What room do you need to be in?

Recently I hosted the Hello Seven Incubator here in Greensboro. It was an intimate all-day event where I worked with women entrepreneurs to get really clear on what needed to happen next in their business.

Every time I have an event, a woman will come up to me during a break and tell me that she felt “called” to “be in this room.” In some cases, the women will have been following me for years but never worked with me and then saw the email invite and instantly knew that it was the right time. In other cases, these women have never even heard of me. Then they had seen an ad on Facebook or a friend had forwarded one of my weekly newsletters and they had just known that they needed to buy a ticket.

And sure enough, at the Hello Seven Incubator, several women came up to me and said that they hadn't been planning on attending, or they had only heard about the event a week before, and they had a sudden realization that they were meant to be in this room.

“I needed to be in this room,” one attendee told me with total conviction. And after seeing how much she got out of the event and how determined she was to crush the rest of her business goals, I could see that she was right: she was meant to be in that room.

I understood what she meant because I've had that same feeling too. All of a sudden, I'll hear about a program or an event and I'll just know that I was meant to participate. That this was the next step in my business, and the universe has been waiting for me to realize it.

What is that feeling?  That clarity we feel in our stomachs that we need to do something?

I think it's our subconscious brain trying to tell us that we need to step up and accept a new challenge, vision, or chapter of our business. Every time that it’s happened to me, I’ve been on the edge of a drastic shift in my business that I was only just starting to become aware of. By saying yes to whatever room I was certain I needed to be in, I was able to get whatever I needed to fully embrace the next step. For me, this happened when I decide to stop working in my law firm and go all-in on my coaching business. It happened when I decided to move my family from New York to North Carolina. It happened when I decided to work with my current business coach.

The amazing part about the women who had a gut feeling that they were meant to attend the Hello Seven Incubator was how motivated they were. Focused. Fully present. No making excuses or getting caught in defensiveness. It’s almost as if by accepting that it was the right time for them to show up for their businesses, they weren’t going to waste time fighting it. They were going to get their money’s worth.

When you hear that voice in your head saying, I need to be in that room. Listen up. Take note. The first day of the next phase of your business might be tomorrow, and you just don’t know it yet.


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