The Club can do THIS for you!

One of the main things that matters in business?


You probably know that already. Of course the journey, albeit crazy at times, is beautiful. And when you start selling and seeing the kind of money you only dreamed about… there’s nothing like it.

That’s why I love The Club. Folks are seeing real results from our courses and coaching. In my career, I’ve taught thousands of clients how to make money and grow their businesses from scratch. But, I don’t want you to just take my word for it. 

Let’s check out some real client testimonials:

The proof is in The Club. Literally

Each of these Shmillies invested in themselves. When they realized they wanted more—in business and in life—they took action. 

There’s an episode of the Hello Seven Podcast where I do real-time coaching with Tamika Carlton, owner of Couples Experience and Tamika Carlton Collective, a Digital Marketing agency. You can get an idea of what the path to results looks like. Listen here

Always remember that the results you want—the shmoney!—are within reach. 



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