Maui Wowee: How one retreat can change your biz & your life

Could you use some time away? I’d guess the answer is yes.

I am writing to you from the lovely island of Maui where I am staying at an absolutely stunning retreat center. On Monday I arrived at this incredible place and since then my eyes have been opened to a whole new perspective.

My business and my life will never be the same.

I am really amazed at the levels to which I now see a new way to do business, a new way to see myself and a new way to live my life. It is incredibly clear to me just how much I have been holding myself back, limiting my own success, operating outside of my zone of genius and letting my fears get in the way of how I truly want to serve my clients and contribute to the world. I am now more convinced than ever that …

Getting out of your normal routine is absolutely essential to your growth and success.

When you are in a new environment, you can dream on a level that you just can’t do from home. Something about the energy of a new inspiring place vividly reminds you that anything is possible and allows your vision for your business and your life to grow taller and deeper.

But it’s not just about spending some time in an inspiring environment, it’s also about the people you are there with. 

I am in Maui with some truly badass boss bitches. These women are not afraid to get after it. They are the kind of women that are willing to invest in themselves at a high-level because they believe in what they can accomplish with their own two hands. They also believe in their vision for their life’s work, and while money is absolutely important, it’s never about money, it’s always about the ways in which they feel called to serve in the world. And it’s motherfucking beautiful.

Together, we have cried, laughed hysterically, downward dogged, shared healthy meals (and some less-than-healthy ones). We’ve been exercising, writing voraciously, planning the next quarter, and creating new events, retreats and programs. And we have also reflected back to one another the incredible light and talent that we see in our fellow sisters and jumped up and down in utter ecstasy when new clarity about our businesses struck us like a bolt of lightning (total naked rock opera). On Wednesday, I experienced a massive breakthrough that gave me such clarity about my life’s work, my zone of genius and what I am really meant to be doing.

Suddenly, everything I have ever created, all the seemingly disparate parts of my business came together into one cohesive mission and purpose.

I can’t wait to share with you the new vision for my company. The level of clarity I experienced on Wednesday was worth the cost of the trip, in and of itself. And I’ve still got 3 days of magic left. I can only imagine what else will happen. This time in Maui has been truly epic and I will never forget the week I’ve spent here.

To hear more lessons from Maui, and get a peek at the amazing retreat center that I’m staying at, watch this week’s episode of RRTV.

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So I’ll ask you again: could you use some time away? Could you use a jolt of clarity and renewed excitement about your business? Could you use some inspiration to create new products and programs for the people you love to serve? Could you benefit from spending some time with some badass boss bitches who are living life fully out loud and not letting fear stop them from going after their dreams?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions (and I bet you did), I encourage to come to MADE: IN FRANCE. You will spend a week in a stunning chateau with 10 smart, ambitious and big hearted entrepreneurs plus my talented team. You will leave inspired and filled with love and light. You will leave with a product that will generate $100k for your business if you want it to (all you have to do is want it — I’ll show you how to do the rest). I have no doubt that it will change your life and go down as one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself. Get all the details and sign up here. If you have questions, about MADE, hit reply and I’m happy to answer them. See you in France!


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