Lessons from a Master: Jay-Z's Advice to Dreamers

None of this advice is necessarily new but that’s because good, old-fashioned hard work, goal-setting, honesty and believing is a tried and true formula for success. The best part of Jay-Z’s Master Class was when he shared memories of being a young boy sitting at the kitchen table, writing rhymes and dreaming. How many of us can relate to that experience? My point: Jay-Z is just a regular guy who didn’t quit. Recognize that you are in control of your destiny. You get to decide whether you will achieve your dreams or not. Make a decision never to quit and you can count on accomplishing them.

Today, Entrepreneurship Is About Survival

Lately it seems everybody’s talking about entrepreneurship. It makes perfect sense given the condition of the American economy and the grim reports on unemployment. Apparently, the unemployed are becoming unemployable and young, black males are facing an even bleaker unemployment rate. Enter entrepreneurship. Its quickly becoming clear that becoming an entrepreneur is no longer about doing what you love or having certain personality traits. Today, entrepreneurship is about survival!

The Incarati: Who They Are & Why You Need To Know Them!

Incarati: (noun) \in-ˈk-ə-ˈrä-tē\ rock star entrepre-business owners made famous by sharing what they’ve learned along the way via writing books, blogs and participating in social media; usually Gen Y. Examples: please see Scott Gerber (www.nevergetarealjob.com; @askgerber), David Siteman Garland (www.therisetothetop.com; @TheRiseToTheTop), Shama Hyder Kabani (www.marketingzen.com; @Shama).

Business Entities: Your Business' Legal Identity

After making the decision to establish a business the first thing entrepreneurs want to do is make it official by creating their legal business identity (a.k.a. business entity). There are a lot of options and many people don’t know why they should choose one or another. Here is a brief overview of the most popular business entities.

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