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Reframing Rejection with The Hello Seven Coaches
December 2, 2020

068 Reframing Rejection with The Hello Seven Coaches

When many of us experience rejection, we create all sorts of dramas and stories and make it mean all kinds of untrue things in our minds. But part of the entrepreneurial journey is being rejected! Your idea, service, or product won’t be for everybody, and


Stop Wasting Money On This!
November 25, 2020

067 Stop Wasting Money On This!

If there’s one thing that really aggravates me, it’s seeing my clients wasting their damn money. So today, I’m delivering a sermon for you about why you need to stop throwing money at things that really do not matter. The amount of money some people


When You Think You've Tried Everything
November 18, 2020

066 When You Think You’ve Tried Everything

Do you ever get the feeling you’ve tried everything and it’s not working? You think you’ve taken every course, spoken to every consultant, read every book, but you still haven’t been able to accomplish your goals of finding clients, opening new doors, and generating revenues


Million Dollar Focus
November 4, 2020

065 Million Dollar Focus

You guys are in for a treat this week because I’m giving you a peek inside our October Million Dollar Focus retreat. Learning how to focus has never been more relevant, and it is key to your business success. So we spent this time diving


What Do You Want To Be Known For with Rae McDaniel
October 28, 2020

064 What Do You Want To Be Known For with Rae McDaniel

Today’s guest has no interest in doing business as usual, and that is just one of the many things I love about them. Rae McDaniel is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Certified Sex Therapist, and the Founder and CEO of Practical Audacity and GenderFck.


Embracing the Hard
October 21, 2020

063 Embracing the Hard

We are now in October of 2020, and today, we’re talking about the reality of when things get hard. Here in the US, we are facing a collective 1.1 million workers who have dropped out of jobs, of which 80% are women. The coaches at


Your Company Values Are EVERYTHING
October 14, 2020

062 Your Company Values Are EVERYTHING

What are your company values? Company values are often an afterthought for many entrepreneurs, and you have no idea how much this hurts your spirit and costs you money. When you’re hazy about what your company values are, your customers don’t have a clear idea


Why Your Vote Matters
October 7, 2020

061 Why Your Vote Matters

Today’s episode is going to be a little bit different. But if you only listen to one episode of the Hello Seven podcast this year, make sure it’s this one because, today, we’re talking about something that directly impacts your health, your body, your family,


How to Find a Director of Operations with Brittany Martin
September 30, 2020

060 How to Find a Director of Operations with Brittany Martin

Today, I’m sitting down with my Director of Operations, Brittany Martin, and we’re going to talk about exactly what a director of operations can do in your company, how to find and hire a good one, and the essential stuff you have to do as


How to Become Expensive with Luvvie Ajayi Jones
September 23, 2020

059 How to Become Expensive with Luvvie Ajayi Jones

I had the incredible opportunity recently to be on the Drew Barrymore Show with Luvvie Ajayi. And not only that, but we also did an Instagram takeover. So, what I have for you today is the audio from the takeover Live that Luvvie and I


Build a Badass Brand
September 16, 2020

058 Build a Badass Brand

This week, I’m bringing you a live panel discussion from our May Virtual Mastermind Retreat, all about what it takes to create a badass brand that calls in your ideal customers. Spoiler alert, it’s way more than just fonts, colors, and logo design. I have


Why You Need to Focus Your Offers
September 9, 2020

057 Why You Need to Focus Your Offers

Do you ever feel like you are stretched way too thin? You find yourself trying to cram 100 tasks into your schedule every day, never finishing everything on your list? You’re probably trying to sell five different offers and services, and this leaves your brain


Focus, Simplicity, and Seven Figures with Tyler McCall
September 2, 2020

056 Focus, Simplicity, and Seven Figures with Tyler McCall

Today’s episode is very special because, for the first time ever, we have a white male guest on the show. Can you believe it? But you know, he’s not just any old dude. He is the one and only Tyler J. McCall. In his own


