Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Start a Good Moments Journal

By Donna Williams

Hello Seven Client  |  Certified Holistic Health Coach

Taking time to write in your journal can be so beneficial to the mind, body and soul. But when you’re working on building a seven-figure empire, it can be difficult to carve out time for quiet, reflective journaling. Plus, you might not know “how” to journal or where to even begin! Donna, a Hello Seven client, has tips on how to start a simple journaling practice that (really) only takes a few minutes per day.

Gratitude is the Heart’s Memory 

The world opens to us when we live in a space of  gratitude. The universe glows a bit more brightly and showers us with more blessings when we are appreciative and when we express our appreciation. 

As aCertified Holistic Health Coach and creator of infoOnHBP.com, I teach women of color how to lower their high blood pressure naturally without giving up their favorite foods. But whether you’re dealing with blood pressure, or not, journaling can improve your physical and mental health in so many ways.

Some days, it's easier to be appreciative of life than on other days. But if you really look back over your day, there is always something to be grateful for. This is why I encourage everyone to start a Good Moments Journal. It’s exactly what it sounds like—a journal where you simply record a few good moments from your day. 

Here’s how to do it.

Get a Fresh Journal

First, treat yourself to a new, blank  journal. Or, like me, you might want several journals. I have three different types of journaling that I do. 

1. There’s a small journal I take with me when I’m traveling. 

2. There’s one that has gratitude and inspirational verses along with  questions to answer that jogs the mind. 

3. And the last one is just a plain book with pages for me to write free hand. 

I love and use all three journals according to my mood, or whichever one I’m drawn to at the time of my journaling. 

Create a New Morning and Evening Routine

Each morning, journal for five minutes about your intentions for the  day. Write down Good Intentions.

Each evening, journal for five minutes about what you're thankful for that happened that day. Write down Good Moments.

This AM/PM journaling routine is simple yet powerful. It helps to start the day on a high note, rather than immediately reaching for your phone to start scrolling, and it ends the day with a moment of gratitude for all that happened.

My Good Moments

Here are some Good Moments that I wrote down recently:

• Today has been beautiful. 

• I was provided with health of body and mind. 

• This day has given me food and clothing. 

• It has brought me another day of opportunity to be of service to  others. 

• I have peace of mind and freedom from all fear. 

To simply give thanks on a daily basis is transformative. You can journal weekly, if daily is too much for you, but all you need to be is consistent. 

Create a GoodMoments Jar 

Another option is to create a journal…that you store inside a jar. Take an empty jar. Cut up slips of paper. When you experience a Good Moment, write it down and toss it into the jar. Anytime, you can rummage through your jar to relive your moments of gratitude.

It’s beautiful to watch your jar fill up as the days go by. Each slip of paper reminds you, “I have so many blessings in my life.”

I love the tangible aspect of a Good Moments jar because it's so easy to go back and be reminded of all of the good you've experienced. Whether it's big (“I got the job!”) or small (“my jog was really great today.”), it all matters because this is what makes up our life as a whole. This is an easy way to focus on the positive more throughout our days, weeks, months, and years. We want to look back and see a life that we are  grateful for, and this is a small way of doing that. 

Wellness for Entrepreneurs

When you’re self-employed, you face difficulties that can sometimes feel hard to put into words. You might feel financial stress during a low-revenue month, feel disheartened after seeing a poor review from a customer, or feel small in comparison to a competitor who appears to be doing “better” than you.  It’s so important to prioritize your wellbeing and make sure you’re taking steps to keep yourself strong, resilient, and grateful. If you feel like your wellness routine has been slipping lately (or maybe it’s nonexistent…) there are people who can help. Book a Wellness Audit with me.In this call  together, we'll take a look at where you are in all aspects of your life, where you’re feeling

Imbalanced and need some adjusting, and you'll get a good snapshot of where you are on your wellness journey and practical next steps to reach your goals. 

Remember, too, that feeling better can start with five minutes of journaling. 

What’s one Good Moment from today that you want to celebrate?

-Donna Williams

PS. Starting and ending your day with intention can be easier than you think. Watch this 3 minute video where I hold up one of my journals and give you a peek inside.

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