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A safe space to share your dreams, discover your purpose, and revel in your womanhood.

A community of powerful women to help you become an even stronger leader.

A designated time to exchange wealth-building ideas and opportunities.

An inspiring place to step into your next level.

MADE is a luxe leadership retreat for advanced women entrepreneurs.

Join me in France for an entire week to embody your dreams, fulfill your purpose, and build your bank account.

You've reached a high level of success, but you know there's more for you. You continue to battle an insane schedule, unreliable team members, and the feeling that you’re still hiding on some level.

What better place to set the vision for your big, juicy, ambitious future than the French countryside? You’ll spend the week at the incredible MADE Chateau where you’ll nestle in with me, my talented team, and fellow female entrepreneur badasses as we dream beyond the boundaries of what you currently think is possible.

Million Dollar Made

is happening

May 17–23, 2020

What you experience at MADE is about more than strategy—this is about becoming.

Becoming a leader.
Becoming a published author.
Becoming a sought-after speaker.
Becoming a media darling.
Becoming a political activist.
Becoming whatever you want to be.

Let me introduce you to the roadmap to your vision that won’t sacrifice your family + life.

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We’ll focus on the unique issues advanced women entrepreneurs face, without having to deal with any of the sexist and racist bullshit that often happens at male-dominated events


A dream without actionable steps to take is just a mirage.

Surrounded by successful entrepreneurs, you will develop a blueprint to make your vision a reality.

If you join me for MILLION DOLLAR MADE,

here’s what you will experience:

The Setting

  • A one week, all expenses included stay in a stunning chateau in France’s Normandy region
  • ...including your own beautiful private room with ensuite bathroom, delicious and healthy meals prepared daily by our personal chef (hired just to keep us fueled and happy for the week as we make your visions a reality).
  • Weather actually worth talking about.
  • Late Spring in France is absolutely stunning. The summer crowds haven’t arrived yet but the great weather has.
  • Full run of the chateau and the grounds.
  • You can contemplate in the library, outline in the drawing room, do yoga in the orangerie, and brainstorm on a stroll through the enchanting chateau property, complete with gardens, a working farm and ancient architecture on the French national register of Historic Monuments.
  • Exciting surprise excursions throughout the week to keep you energized and inspired.
  • Perhaps you will be blown away by Monet’s Giverny gardens, or inspired by the island commune of Mont Saint Michel, experience a French market and explore the beautiful French countryside. Because, let’s face it, all work and no play makes you dull as hell.

The Support

  • Rachel Rodgers (that’s me)
  • During the course of the week I’ll be there to lead you, coach you, teach you, laugh with you, share meals with you, kick your ass (figuratively speaking), hold your hand, give you feedback, toast you with champagne and anything else necessary to support you through the MILLION DOLLAR MADE experience. Expect epic dinner discussions, brainstorming over morning coffee and life planning while horseback riding.
  • My team
  • You’ll be rolling five staff members deep all week. My team includes my brilliant coaches, operations team, chef, photographer and makeup artist. We bring with us the wisdom and experience of running a seven-figure business and working with hundreds of women entrepreneurs, and we will guide you expertly and attentively through the MADE experience.
  • Your fellow entrepreneurs
  • A full week alongside successful women business entrepreneurs like yourself. You can share in the experience of taking a major step toward greater visibility, impact, and renown. Share ideas, struggles, victories and a life-changing week in a gorgeous setting.

The Results

  • You will participate in a series of workshops designed to bring forth your creativity and deliver a new level of innovation to your business.
  • You finesse your signature talk, leave with a strategy to get an agent and publisher, hire a CFO or COO to allow you to scale your productivity and resources, create an investment plan, or develop the next phase of your Million Dollar Brand. Past attendees have written books, developed products, navigated a pivot in their business model, created a whole new brand, and more.
  • The MADE Chateau is the perfect backdrop for a royal photo shoot.
  • You will be primped by my favorite Parisian makeup artist and then whisked around the property by my favorite Parisian photographer to get beautiful headshots and lifestyle shots that will fuel your suppy for social feeds, podcast appearances, media opportunities, and book jackets for the better part of a year.
  • You will leave a changed woman.
  • I have done this retreat enough to know that the location, the connection with powerful women, the week of luxurious living, and the proximity to nature each make it impossible to not be transformed. You will experience major mindset shifts, a new level of confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose. Past participants have moved to Europe, changed the direction of their businesses, ditched unfulfilling revenue paths, and one woman even left her unworthy romantic partner upon return.


you should come:

MILLION DOLLAR MADE is about giving you the setting, strategies, and space to embody the lifestyle and savvy of a powerful, impactful CEO.