How to Accomplish ANYTHING – Even If You’re Crazy Busy
August 25, 2020

055 How to Accomplish ANYTHING – Even If You’re Crazy Busy

I just finished writing my book after months of insanely hard work. I sent it off to my publisher and it feels amazing to be done with it, and now I can officially call myself an author. So today, I want to share with you


Financial Freedom and Activism with Emma Pattee
August 18, 2020

054 Financial Freedom and Activism with Emma Pattee

This week on the podcast, I have my friend Emma Pattee on the show. Emma is an incredible writer, activist, and real estate investor. After spending her 20s building a real estate portfolio, she’s used the financial freedom that brought to focus on writing and


10K in 10 Days with Kronda Adair and Leslie Tagorda
August 13, 2020

053 10K in 10 Days with Kronda Adair and Leslie Tagorda

We recently ran a 10K in 10 Days Challenge in our membership communities. And when it came to light what our participants had learned from this experience, we realized that what they had to share was way too good to keep to ourselves. So, this


The Truth about Trading with Teri Ijeoma
August 6, 2020

052 The Truth about Trading with Teri Ijeoma

I’m so excited about today’s interview with Teri Ijeoma. She is an incredible investing coach and I absolutely love her. We met at Craft and Commerce in 2019, and she is such a bright, beautiful, caring human being, and you need to hear her amazing


How Imposter Syndrome Is Robbing You
July 23, 2020

051 How Imposter Syndrome Is Robbing You

How much are you holding back in your business because you feel like you’re not worthy or are afraid of what people might think? Imposter syndrome is part of the journey, and it isn’t going away. You need to get comfortable with it being around,


There Is No Growth in Being Comfortable
July 15, 2020

050 There Is No Growth in Being Comfortable

When you start anything, whether you’re getting a business off the ground, or just trying a new exercise routine, you’re going to experience some level of discomfort. And, obviously, that doesn’t always feel great. However, we need to start thinking about discomfort in a different


The Magic Money Dust Is Available to You
July 4, 2020

049 The Magic Money Dust Is Available to You

We’re in the middle of a major world correction right now, and this leaves massive opportunity open for you. Over here at Hello Seven, we’ve developed the perfect program to help you move your business forward in ways you might have never thought possible before


Showing Up for the World You Want to See with Rha Goddess
June 24, 2020

048 Showing Up for the World You Want to See with Rha Goddess

Friends, I have the most magical, healing episode for you today as I’m joined by the inspirational Rha Goddess. Rha is the entrepreneurial soul coach behind hundreds of breakthrough changemakers, cultural visionaries and social entrepreneurs. Her unique methodology has empowered a new generation of entrepreneurs


The Coach Breakdown: Fixing Your Raggedy Mindset
May 20, 2020

046 The Coach Breakdown: Fixing Your Raggedy Mindset

Over here at Hello Seven, we know that whatever problem you’re facing in your business, you already have the answer somewhere inside of you. However, without some assistance, there is always head trash that stops you from realizing the solutions that are staring you in


Build Your Own Bailout
May 13, 2020

045 Build Your Own Bailout

Welcome to BYOB: Build Your Own Bailout. I’ve been in business for a decade, and if you plan on making it to the 10-year mark, it’s inevitable that you’re going to have to make it through a recession. But if you’re willing to work at


Now Is the Time
April 29, 2020

044 Now Is the Time

The registration deadline for my new membership program We Should All Be Millionaires is today, April 30th, so I want to talk with you all today about timing. Shameless plug, I know. But seriously, now is the time. This epic pause the world is on


How to Manifest Massive Money
April 22, 2020

043 How to Manifest Massive Money

It is officially launch day for We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club, so on the show today, I wanted to share with you the origin story for this program, which was born in the middle of the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. And joining me in


