what you’re building. And I can guarantee you will see the elevation in real-time. So that’s my message to you.

Rachel: Yes. Yes. Thank you.

Pinky: Thank you so much for having me.

Rachel: It’s so good.

Pinky: I’m going to the beach now, guys.

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