What the Confederate Flag & Discrimination Have to Do with Your Membership Site

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This summer I am sure you have seen or engaged in plenty of politically charged conversations. Whether about gay marriage, the confederate flag, healthcare or other political issues that have been in the news and on our social media feeds lately. 
But what happens when these conversations spill over into the Facebook groups and online forums your business runs?

And more importantly, how do these conversations in your member forums open you up to potential liability for violating state and federal anti-discrimination laws?

Yeah, its a thing.
And yeah, you should be concerned.

In this week’s episode of RRTV, we’re gonna have some real talk about how to avoid claims of discrimination in your business.

We’ll also discuss the one legal document you need that can totally save your arse so you don't wind up like this bakery or this one.
Beeteedubs, if you think that this doesn't apply to you because you run an online business or because you would never do that, think again, my friend.
Watch and learn.
[youtube width=”853″ height=”480″]http://youtu.be/d0gbTLM2WNc[/youtube]
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