How to Plan, Promote and Profit from a Virtual Event
April 16, 2020

042 How to Plan, Promote and Profit from a Virtual Event

I love an in-person event. The energy is electric and they are a big part of my business model, but they’re not an option right now. And if your business depends on events like this to survive, you’re probably reeling from that. So, what I


Redefining Super-Women with Nicole Lapin
April 9, 2020

041 Redefining Super-Women with Nicole Lapin

When it comes to your business or career, I’m sure you’ve had those times where you’re killing it, making money, hitting your targets, feeling like nothing can stop you. But what about when you reach a big goal you’ve been working towards for a long


Million Dollar Responsiveness
April 2, 2020

040 Million Dollar Responsiveness

Today, I’m sharing a conversation I had with two members of my Million Dollar Badass Mastermind – TaVona Denise Boggs and Lindsay Bryan-Podvin – about their experience of keeping their business moving over the past few weeks since the coronavirus began taking a serious toll


How to Thrive as a Small Business Owner in the Time of Coronavirus
March 16, 2020

039 How to Thrive as a Small Business Owner in the Time of Coronavirus

We are in the midst of a health and financial crisis, which will inevitably be followed by a recession. That statement might trigger a lot of stress, but I’m not going to gloss over it and pretend everything’s just fine. However, freaking out right now


If Your Market Wants It, You can Sell It with Jennifer Kem
March 11, 2020

038 If Your Market Wants It, You can Sell It with Jennifer Kem

This week, I’m bringing you an interview with marketing expert Jennifer Kem. Jen helps entrepreneurs monetize their business and create an unforgettable personality brand that dominates their niche. She has used her Master Brand method in digital strategy coaching for celebrity brands like the Oprah


MDB Rising: Trudi Lebrón
March 5, 2020

037 MDB Rising: Trudi Lebrón

This week, I have MDB rising star Trudi Lebrón on the show! Trudi has built an amazing business helping entrepreneurs and business owners who want to put their values front and center in what they’re doing and how they make their money. Trudi has built


February 27, 2020

036 How Robert Hartwell Became a 7 Figure Artist

In this episode, I want to bring you an interview I did with former Broadway actor, client, and my very best friend, Robert Hartwell. This chat was recorded for my MDB Mastermind and was a lot longer than this edited version, so if you want


February 25, 2020

035 How Alexis Hart Became an Underworked Attorney

When you’re at a stage in your business where you’ve got excess cash after paying yourself, your bills, and your staff, that’s a great position to be in. But just because you got there, doesn’t mean the work stops, right? You need to put that


February 20, 2020

034 Don’t Join My Mastermind Because You Like Me

Culturally, we have a history of putting women on a pedestal, raising them to celebrity status and then tearing them down when they “misstep” or make a “mistake.” I’m currently reading a book that sets a lot of examples of this tendency side-by-side, which makes


February 18, 2020

033 This Is Not a Promotion for B-School

At this time of year, my inbox gets flooded with invitations from all angles to join Marie Forleo’s B-School. Now, I went through B-School when I was building my law practice, and it really is an amazing program for when you’re starting out in business.


February 13, 2020

032 2020: How to Have a Year of Yes

We are back! And it is officially season two. We took a couple of months off from the podcast to work on all the other stuff we’ve got going on over here. Plenty has changed while we’ve been away, but the amount of truth I’m


December 26, 2019

Bonus: What It’s Like Working at Hello Seven

This is a super fun bonus episode, everyone: you get to hear from some of my kick-ass team members all about what it’s like to work at Hello Seven.  Brittany (Creative Director), Natalie (Director of Programs), Grace (Head of Enrollment) and Dellea (Podcast Producer) sat


December 19, 2019

Craft and Commerce Talk: We Should All Be Millionaires

I’m a diva. Y’all know this. And that means there’s nothing I hate more than answering to old white men. I’ve spent most of my life making sure that doesn’t happen. But I want to share a story with you today about a time when


December 12, 2019

Office Hours: What Are You Manifesting?

