Why Consistency Is Essential to Growing Your Business

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.48.48 PMYou can’t expect new customers to show up consistently if you’re not showing up to serve them consistently. Seems simple enough right? Then why do so many entrepreneurs struggle so much with consistency?
Because the reality of creating content each and every week can be a real struggle. I know I have struggled with this over the last 5 years of growing my business. Even knowing how essential it was to growing my business, showing up for my audience each and every week didn't always happen.
Then I decided that this would be the year we put on our big girl pants and got it done. I sat down with my team and considered what it would really take to have our videos, blog posts, and newsletters show up on the same day each week. What does it really cost the business to be consistent?
And I can tell you with certainty that the cost is not as high as you'd imagine when you consider the impact consistency has on your business. It may seem high when you're getting started, but when you see the rewards I bet you'll agree with me that it's worth it.
Whether you use blog posts, newsletters, webinars, products, or services – serving your audience with valuable content each and every week WILL help you grow your business is ways you wouldn't have imagined. We’ve finally mastered consistency and are enjoying the major impact it’s having on the business each and every day.
So today's video is all about why consistency is crazy important, plus some tips and tricks to help you make it happen in your biz:

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