If you want to achieve that vision of greatness? Believing in yourself is paramount.

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  • I had a head (and heart!) full of ideas, but had no real plan or process to make them happen.

    There's something almost mystical about going to a beautiful place, far from home, to work on your dream with like-minded people. It shifts your focus, your frame of reference and your point-of-view in wonderful-and unexpected- ways! The chateau was magical! The beautiful space and grounds; the fact that there were no distractions, delicious food and drink; amazing company; and life-changing conversations! It was the best investment in myself and my business that I could have made.

    Peg Kusner, Interior Designer / Peg Kusner Designs

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  • I really felt like I built a great brand and had major results, but I wanted to scale and have a reputable business.

    So, I have a team now, and we all serve different spaces, and we all have our own lanes—and we know where to stay clear and how to focus our strengths. I also stopped apologizing and my ask is a lot more bold. I will say I told Rachel that I don’t need community, I just need to strategies. I realized I do need the community so I am not in my head all the time. It’s so inspiring, cheering me on and coming to me with support.

    Radiah Rhodes, Author + Well Being Innovator / EVOK | Life By Design

  • ◆ ◆ ◆
  • At MADE, I was encouraged, coached, and I had a wonderful experience—it was a turning point for me.

    Committing to MADE was a conscious decision that told my soul that I deserved more, that I was enough, and that I had exactly what it takes to make this huge leap. I recommend MADE because when in your life will you ever surround yourself in such a beautiful place with amazing people, to create what's been growing inside you? Well, at MADE you will!

    Quinn Bishop / Stylist, Salon Owner, Transformational Coach

  • I knew I wanted to build something.

    I had the embryo of the framework, but I didn’t have the tools to do so. I rebranded, I launched a website and program, I got people signed up for a brand new product I hadn't even created yet all within 60 days. I have this light in me that I haven’t had in a long time. Pure confidence was overflowing.

    Leslie Tagorda, Brand Navigator / New Moon Creative Co.

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  • I SO benefited from being around women who were killing it and WANTED to kill it more.

    The sisterhood aspect was huge for me. The time with Rachel and her expertise was invaluable. Being able to ask her on the spot about something was so incredibly helpful. Getting away from kids and the day to day grind, having everything handled for you (food, schedules) and being in a physical setting that was unique and pampering helped fuel creativity and take me to a level that I could not accomplish otherwise. MADE called to a group of high level women and it was incredibly helpful to be around that level of sisterhood.

    Dr. Juliana Morris, Sex Therapist

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  • Before working with Rachel, I couldn't see the path to not feeling completely pulled in multiple directions.

    I was excited that I was able to figure out who I really wanted to work with and create something that allows me to work with them even more than I was before. It just makes the everyday life of doing it feel so much better. In terms of changing your life, I found the confidence to see that this year was going to be the year I was going to not try to do all the things: mom of three, university professor, and business owner—and I was able to replace my salary as a university professor in one month. Now the path to the big vision is so clear—and it’s working.

    Cathy Mazak, Academic Writing Coach

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Why did you create MADE?

Have you noticed that almost all advanced business masterminds are run by white men? Not only are they run by white men, but they are dominated by white men. There are very few women and almost no people of color in these spaces. I’ve participated in several white male-dominated masterminds and events. I was one of only a handful of women (out of over 150 members) and the only black woman every time. That means that issues that are specific to women aren’t being discussed and forget about issues that people of color experience while running a business. Oh, and there are no women of color and no brown people on these stages (except maybe an occasional token Indian man). I have been sexually harassed at these events, sat through endless juvenile dick jokes, was told to stand up and share a “lady win” (because apparently lady wins are different than just wins #ffs), was not allowed to participate in the #whiteboyclique, and overheard fellow members saying some very racist shit. The fact is we deserve better. And since it doesn’t currently exist, I decided to create it.

Who's invited?

There is room for a limited number of high performing female entrepreneurs to join us in France— if your business brought in at least $500k in revenue last year or you are currently having $42k+ months, please join us! This retreat is specifically for women entrepreneurs who’ve scaled to a significant amount of revenue—this keeps our shared content and ideas relevant, our conversations authentic to the intent of Million Dollar Made, and our Old Girl’s Club strong.

What kind of entrepreneur will excel?

If you want to follow my roadmap to pushing well beyond the million dollar mark, publish a book, hire full time team members who are devoted to your mission, or build your brand into a global name (or whatever your big vision or next goal may be)—and you aren’t stuck thinking things “should” be a certain way—Million Dollar MADE is for you. Come with the attitude of calling in more than you can even imagine and present as coachable and willing to share your wins and your woes with your peers, and you’ll be the A student. Are you willing to take the leap into infinite possibility?

