How smart breweries survived Prohibition

This moment is bigger than a virus. This is bigger than what the President has to say or what the WHO has to say. This moment is entirely about you. 

Collectively, we are going through a momentous shift. Most of us are waking up in panic, wondering what has changed overnight. Has it gotten worse? Is there an email waiting in your inbox that means less income? Has another change been set in place that will hurt your business?

Every emotion, every thought, is being triggered by exterior circumstances and a fear of the unknown. But let me tell you, it’s not the outside where you need to be looking for these answers. The lesson YOU are designed to take away from all of this only comes with real, fearless introspection. 

Let’s be honest here: there were issues you were struggling with long before the current circumstances. 

There were conversations you were avoiding and choices that went long overdue. There were ideas you were too afraid to voice. Every moment where you chose to deny yourself and the world of your greatness has brought you to this very moment.

I can’t do the work for you and tell you what you’re supposed to take away from all of this. That’s about your journey, your truth. What I can tell you, however, is that when you step away from the news and the panickers and dedicate real time to going inward, you will be met with the exact message you need to hear. 

And it. will. change. everything. 

When you’re ready, I want you to take a moment that’s entirely yours and answer these four questions:

  • Before house arrest began, what change was I painfully afraid of making?
  • Who is my support system right now? If it’s been those who tear me down rather than lift me up, what has stopped me from wanting more for myself?
  • Rather than be effected, how do I want to affect the new world that will be borne out of this situation?
  • What truth am I afraid to say out loud? Why?

Doing the work isn’t pretty. You’re going to meet parts of yourself you don’t want to face and have to  make decisions you don’t want to make. 

But if you’re fearless, and you trust yourself like you’ve never trusted yourself before, then we will all be toasting each other on the other side. 



PS: if you could have my help with one thing in your life or business right now, what would it be? Let me know in the Hello Seven Facebook Group, your wish just may be granted. 

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