Who’s at your table? It may be time for an Annual Friend Review…

Today is a day of barbecuing and get-together-ing for many. So, I’m here to ask you — who are you bringing to your table?

Who is breathing your air, sharing your energy, co-creating your vibes — not just on holiday weekends, but every day?

Make a list of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

(Seriously, write them down, then keep reading.) 

Now, brace yourself for some science.

Statistically, your success depends on who you’re in a group chat with every day.

No, seriously.

Research shows that the people you habitually associate with determine 95% of your success or failure in life.

Ninety. Five. Percent.

So if your table is filled with people who think money is evil, scarce, and all together unattainable… it’s highly likely that’s what your money will be.

Or, if your table is filled with badass, forward-thinking, optimistic folks who believe in their ability to generate life-changing, legacy-creating wealth… you get it.

The people with whom you frequently spend time heavily influence your mindset and your decisions. Sometimes it’s the people around us, like friends and family members, who are naysayers, who slow us down.

In my experience, more often than not, it’s my clients who have a negative influence in their ear on a daily basis  — like an unsupportive, even pessimistic spouse, parent, or friend — who spend years spinning their wheels, too afraid to take the leap to build the sustainable business that will change their life.

Negative influences can rob you of your dreams.

Having the right community is crucial to building a successful business and long-term wealth.

That’s why I always tell my clients that they need to build their Million Dollar Squad.

If you literally do nothing but join or create a success squad, you will make more money by osmosis. Just by spending time connecting with successful people on a regular basis, you will find more success for yourself.

I feel comfortable telling potential clients “hang out with me, my team, and clients, and you’ll make more money.” It sounds obnoxious, but it is 100% true.

Over the years, even the least active people in my coaching programs — the ones who don’t show up to the live training sessions and don’t do most of the work — still wind up making thousands more dollars than they were making before they joined the program.

Just being a member of our community of go-getters naturally led to client referrals, media interviews, raised prices, and, as a result, more money.

A friend of mine once told me, “I feel like you literally sneeze on me and I get wealthier.” Accurate.

So, those 5 people you spend the most time with — are they lifting you up, or dragging you down?

If you need help answering that question, you should conduct what I like to call an Annual Friend Review.

It’s simple. Take those 5 people, and evaluate how those relationships have gone this past year.

For each friend, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Was this friend there for me this year? 
  2. Did we have fun bonding times this year? 
  3. Does this friend frequently use our time together to complain about their life, but then do nothing about it? 
  4. Do we still have similar interests? 
  5. Do I look forward to spending time with them? 
  6. Do I feel energized or drained after spending time with them?
  7. Is this a mutually beneficial relationship?
  8. Do I feel like this person supports me in thinking Million Dollar Thoughts and making Million Dollar Decisions?
  9. Does this friend make the cut? 
  10. If I just said NO, then what am I gonna do about it?

You may realize that you need to take some distance from some (or all) of the folks in your current squad.

I know that realizing this can be hard, and acting on it is even harder — but it’s what you need to do to take care of yourself, prioritize your goals, and ultimately uplevel every aspect of your life.

Schedule your next Annual Friend Review for a year from now, to make sure you renew this commitment moving forward.

And in the meantime, come join my table.

You can find me and my crew in We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club. Join the waitlist to make sure you’re the first to know when the doors open up again!

Plus, you can follow me on Instagram — last week I posted my Good Morning America segment with some more ideas about how to stack your squad.

And of course there’s always my book — I dive deep into how you can find your people in Chapter 5: Million Dollar Squad.

No matter how you choose to do it, one thing is for sure…

Hang out with us, and you will make more money. 


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