Let’s talk about running a business with kids at home

Each time I’ve brought a baby into the world, it has disrupted my business—like an adorable tiny tornado. When I say “disrupt,” I mean that in a positive sense. Each child compels me to face what's not working and make changes.

With one of my pregnancies, my doctor informed me that I have an “incompetent cervix” (which truly sounds insulting and can we please come up with a better term?). Doc’s instructions: go on bed rest or your baby could be born premature.

I was shaken. “How am I supposed to earn money, pay my mortgage, and feed my family if I have to stay in bed?” At this particular time in my life, not working was simply not an option.

My husband and I got creative. He’d bathe the kids while I stayed in bed and replied to client emails. He’d make dinner and bring me a tray as I recorded a quick video (from the neck up, no PJs in sight!). I continued to produce revenue as best I could. Not exactly a joyride, but we got through it. Our baby arrived healthy and that’s all that mattered.

But here’s the thing: A big challenge—like mandatory bed rest—can lead to brilliant ideas. Because when you have new limitations, it forces you to think differently. Instead of asking, “How can I work 40 hours and earn $5K?” start asking, “How can I work 10 hours and earn $25K?”

New limits lead to new questions which lead to new solutions. 

As you prepare to birth your baby, you can also birth new offers, new pricing, new systems, and new boundaries.

Brittany Martin, my longtime colleague and President of Hello Seven, recently went on parental leave with her second child. Brittany says, “When you give birth, you get to meet two new people: your baby and yourself.” Because you are not the same person you were. Your business shouldn’t stay the same either. 

Whether you have kids, want to have kids, or don’t, consider these questions: 

What needs to be disrupted?

What’s a change you need to make but keep putting off?

What are you done tolerating?

If you were suddenly required to work only 5, 10, or 15 hours per week, max, how could you produce the same amount of money—or more?

You don't have to wait for pregnancy or another major event to reimagine your life. Reinvention can happen right now. Let’s get it!



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