How I manage four kids & a 7-figure business without losing my mind

Being a mom is challenging. And being a mom entrepreneur is on a whole ‘nother level.

You might think this means that, as a mom, you are at a disadvantage for building a successful business. You might think you could never focus and devote your time to your business the way men who don't do the lion's share of the domestic and child-rearing duties (ie, almost all men) can.

But you are wrong, my friend. Being a mom is not a disadvantage as an entrepreneur. Quite the opposite.

Mom entrepreneurs are the most efficient people in American society.

We don't pussyfoot around. We get things done NOW because we know there will be no time later. We move mountains between the hours of 8am and 3pm. We are great at delegating (we've been delegating to our children since they could walk). We are highly motivated by a desire to provide a good life for our children. We know how to make things happen, whether it's a birthday party or a client brief. 

But, of course, running a business and raising children are not without challenges. One of the biggest challenges facing moms is the expectations society places on us and how we adopt those expectations as our own.

This week I was invited to do interviews with two different television stations. They wanted me to share how I am able to raise four children and run a 7-figure business without losing my mind. 

That's probably the most common question I get asked: Rachel, how do you do it all?

Check out this interview with CBS to get a glimpse into how I manage my daily life as a mom, wife and entrepreneur (and why I think the superwoman label is nonsense):

I also went to Fox 8 studios this week, to share my tips for moms who want to grow their businesses and how I set goals and achieve them:

I hope these interviews inspire you and free you from thinking that you have to be it all and do it all. You can design your life however you want, whether you are a mom or not. 

To all of the moms out there including the moms who have experienced devastating loss … you are still a mom, my friend: Happy Mother's Day. You are a badass and I believe in you.


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