Word of the Year + Word on the Street

I hope you’re enjoying some chilled out, end-of-year, holiday vibes and had a lovely Chrismukkah, if you celebrate. I had a delightful Christmas at home with my family and went four days without opening my laptop!

We are still on holiday break here at Rodgers Collective but I have been so fired up these last few weeks and have so much to share with you as I work on my 2017 planning process. So I thought I would share some things that I hope will inspire you.

Word of the Year

Each year I like to choose a word to inspire me and set the theme for the year. Last year, I chose ‘A Milli’ because my goal was to make a million dollars this year. Soon after I chose it, I realized that A Milli wasn’t just about making a million for myself, but was really about helping other women make a million or more by showing them how to capitalize on their intellectual property. A Milli wasn’t just about dollars, it was about the true mission of my business, which became clearer and clearer throughout this year. My word for 2016 wound up teaching me so much and I expect the same in 2017.


This year, my Word of the Year is (drumroll please): Wild. The word Wild calls to me. It's the time for wildness in my life. It's time for me to go beyond limitations. To adventure. To explore my wild ways. Wild dance. Wild words. Wild journeys. Wild woman. That is what 2017 will be about for me. A study of my own wildness. A study to determine its end and its beginning. The time for limitations is done. For being proper. Formal. Limited in any way. Done. It's time for wildness. Wild fun. Wild rides. Wild money. Wild love. Wild soul. Wild success. Running wild. Let's have some fun.

What do I have planned for my Wild year? It’s not all fully formed just yet but here are some of the things that are on the agenda for 2017:

  • Writing my book. I’ve been working on the book proposal for over a year, it’s time to finish this puppy and get it out into the world. I didn’t realize how important and unique the message I have to share is until recently. Now I have a renewed purpose to get it done because I know it will change lives. I’ll be sharing lots more about the book journey in upcoming newsletters.
  • Walking the Camino de Santiago. This has been on my bucket list for a long time. Too long, actually. This is exactly the kind of adventure I’ve been wanting to have with my family. It will be challenging, especially with a teenager and two little babes in tow, but I know we will make some amazing memories on that trail and hopefully laugh our asses off along the way.
  • Bringing 501 women into the Multiply community. I will spend almost all of the first quarter of 2017 building out the Multiply course + community. Multiply is going to help hundreds of women capitalize on their intellectual property and create long-lasting wealth for themselves and their families by creating digital products. This may be my magnum opus and I am treating it as such (there’s an argument for treating all of our work as our magnum opus, isn’t there? But that’s for another post …). My mission is to share the lessons, strategies, mindset shifts and action plans in Multiply with 501 women in 2017.

Other things that may be happening in 2017 include: a retreat in India, a trip with hubby to New Orleans, a big 35th birthday party for myself, dance camp (not even joking!) and some other wild adventures.

Word on the Street

As for things that are DEFINITELY happening next year, here are two ways to work with me in 2017. Other than Multiply and Small Business Bodyguard, these are two of the few ways I will be working with clients in the new year.


Dance Your Ass Off + Map Out a Magical 2017 for Yourself: Dance + Coaching is a private dance class + coaching + brunch event in NYC for 20 entrepreneurs where you will learn some new dance moves (absolutely no dancing experience required — all you need is a desire to have fun!) and be inspired by fellow bosses. The event will begin with a private dance class taught by the phenomenal Broadway dancer, Robert Hartwell (pictured above). After we dance, sweat and laugh hysterically at ourselves, we will enjoy a group coaching session where you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business to the group and get coaching on your current biggest struggle and/or biggest idea. You’ll also be fed a yummy brunch because it’s on a Saturday and we like to keep the mimosas flowing.

Bring your big idea for 2017 and your dancing shoes! Sign up and get all the details here. And be sure to sign up by this Friday, December 30th, after that date the price will go up to $250. See you there!


Retreat with me in France + come home with a six-figure product: My MADE: IN FRANCE retreat includes sisterhood, luxury accommodations in a French chateau, exciting excursions, gourmet meals prepared by our personal chef for the week, a photo shoot, a video shoot, one-on-one coaching, group coaching and a week to step out of your everyday life and into a fairytale-like setting, so you can create something magical. Something that’s been on your heart. Something that will make you plenty of money for years to come. Something that will change people’s lives for the better.

The prep work for MADE (including one-on-one coaching and group classes) begins in January. If MADE has been calling to you, I encourage you to put down your deposit today. We have welcomed several women entrepreneurs into MADE over the last couple weeks and are now down to 3 spots left. Join us.

Wishing you a great week + an adventurous new year!


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