The Sweet Spot: Where Your Brand Should Fall On the Distinctive Name Spectrum

RRTV 6-24 ShotHave you ever had a brilliant idea hit you like a bolt of lightning? Or something less cliché than a bolt of lightning?
Its usually while brushing your teeth.
Or singing in the shower.
Or taking out the trash.
Or lying in bed.
Without warning, your million dollar idea is officially dropped right smack in the middle of your cerebral cortex (or whatever part of the brain ideas get dropped into) and you scramble for your iPhone on your nightstand so you can tell Siri everything.
And then you meet with your business advisors, communicate the idea to your team and before you know it you've workshopped the hell out of this idea and it is officially confirmed: this one's a winner. 
So you and your team create a list of everything that has to be done to bring this idea to market and the first thing on the list is that terrible, no good task.
That task that has been holding up the progress of great ideas since the Big Bang (okay, there were no people when the Big Bang happened but you know what I mean … for a really, really looooong time): YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT A NAME.
What the hell are we going to call this thing?!, you cry out. 
And sadly, no one answers.
You've got bupkis.
And no name means no million dollar idea brought to market. And no big houses. And no fast cars. And no blaze of glory.
Well this story sucks doesn't it?
Let's change this whack-ass story to have you riding in on the back of a white stallion with the most brilliant of all the brilliant names for your million dollar idea.
How the hell do you do that?
By focusing on the Sweet Spot on the Distinctive Name Spectrum. 
What in the actual #$%^ is the Distinctive Name Spectrum? Its the answer to your branding prayers.
Watch and learn, grasshopper. Watch and learn:

[youtube width=”853″ height=”480″][/youtube]

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