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Planning In An Uncertain World

074 Planning In An Uncertain World

How do you set goals in an unpredictable world? The thought of setting financial goals can induce serious anxiety when you consider that the world might look completely different in just a few months. Decisions around money, hiring, and what you can offer your clients have become a whole lot…
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Our One Wish For You in 2021 with The Hello Seven Coaches

072 Our One Wish For You in 2021 with The Hello Seven Coaches

The Hello Seven coaches are back with another takeover episode of the podcast. This week, we have Natalie Miller, La Tondra Murray, and René Washington on the show to talk about the one thing that all of us over here at Hello Seven want you to take into 2021 and…
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What Really Happened in 2020

071 What Really Happened in 2020

We’re doing things a little bit differently on the podcast today. I don’t have a script or any notes, so for the next hour it’s just going to be you and my stream of consciousness having a frank discussion about the events of 2020. The past 12 months have seen…
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Playing Small Serves No One

070 Playing Small Serves No One

Have you ever noticed how our society is not very kind to powerful, successful, ambitious women? I bet you have. If you are a woman in a position of leadership, if you run a business, if you’re an elected leader, or a CEO, then it’s just a fact that you…
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A Hot Date with Your Money

069 A Hot Date with Your Money

When was the last time you scheduled a hot date with your money, just you and your finances, candles, rose petals, red wine, maybe some Marvin Gaye? Just like you set aside quality time for the people you love and the projects and causes you care about, it’s important to…
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Bonus: How to Become a Millionaire

How can I become a millionaire? That’s the number one question I get asked by clients, colleagues, journalists, and pretty much everyone I meet. And I love this question because if there’s one thing I’m obsessed with discussing, it’s how to make more money and gain economic power. Answering this…
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