The Mark of a Powerful CEO

One of the hallmarks of a powerful CEO is the ability to make quick decisions.

Notice I didn’t say making the right decisions—the ability to make quick decisions.

Not flippant.

Not careless.

Not on a whim.


How do I make quick decisions?

Here’s my quick and dirty process for making quick decisions:
Define the problem or opportunity. Gather details. Analyze your options. Evaluate and prioritize the possible solution. And then commit to the best solution.Not the right decision—the best solution.

A lot of people think about things forever—hem and haw for months. While hemming and hawing, opportunities are passing right on by.

Or we’re so worried about what the decision will cost, we’re not considering:
What is it costing me to not make that move?

How much am I losing by playing it safe all the time?

If you are constantly thinking, it's not going to work out, it's going to be a failure, this is going to be a mess.

You’re right. It's going to be a hot mess.

What if instead you tell yourself:

You know what? Even though I have no clue how I'm going to make this work, I got this.

And I know this is sounding like a lot of “mind over matter” and “wishful thinking,” so let me hit you with the research:

A study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that our belief in how much we will benefit from physical activity is directly tied to the actual well-being and effectiveness of that physical activity.

Test subjects who were shown a video telling them about the benefits of their upcoming workout (and therefore they already believed the physical activity would have positive effects) enjoyed the exercise more, improved their mood more, and reduced their anxiety more than less optimistic test subjects.

Call it lying to yourself. Or… call yourself a powerful CEO making quick, informed decisions.

Back when I ran a law practice, I created an online program called Small Business Bodyguard: the ultimate legal bundle for small business owners. SBB included everything you need to trademark your intellectual property, create legally-binding agreements with clients, contractors, and vendors, protect your ass(ets), and prevent a costly lawsuit in the future.

I marketed SBB as: all the crucial docs you need to protect your business—for 1/10th the cost of what it costs to hire a lawyer.

I got a lot of flack for this decision. I was called unethical. I got brought before the legal board. Old white men wrote scathing reviews of me on the internet.
In spite of this, I decided to keep going—even when I had no clue if or how it was going to work out.

And you know what? That was my first million dollar product. And it worked.
And then I took it a step further. Even though the product was bringing in tons of cash, I knew there was more I could do.

So each year on Black Friday (and sometimes Cyber Monday), I decided to offer SBB at a ridiculously good price: 50% off. People went wild for this limited-time discount. This often led to my biggest revenue month of the whole year.

(Note: SBB is no longer available as a stand-alone product. Instead, we provide SBB—complimentary—to every member of We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club.)

I made quick decisions then. And I make quick decisions now. And each one has brought me to where I am today.

So as you consider the rest of this year, what is it costing you to not make moves?To not launch that product?To not hire that team member?To not do a Black Friday offer?To not start your dream side hustle?To not pursue that gut feeling?What is it costing you?

Making quick decisions isn’t something I do in a silo. I have my right hand and President of Hello Seven, Brittany, who is always ready to hop on a call. I have my leadership team (whom I just met with for annual planning to decide what we’re taking on for the next few years). I have my squad of seven and eight figure CEOs. I have my coach.

Consider upleveling your team of support by becoming a member of We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club. The doors to The Club are open right now. 

Get the tools, supportive community, and education to break out of the cycle of overthinking, overworking, and underearning so you can have more freedom.
The freedom to start making quick, powerful, CEO decisions.



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