What are you manifesting with your thoughts and energy? Have you decided to be defeated by the problems you’ve been presented with? Or do you trust that you can have anything you want in this world? If you’re thinking that you can’t do something, the


December 5, 2019

Office Hours: Getting Clear on Your Commitments

When it comes to our businesses, over-committing is a big deal. It’s something I see often, especially in relatively new entrepreneurs. It’s so easy to get sucked into an overwhelming amount of previously agreed-upon action. And you can guess what happens next… Once we start


November 27, 2019

Bonus: The Roots of Women’s Self-Limiting Beliefs about Money with Natalie Miller

Last week, I brought you an impromptu bonus episode on Abundance and Scarcity mindset, and with our Worthy program launching soon, I wanted to get a little bit deeper into the subject of money mindset. Today, I am joined by Director of Programs, the wonderful


November 21, 2019

Bonus: The True Cost of a Scarcity Mindset

We are going to be back with season two of the podcast after the New Year, but I wanted to bring you a bonus episode today on the topic of scarcity and abundance mindset. This is something that I see even my highest earning clients


November 14, 2019

Office Hours: Monthly Recurring Revenue

Just like our bodies have blood flowing through our veins that keep us going, our businesses have monthly recurring revenue keeping them alive. It truly is the key to a consistently profitable business and sustainable growth. Most people would conclude that the best way to


November 7, 2019

Office Hours: Handling Criticism and Rejection

This week, I’ve got a story for you about a talk I gave at the She Leads Conference. I was prepping for my talk and requested permission to share another entrepreneur’s story in my presentation — and her response threw me for a loop. I’m


October 30, 2019

Office Hours: Being Seen

When clients come to me with slow sales or a lack of interest in their services, I always ask them one question: Are you being seen? I want you to really think about whether you’re putting yourself out there and being vulnerable in the way


October 25, 2019

Office Hours: Busting Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are a funny thing. They can be hard to identify, even though they run through everything we do. Sometimes they can be a big reason for our success, too – I know mine are. But our limiting beliefs are called “limiting” for a


October 17, 2019

Office Hours: Cash Flow Drama

When it comes to money, it’s easy to freak out when your balance is looking a little low and your bills are piling up. As an entrepreneur, that is inevitable. However, as an entrepreneur, you are in the perfect position to do something about it.


October 10, 2019

Office Hours: Practice What You Preach

Between seasons one and two of the podcast, I’ve got some realness for you guys. Every week, I get together with a group of ambitious, intelligent, brave women for my Million Dollar Badass Mastermind, and I’m showing you behind the scenes for this October Office


October 3, 2019

031 7 Lessons Learned from My First Year of Podcasting

Welcome to the final episode of the Million Dollar Badass podcast. Don’t worry, I’m not disappearing, but after being at this for nearly a year, we’ve learned a few things over here and we are taking the podcast through a rebrand. So really, we will


September 19, 2019

030 Slaying Your 7-Figure Workday and Being Zero Percent Nice with Mariah Coz

How much time do you have to think every day? Thinking that allows you to pick apart the more complex problems in your business and find great solutions? I’m willing to bet there’s not very much – most of us fill our extra thinking time


September 12, 2019

029 Being 100% Unapologetically Yourself and Killing It with Bushra Azhar

On this episode of Million Dollar Badass, I’m talking to the incredible Bushra Azhar, the founder of The Persuasion Revolution. Bushra helps tiny businesses make big bucks using the psychology of persuasion and she has an absolutely incredible story of how she got here. Born


September 5, 2019

028 Create Your Own Luck and Build an 8 Figure Empire with Mahisha Dellinger

Growing your business to seven figures is challenging, but it can be done with community, persistence, and smart investments in a team and badass mentors. Growing bigger than that, though – to eight figures and beyond – is a different game. It takes big risks


August 28, 2019

027 MDB Rising: When to Sell Your Six-Figure Business with Sara Dean

Motherhood is an incredibly challenging undertaking, especially when added to the ambition and focus required to build a six- or seven-figure business. Mothers often feel lonely, anxious, and guilty, but many of us hide away these insecurities instead of reaching out for community or support.


