What fitness taught me about money.

When it comes to fitness, for most of my life, I’ve been that person who is sorta-kinda consistent. 

I would take a daily walk (well, most days) and do Pilates twice a week (okay, most weeks) and go for a run (once a month when I felt in the mood, let’s not get crazy). 

And you know what? For many years, that was fine. It was enough to leave me feeling pretty good. 

But in the last year, something shifted. I felt myself craving more than just “pretty good.” I have a lot on my plate (book launch, growing company, schooling the kids from home) and I’m no longer satisfied with feeling pretty good. I want to feel my BEST.

So, I ramped things up. I decided to commit to a fitness plan and take it seriously. Instead of doing workouts 1-2 times a week (kinda-maybe) I started doing workouts 3-5 times a week (consistently). 

And here’s the amazing thing. I’ve been doing my new fitness routine consistently for a few months, and I already notice big changes. 

I can run longer distances without feeling out of breath. My core is stronger and I can hold a plank for more time without trembling. I can squat lower and my quads feel more powerful. And it’s only been a couple months!

I’ve gained more strength and endurance in the last month or so…than in the last several years combined. Big strides. Fast.

THIS is the magic of consistency. 

When you commit to a plan and work the plan consistently, it’s incredible how quickly things start to change.

This applies to fitness goals, relationship goals, money goals, any goal you’ve got.

Work on your goal once in a while, and you will move forward slowly or not much at all.

Work on your goal 3-5 times a week, and you will move forward rapidly.

Often we think, “Once I hire that new consultant…once I take this new marketing course…once I get that new employee on my team…then…my business will take off and I will make serious money.” 


Once you start putting in the work 3-5 times a week, consistently, that is when you will gain velocity and see results. 

Consistency is the main thing. Everything else is just an enhancement. And consistency has to come from within you. Not from your consultant, teacher, new hire, or anybody outside of you. Even if you have an excellent team, as the CEO, you need to lead with consistency and set the tone. 

I’ll leave you with this closing thought:

In an interview years ago, a journalist asked Denzel Washington, “What is the secret to becoming an amazing actor?” Denzel answered with one word:


That’s it. Act. Just do the damn thing. Do it and do it and do it and that’s how you gain mastery.

Practice acting. Practice writing. Practice speaking to a crowd. Practice selling and convincing people to hire you, if that’s something you aren’t very good at yet. Practice your craft, whatever it is. Do it often. 1-2 times a week is fine. 3-5 times a week is much better. The more consistently you do it, the faster you get those big wins.

You will make more progress with 3 months of consistent effort than with 3 years of haphazard, occasional, once-in-a-while effort. 

What are you willing to do 3-5 times a week, without excuses or complaints?

Your answer to that question will determine everything—your income, your net worth, and your legacy. 


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PPS. Here is the workout music playlist I’ve had on repeat the last week just in case you feel motivated to sweat today and you need some new tunes. I mean how can you NOT start moving when Destiny’s Child comes on?!

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