Who are your “NO” people?

To be a business rockstar, you have to surround yourself with people who believe in you. They are the ones who will tend to your ideas, defend you to instagram haters, prop you up when entrepreneurship gets you down. They’ll tell you that you need to think BIGGER, to speak LOUDER, to be BOLDER, to shine BRIGHTER.

These are your YES people. Whatever crazy, ballsy, hopefully brilliant idea you throw out there, they’re gonna be like “YES! Do it! That’s amazing!”

I’m so blessed to have a bunch of YES people surround me. I know that whatever take-over-the-world-and-let’s-launch-in-two-weeks-no-big-deal scheme I come up with, they’re not gonna say: “Um, are you being realistic?” or “Do you really think YOU’RE the right person?” Because they believe my big vision IS realistic. They believe that I AM the right person. And their belief in me helps me believe more strongly in myself (because sometimes, I straight up just think my ideas are insane).

But what about your NO people? Do you have anyone in your life who will tell you NO? Because those people are just as important as the YES people. These are the ones who know you so well that they can call you on it when you start doing your same old crap. They will keep you honest, keep you grounded, let you know when your latest business idea is…a little bit crazy.

>>> A NO person will slap your phone out of your hand when you’re checking work emails over brunch

>>> A NO person will tell you when you’re on the wrong side of a Facebook debate

>>> A NO person won’t let you wear that ridiculous shirt to record your webinar

>>> A NO person will call bullshit on you when you have the world’s best excuse for why you just can’t possibly do any more sales calls

>>> A NO person will tell you when your copy sounds a little bit slimy, cheesy or just plain boring

Treasure your NO people as much as you treasure your YES people. They believe in you too. And sometimes a NO at the right time is as big of a blessing as a YES.


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