July 26, 2019

026 Million Dollar Commitment: Thinking Like an Investor

Compound interest is an idea that you’re probably familiar with as a business owner and (hopefully) as an investor. When you have money in an investment account and leave it there, eventually you start to earn interest not only on your initial, principal investment; you


July 18, 2019

025 MDB Rising: Less Doing, More Being (and Intentional Hiring) with Radiah Rhodes

In this episode of our MDB Rising series, I’m chatting with Radiah Rhodes of Evók Life. Radiah and I started working together in May of 2018, and we sat down to chat about the business challenges and opportunities that made her want to join Glow


July 10, 2019

024 Scaling to Seven-Figures (in 12 Months) with Kara Loewentheil

What do you think is the most important thing to manage in your business? Your time? Your employees? Your marketing strategy? Nope. It’s that thing between your ears – your big, talented, and sometimes tricky brain. Your brain – and the thoughts you have about


July 3, 2019

023 Million Dollar Efficiency: Time, Money, & Marketing

You need ample time if you want to build a successful seven-figure business. Or any successful business, really, no matter what you’re earning. There have to be enough hours in the day for you to get everything done, support your team, work toward your company’s


June 26, 2019

022 MDB Rising: From $100k Years to $100k Months with Cathy Mazak

I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop saying it: Profit. Solves. Problems. If you’re penny-pinching at home or in your business because you don’t have enough money coming in the door, then your focus is in the wrong place. If you had higher profits,


June 19, 2019

021 A Masterclass in Million Dollar Mindset with Kaneisha Grayson

There’s undoubtedly a ton of hard work that goes into building a seven-figure business. Besides all of the actual business admin, hiring, and scaling that goes into growing your company, you have to work through your own doubts, limiting beliefs, and other mental obstacles if


June 13, 2019

020 How to Be a Chillpreneur with Denise Duffield-Thomas

There’s a common narrative that growing a successful business has to be hard. It has to be all struggle and hustle and grinding, or you’re not doing it right. That’s a narrative that’s harmful to everyone, but is especially unrealistic for many women and people of


June 7, 2019

019 Hire Your Million Dollar Team to Build Serious Wealth

If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you know by now that you can’t become a Million Dollar Badass on your own – you need an amazing, intentional community around you if you want to reach your full potential. Last week we talked about surrounding


May 30, 2019

018 Building a Million Dollar Community Around You & Your Business

This week, fresh off the heels of a fantastic Million Dollar Badass Retreat in Charleston, South Carolina, I’m especially focused on the incredible power of community. When you’re surrounded by a group of generous, intelligent, ambitious people, you have no choice but to level up


May 16, 2019

017 How to Price Your Services to Avoid Burnout and Leave a Legacy

Too many women entrepreneurs aren’t pricing their products and services properly. Yes, I’m probably talking to you. I’d be willing to bet that most of my MDB listeners aren’t charging enough for their work. And if you’re not charging enough for your work, I bet


May 2, 2019

016 Million Dollar Productivity

I’m regularly asked how I get everything done. Between building my business, serving clients, showing up for my family, and taking good care of myself, it’s easy to see why people think I must have discovered some extra hours in the day. I talked last


April 25, 2019

015 Stop Waiting for Perfect Conditions

Women often want to wait for the perfect conditions before making the next move. We want to wait until we’re in perfect shape, or we have the “right” amount saved up, or we only want to hire help when we’re 100% ready. I’ve got bad


April 11, 2019

014 Marriage and Entrepreneurship: Challenges, Benefits, and Teamwork with Dediako Rodgers

Entrepreneurship is not an easy path – I’m pretty sure if you’re here, you know that by now. Add a marriage and family into the mix, and it can seem like a perfect recipe for overwhelm. But it doesn’t have to be: a great marriage


