You’re wealthier than you think.

Do you know someone who has…really nice assets?

Maybe this person owns a home plus a couple of rental properties. They own a car. They own a boat. They’ve got a plump, hearty emergency savings fund. Plus considerable savings for retirement, too. Oh, and also? They’re ten years younger than you.

*cue: miserable groans*

You might feel inadequate in comparison.

As I’ve been promoting my new book We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power (which, will be officially in stores on TUESDAY, y’all!!!)… I’ve been hearing from more and more folks who feel defeated.

They tell me: “Becoming a millionaire sounds SO out of reach for me. I have literally NO assets. Nothing. None. Zilch. Zero. In fact, less than zero. I have a useless college degree and tons of debt.”

Friend. Let me tell you: you may think you have no assets, but you’re wrong about that. 

The definition of an “asset” is “a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.”

You have more assets than you realize. You are wealthier than you think.

Recently, I challenged my clients in The Club (hey, Shmillies!) to make a list of their Million Dollar Assets. And not just the obvious financial assets (like real estate that you own), but emotional, creative, professional, and social assets too.

You’re incredibly resilient and have a never-give-up spirit? That’s an emotional asset.

You have 10 years of experience in your field and you know how to deliver results to your employer or clients? That’s a professional asset.

You have 3 ride-or-die friends who would do literally anything to support you in reaching your goals? That’s a social asset.

When I started my first company—a law practice—11 years ago, I had no financial assets. I didn’t have savings. I didn’t have investments. I had tons of student loan debt and a checking account that frequently dipped below zero.

But here’s what I DID have. I had a law degree. I had legal skills. I had some experience working with clients. And, I had unlimited income potential. My earning potential—my ability to make money, as much money as I wanted—was, and still is, my primary asset. And it’s yours, too. Potential is an asset.

What are your Million Dollar Assets?

Download this worksheet that we made for you.

Use that worksheet to figure out your Million Dollar Assets.

Want more guidance on how you’ll use those assets to become a millionaire?
That’s exactly why I wrote my book. I wanted to give you a blueprint. The map. The steps I actually used to go from zero (honestly, less than zero) to multiple seven-figures. I’m sharing how to make Million Dollar Decisions, how to set boundaries, how to use those assets of yours to command higher rates, how to assemble the support you’ll need.

We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power is born into the world in just 2 days. It would mean the world to me if you would pre-order a copy as a gift for yourself, your mama, your Auntie, your niece…

…And it would be even more incredible if you bought one through one of these Black-owned independent bookstores so you can attend one of our virtual book tour events that start this week.

Maybe you’re not exactly rolling in coin (yet) but you’re probably rolling in other things. You might be rich in time, rich in friendships, rich in skills, rich in potential just waiting to be unleashed. You can use all of those “other” assets to create more financial wins.

Use the assets you’ve got…to create the assets you want.


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