Is Your Success Preventing You From Getting to The Next Level?

rodgerscollective_image_copyrightYeah, you are doing incredibly well. Sometimes you wake up and literally have to pinch yourself in that tender place inside the top of your arm (ow!) to confirm that this dream life you’re living is real.

Yes, all of that goodness happened.
And yes, your life is effing awesome.

But … is that all you got?
Is that all you came here for?
Have you accomplished everything you set out to accomplish?

Oh, you have? Then maybe you should go get yourself some bigger dreams, eh?

Is your success an excuse not to step it up?

Not to bring even more of what you got? Certainly, there is more where that came from. Certainly, you could have an even bigger impact on the world. You could serve more souls. You could make more money. And not just for the hell of even more fabulous shoes in your big ass walk-in closet. But for the sake of building schools in places where there are none. For the sake of truly changing the world the way you set out to do.

Yes, you have certainly brought it over the last 5+ years. You have stretched yourself in ways others are not willing to. You have looked your big bad wolf of fears directly in the face and said ‘try and stop me!’ over and over. No one can deny that you are an A1 badass.

But are you having Oprah-like levels of impact?

Of course, this is not about comparing yourself to Oprah or trying to be Oprah. This is about your destiny. This is about everything you have overcome to get to the incredible level of success you are currently experiencing and how it has uniquely positioned you to do even more. To be even more. To change even more lives.

Hell, if you just started blogging more than once a week it would impact so many more people. If you just started showing up on video, revealing more of your true self, or started a podcast so we can hear the passion in your voice as you tell us what you know so well but what we all desperately need to hear from you, it could change the motherlovin’ world.

Listen darling: you’ve done your fair share. You have a gorgeous new kitchen and the vacation plans to prove it. But your next level is waiting for you.

Allow me to lovingly declare: it is time to step it up.

Has your success made you complacent? Where could you go harder in your biz? What kind of impact would it have on the world if you continued to push further and deeper?

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