Why I closed enrollment for Million Dollar Badass

Last Fall was a really tough period in my business. Things were starting to feel hard. The flow was gone and I couldn’t figure out exactly why. I was also struggling with postpartum depression for the first time which, for me, meant that I had intense anxiety, felt restless, was exhausted (like every mom of a newborn) but couldn’t sleep even when my baby boy was sleeping and was generally feeling bummed out whenever I wasn’t working (probably because work felt like something I could control where the rest of life didn’t). Basically, I cried pretty much every day for no explainable reason.

(Note: I am not telling you this for sympathy just stating facts. Postpartum is actually pretty common and that doesn’t mean a woman is thinking of harming her baby or herself, it can manifest that way but it doesn’t always. You can be a 100% functioning human being completely capable of making decisions, showing up for work and your family and be suffering from depression. In fact, I know heroin addicts that were able to show up for work and life while being addicted to drugs. In other words, let’s drop the stigma and make zero assumptions.)

But I digress … back to last Fall. The team and I were showing up for our clients the same way we always do but there was this feeling that things were out of sync. We chalked it up to just being taxed after so many live events and it being the end of the year when we were all ready for the holiday season and some time off.

And then I hosted my last event of the year: The Hello Seven Incubator and podcast launch in LA… and exactly what was wrong? It became perfectly clear.

The event went off without a hitch (according to my clients), but behind-the-scenes it felt like an entire shit show. Luckily, I have amazing friends who were in attendance and able to jump in and help a sister out. We delivered the event and loved on our clients and they raved, as they always do, but I was not happy. The moment I got home, I set out to fix what I had discovered during the event.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. Due to overwhelm, two of our team members made a series of bad decisions.
  2. I needed to do a better job of coaching and leading my team so that things like this didn’t happen in the future.
  3. We were growing. Fast. And I needed to hire more people.

In summary, we broke the business. And that’s a good thing.

If your business is growing it will always be broken. You literally break it every time you have another success. Why? Because if you have a successful launch, you will have a delivery problem and need to hire more people and build better systems to serve more clients. If you are killing it with delivery, it will create demand for your services and you’ll need to fix your sales system so that can handle the influx of inquiries from potential clients. We had both of those problems.

Of course, good problems to have are still problems, and they still need fixing. And that’s the thing about growing a business: you have to fix it while still running the business. It’s like trying to repair an airplane while in flight, i.e., it’s really fucking hard.

This is why the Million Dollar Badass mastermind exists. To help high-earning, high-achieving women entrepreneurs fix their broken businesses so that they can achieve higher levels of success and have a bigger impact on the world. We want to help you reach that illustrious 7-figure mark where a whole new host of problems will be waiting for you (but you’ll have the money to solve them). 😉

To make a long story short: we were technically doing great, but it didn't feel great. It felt hard. And… I'm not satisfied with great. I want AMAZING. The business was broken, and we needed to do an in-flight repair. So we closed enrollment for The Million Dollar Badass mastermind in November in order to rebuild the program, top our team and sort our systems, and make it all even more amazing.

So here are just some of the changes we’ve been making behind-the-scenes:

  1. Our amazing coaches who were part-time contractors are now full-time employees, we hired a Director of Operations and a CFO. We are now teeming with badasses (pun, absolutely intended). We are now equipped to provide bigger and badder levels of support and our systems are getting an overhaul.
  2. We created a new 12-step roadmap to take you from $100k to $1m. That’s right, every single step of your journey to $1m is anticipated and mapped out so you know exactly what to do when. This process has always been our system but we are making it clearer and easier to follow than ever before.
  3. We are building out a new next level onboarding system. We want our clients more than wowed, we basically want you to pee your pants (#peegoals) when you join MDB and experience the immense support, strategy and mentorship you can now rely on.
  4. We are building out a new member site for MDB that is as functional as it is beautiful. We want the pathway to a million to be easy to follow, and we want you to always know exactly where you are at on the journey—and what your next best move is. The member site (which is already chock full of sales scripts, email copy, FB ad cheat sheets, contracts, templates, spreadsheets and pretty much every tool you can imagine to help you implement the strategies we teach you as fast as possible) is getting #leveledup. We’ve brought in the big guns in UX design and instructional design to make it effortless for you to navigate the roadmap. #excusesandconfusionbegone

The doors to the new Million Dollar Badass mastermind will open in April, but I’ve decided to open up 15 spots for early enrollment (yep, you read that right: only 15 spots), and you’re the first to know.

What’s the benefit of joining now? Well, you’ll get:

  • preferred pricing and save a bunch of money,
  • a bonus small group VIP Day with me in March (max: 8 women; choose in person at my home or virtual)
  • preferred scheduling for your onboarding coaching sessions
  • early enrollment for our May MDB Retreat in Charleston (reserve your spot before our room block is full)

Who should apply? MDB is for women entrepreneurs running service businesses who are generating $100k (or are on track to do $100k in revenue this year) and want to scale to $1m. MDB is NOT for women entrepreneurs who are lazy, who make excuses, or who quit the moment a challenge comes their way (you will never make it as an entrepreneurship if you can’t overcome obstacles). This community of badasses is for women who are resourceful, coachable and READY to step up to the next level.

If that sounds like you, simply click here to apply before March 1st. You will schedule a call and then complete a short, required application. During the call with Tina, Tami or Abigail, you will talk about your current business struggles, your vision for your business and we will tell you whether or not we can help you. If we think you are a good fit, we will extend an invitation to you, if not, we will let you know and do our best to point you in another direction. Our calendar tends to fill up quickly, so I apologize in advance if there are no appointments available. This email is going out to 20,000 women entrepreneurs so don’t delay.

To breaking your business & breaking into the next level.

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