Why charging more is an act of love.

Here’s a conversation for you to listen in on:

Me: You should be charging a lot more. In fact, you should double your prices.

Client: What? No. Are you crazy?

Me: Seriously, do it.

Client: Uh…no way. Nobody will pay me that much. This won’t work. This will be a big mistake.

Me: Nope, actually this will be a breakthrough and change your life.

Client: Uggggh okay fine. I’mma do it. But I kinda hate you right now.

[1 to 3 months later]

Client: Rachel omg thank you thank you I loooove yoooou. This was the best decision I ever made.

That’s a conversation that I’ve had literally thousands of times over the last ten years. No exaggeration. My company has served thousands of customers and nearly 100% of them feel terrified to charge more—at first.

Today, I want to erase your doubts once and for all. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m here to explain why charging more is an act of love. 

Yes, you heard me right. 

When you charge more (as an entrepreneur) or negotiate for a higher salary (as an employee), everyone wins. It’s an act of love for you, for your colleagues, for your family and community too. And here is why.

When you charge more…your family wins. 

With more cash in your wallet, you can afford to hire help around the house: cleaning, grocery delivery, pet care, a personal assistant to run errands, a pool boy to feed you chilled grapes and fan you with coconut fronds (haha), or all the above. 

This means more peace, more joy, and more free time for you. Free time you can spend reading stories to your kids or enjoying a sexy date night with your partner. Your family wins. 

When you charge more…your employees win.

Once you’re earning more, you can afford to hire a paid intern, assistant, and other team members to support you at work. Boom. You’ve become a job creator. 

You’re providing income to another household and changing someone’s life. Your employee wins. (And so does your employee’s family. Huge ripple effect.)

When you charge more…your clients and customers win.

With more cheddar in your account, you can treat your clients to the VIP experience, send them snazzy gifts in the mail, and bring your absolute best self to every meeting and project. 

Instead of showing up to that Zoom room bedraggled, burned out, and exhausted, you show up refreshed and brimming with genius ideas. Your client wins. They’re getting the best version of you when they pay more. 

With more revenue, you can also hire more employees (see above) who can provide 5-star service to your customers—answer emails promptly, support them when you’re not available, and bring everything to the next level. 

When you charge more…your community wins. 

You can become a badass philanthropist and write massive checks. 

You can do other exciting things with your money, too, like invest in a local small business to help it grow, buy a house for your mom, upgrade to a new car with all the latest safety features, or start a college tuition fund that’s so phat, even your grandkids can get an Ivy League education and graduate debt-free.

When you charge more…future generations win.

When you’re earning more, you become a role model and inspiration for fellow women and girls. A teenage girl finds out you’re earning $1 million per year and thinks, Damn. For real? Maybe that’s possible for me, too. Another life transformed because of your wealth. 

You are helping to change outdated perceptions and reestablish what women’s work is worth in our society. Women win. Girls win. Future generations win. 

Because of you.

Sis, you may be afraid that when you double your prices, your clients will reject you. In my years of watching clients raise their prices, I’ve seen the opposite. 

When you value your work more, your best clients will cheer you on. You’ll attract people who are delightful to serve.

Instead of chocolate and flowers, this Valentine’s Day, give yourself a RAISE.


PS. Correction: give yourself chocolate and flowers AND a raise. And a moisturizing face mask and J-Lo Glow perfume, too. All of the above.

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