Cut out the busy work

As you know, I worked for seven years as a trademark lawyer. And during that time, I got to know a very special kind of client. I call this client the busy worker.

In fact, I still get these kind of clients. They’re the ones that are getting so much done and yet getting NOTHING done.

How can I identify a busy worker? They’re spending $3,000 on a “naming specialist” for a product that they haven’t even created yet. They network constantly but never actually get a paying client from their socializing. They’re always reading business books but never actually DOING business.

Don’t freak out if this is you. It’s natural to want to occupy yourself with “busy work” when you’re scared or overwhelmed. Whenever I’m about to make a big change to my brand, my team or my offerings, I all of a sudden realize that what I REALLY need to do is check out all of my friends’ websites to see what they’re up to, and register for 13 irrelevant-to-my-business webinars while I’m at it.

The point of this isn’t to beat yourself up. It’s to notice this happening and stop it immediately.

So here’s a list of things you’re not allowed to do until you have MORE work and money than you know what to do with:

  • Coffee chats with people who might become clients but might not…try a 10 minute phone call or an email directly asking them if they need your services.
  • Networking groups. In fact, you should just stop spending time with non-clients during your work hours, unless it’s a business coach or advisor and you plan to actually take action on their advice.
  • Working on your website. Obsessing over whether you should have a slider or a static banner. Writing and rewriting the copy in your footer. You get the idea.
  • Hosting webinars in which you don’t have a call to action or paid offer.
  • Creating a new logo or new brand which involves hours browsing Pinterest, mood boards, and getting opinions from everyone including the mailman.
  • Organizing ANYTHING: receipts, your dropbox folder, the contacts on your phone, anything.
  • Writing blog post after blog post after blog post without any clear plan of how to turn blog post readers into paying customers.
  • Helping people in general. Business is like a plane crash. You have to put your oxygen mask on first. Until you’re making money and seeing positive growth in your business, you can’t really afford to spend your limited time or resources elsewhere.

What is the opposite of busy work? (i.e. the work you should actually be doing?)

  • Anything that will directly make you money.
  • Getting clients. I’m talking about cold emails to prospects. Calling prospective clients to check in. Pitching current clients on new services. Making direct offers to your mailing list.
  • Building and launching a product or service. Not just talking about a new product, but actually building it (i.e. you’ll know when you’re building because you’ll be typing on a computer).
  • Delivering. As in, doing the work your clients pay you to do.

That’s it! That’s the beauty of staying focused on making money – it’s so simple! So I want you to print this out and tape it next to your work space. Notice how many times a day (hour?) you get drawn back into the vortex of busy work.

I want to hear your busywork vice. What’s the one thing you do when you know you should be out there making money?


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