How do you feel when you get off the phone with your mentor?

I’ll give you a hint, you shouldn't be smiling. You should either feel terrified as fuck because they just told you to double your prices, fire all your small clients and launch that big program by the end of the day. Or, you should feel totally refocused and reenergized because they reminded you that you have no time to waste and need to be all in on your business.

Last week, I spoke with a potential client who was thinking of joining Million Dollar Badass. She has a healthy six-figure business and lots of potential to grow to seven-figures.

The first thing she told me was: “I’ve been working with a coach who I love but I think I need some more guidance.”

She explained that she'd been working with this coach for a couple years and she loved working with her. This coach was supportive, encouraging, and super understanding.

“It sounds like you have a lot of support,” I told her. “Why do you want more?”

“Because my revenue hasn't grown in 2 years.”


The entire time she's been working with this coach, her revenue has stayed the same.

“We haven’t really been focused on revenue.”


I reminded her that I hadn’t yet met a seven-figure entrepreneur who had gotten there by NOT focusing on revenue. And I asked her: “what have you and your coach been focused on?”

“We talk through business problems, she always makes me feel better about myself and validates how hard I’m working.”

Don’t get me wrong. That sounds lovely. But at the cost of doubling or tripling your business? Pass.

Here’s something I see over and over with six-figure entrepreneurs who are trying to grow: they hire the wrong mentors. And then it takes them wayyyyyy too long to figure out that they’re working with the wrong mentor because they really like their mentor! They think that because they look forward to talking to their mentor, that means the mentor is doing a good job.

And then they stay stagnant in their business. Without any pressure or tough-love, they don’t have the incentive to make the hard decisions needed to scale their revenue so they end up working more and feeling more discouraged.

And then they call me…

And I tell them…

If your business coach or mentor makes you feel comfortable, you’re working with the wrong person.

  • If you agree with 90% of their advice, they’re not making suggestions that scare you
  • If they tell you that you shouldn’t “be so hard on yourself,” or that “it seems like overall you’re doing great,” they’re not pushing you hard enough
  • If you spend a lot of the call laughing or chatting, you’re not digging deep enough
  • If your revenue isn’t growing and you are doing everything they tell you, they are doing you a disservice
  • If they don’t occasionally call you out for being a victim or playing small or getting in your own way, you’re missing out on the chance to face your fears
  • If they don’t hold you accountable to the goals you make and the deadlines you set (regardless of the “extenuating circumstances” that just happen to pop up everything you want to play big), they’re letting you down.

If you want a business coach who will make you feel good and encouraged, that’s totally fine. After a year of working together, expect to feel good and encouraged. But don’t expect to have doubled your sales or reduced your hours by 50% while earning 50% more.

If you want to stay where you are, settle for a back pat.

But if you want to go far, you have to look for a hard push.


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