April 4, 2019

013 Hustling, Activism, and Choosing Yourself with Rachel Cargle

For successful entrepreneurs who also care deeply about social issues, it can often feel like there’s a contradiction between building personal wealth and achieving wider socioeconomic equality in society. The tension between these two things has become very familiar to today’s guest, activist, speaker, and


March 28, 2019

012 Improving Your Relationship with Money with Farnoosh Torabi

On last week’s episode, I touched briefly on how difficult it can be for women entrepreneurs to access capital to start and run their businesses. There are a lot of other financial problems that often affect women, too, and not just women entrepreneurs. Lucky for


March 21, 2019

011 You Don’t Need a White Man to Get Ahead

When I was in college, I took a course on women in leadership. In that class, we read a book with an entire chapter dedicated to the idea that all women in business needed to find white men to be our allies, open doors for


March 14, 2019

010 Self-Care as a Million-Dollar Business Plan with Susan Hyatt

One thing many business owners fail to make time for – women especially – is self-care. This is a very buzzed-about topic (for good reason), but a lot of approaches to self-care don’t go beyond the superficial. It takes more than a face mask or


March 7, 2019

009 How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Investments

Last week we talked about how you can make decisions like a seven-figure CEO. This week, we’re going to build on that topic by talking about another essential skill: maximizing the return you get from investments you make in your business. When I talk about


February 28, 2019

008 How to Make Financial Decisions like a 7-Figure CEO

In this episode, I’m talking about the concept of loss aversion and how it keeps so many people stuck in a scarcity mindset when it comes to making money. I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned about loss aversion in my own business. And I’ll tell you about how I shift my mindset to focus on how to earn what I need to in order to do what I want, rather than worrying about saving what I already have.

December 31, 2018

007 Keep It Simple, Make It Real with Luisa Zhou

Here’s the Recap: Ever wondered how entrepreneurs can start a successful business while working a full-time job and maintaining financial flexibility? At times, it can seem impossible. However, today’s guest is living proof that it’s not only possible, it’s a plausible reality. Find out more


December 12, 2018

006 How to Overjoy with Jadah Sellner

Here’s the Recap: Published author, international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and poet. Is there anything Jadah can’t do? Find out in this latest episode where Rachel interviews someone who truly embodies the promotion of women in business. From $42,000 in debt to three successful businesses, Jadah


December 5, 2018

005 Your Differences Are Your Magic with Danielle Leslie

Here’s the Recap: Two million in two years. Is that even possible? Yes it is friend. My guest today turned her rock bottom moment living with her parents and struggling to make money (she had to scrounge to put together $67 to buy a program


November 28, 2018

004 Started From the Bottom Now We Here with Sylvie McCracken

Here’s the Recap: In this week’s episode, we’re talking about resiliency. Specifically, the resiliency of my amazing friend Sylvie McCracken, who went from being a single teenage mother living on the streets of Buenos Aires to running her own seven-figure business. I’ve found that at


November 21, 2018

003 The Baddest Mama Jama

Here’s the Recap: In this episode of the Million Dollar Badass Podcast, Rachel Rodgers hosts her very first solo episode. Rachel takes this opportunity to introduce herself to the audience in order to share the details of her life as a lawyer, business coach and


November 14, 2018

002 The Importance of Financial Independence – Launch Party Panel

Here’s the Recap: In this episode of the Million Dollar Badass Podcast, host Rachel Rodgers welcomes a panel of guests to discuss the importance of financial independence among women. Liz Dennery Sanders, Sylvie McCracken, Shanee Howard and Emma Pattee round out this panel of stellar


November 7, 2018

001 The Original Million Dollar Badass with A’Lelia Bundles

Here’s the Recap: We go way back in this episode…all the way to America’s very first self-made female millionaire, Madam C.J. Walker. Madam Walker was born a slave, worked as a washwoman into her thirties and then became a self-made millionaire by the time she


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