Will I really leave with a revolutionary plan for my business?

We dare you to try to leave without flipping every single thing you’re frustrated with in your business (and maybe life) on its head. As a team, we’ve got tons of experience guiding women out of their own business frustrations and plateaus. Between a group of high-level colleagues and my team of advisors, you’ll discover just how far your vision can actually go.

How can I be sure that this retreat will be more than simply a vacation I can write off?

First of all, a vacation you can write off sounds like just what the doctor ordered! I will share all the juicy behind the scenes of how I run Hello Seven: from productivity to marketing to company organization to writing my book to my signature talk—and everything in between—to give you an all access pass to how you can mimic my exact processes in your own business. You’ll also get a one-on-one session with me and you’ll depart with a solid plan in hand. This is literally why people pay $15K to spend one day with me in my Handled VIP days (which I no longer offer). But more important than that, you will be in a chateau full of badasses with their own incredible expertise and ideas to share. This is a mastermind experience, first and foremost, and you will greatly benefit from all of the genius in the room.

When should I commit?

MADE is back by popular demand. Since there are a limited number of spots open for this retreat (given the many requests I’ve received over the years to bring MADE back, I expect it to fill up fast.) If you know you want to be a part of this experience, do not hesitate to secure your spot.

Meet the host of this soiree

Rachel Rodgers

I’m Rachel, a woman of color, a mother of four, and a seven-figure business owner —in that order. I started my career working on The Hill with nonprofits, federal judges, and Hillary Clinton, and when I realized that changing the world is easier when you have some cash in your bank account, I decided to build a million dollar business and then teach other women how to do the same.

Over the last seven years, I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs—and my mission is to help every woman I meet become a millionaire. I’m devoted to creating a space for women entrepreneurs to create their own success, beyond the borders created by white, male dominated advanced business trainings. I’ve worked with NY Times bestselling authors, tech startups, coaches, consultants, doctors, accountants, nutritionists, Broadway performers, and so many more.

I’m the creator of the Million Dollar Badass Podcast and the founder of Glow Up and the Million Dollar Badass Mastermind. Every week, my no-bullshit business and life advice gets delivered to over 30,000 fans, and my guidance for female entrepreneurs has been featured on NBC, CBS, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and the Washington Post.

Refund Policy

I don’t offer refunds on my retreats, but what I can offer you is my personal commitment to make this one of the most productive and rewarding experiences of your life. I know that you invest your time and money wisely, as a mother and entrepreneur, I do the same. I also know that this experience will transform your business and your life–you’ll experience personal growth, have innovative ideas, connect with powerful women and leave feeling renewed and inspired.

Don't wait to "get around to it"

Join us for MILLION DOLLAR MADE in May 2020
and have an enchanting experience that you will never forget.

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  • I never thought this was possible.

    I’m a very introverted person, even though I’m very vocal in my business. I went to MADE, and it pushed me to get out there. I’m not big on putting myself in front of the camera, which is why I’m a podcaster, and Rachel put me in touch with all sorts of people who pushed me. To my pleasant surprise, it brought in the ability to expand. And the result is that... it was all very possible.

    Cindy Lin, Home Staging Educator

  • ◆ ◆ ◆
  • You can't discount the community that you get.

    You see that transition in your fellow sisters. I feel like they're my sisters, and when you're in your own business it's like you're in a boat by yourself half the time, and you're rolling like crazy—but you're alone. And so the camaraderie that you get from this—that’s everything.

    Tonya Coleman, Event Planning Coach

  • I knew I needed more support to keep in step with the vision that I had when I created my law firm.

    I wanted to have a safe place for people to work, particularly women after facing discrimination on my own for having my first son and getting fired from a law firm. I knew that whatever it was that I built, I wanted it to be a safe place and a hub for other people to come who are going to help me with the vision that I have for the company. I wanted to create opportunities in space to employ more people so we can be more powerful. And money is a tool or a vehicle that can get you there. It's a bridge, from one opportunity to the next. Now I'm making $50K, a month, and it's repeatable—and I’m taking baby steps and slightly tweaking things so I can make $83K a month.

    Ticora Davis, Creator’s Law Firm, Lawyer and Coach

  • ◆ ◆ ◆
  • I was coming from a situation where I had a lot of business coaching, but I was looking for someone to hold me accountable in a more significant way.

    It has affected me seeing myself as a CEO, and when I look at vision of where I’m going, it’s a really powerful thing for both me and my son to see. Rachel encouraged me to do what I wanted to do versus what everyone else was doing, and to UPSCALE myself; there is a lot of space to do the things that are the right thing for you.

    Sara Dean, Shameless Mom Academy