My business fairy godmother

It’s about to be the end of Black History Month and the beginning of Women’s History Month + Gender Equality Month.

And what better way to honor that transition than by talking about my business fairy godmother.

The original million dollar badass.

The patron saint of women entrepreneurs.

America’s first woman millionaire.

I’m talking about Sarah Breedlove, more famously known as Madam C. J. Walker.

Here’s a quick summary of her story:

Sarah Breedlove was born on a Louisiana plantation in 1867 to enslaved parents — and she was the only member of her immediate family that was born free.

She ended up moving to St. Louis with her daughter and started selling hair care products for a Black woman entrepreneur, Annie Malone.

Sarah had suffered from significant hair loss since the 1890’s, and she decided to use what she learned working for Annie to solve this problem for other Black women.

At the age of 39, Sarah became known as Madam C. J. Walker and started her own company — and soon, she became America’s first woman millionaire.

Years ago, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to chat with Madam’s great great granddaughter, A’Lelia Bundles.

During our conversation, I got to hear, firsthand, the impact that a Black woman’s legacy can have on her family for multiple generations.

Madam’s decision to prioritize education in her daughter’s life set off a domino effect of academic and professional excellence in the generations that followed her.

Nearly 100 years after Madam died, companies like Sephora and Walmart carried hair care lines in her name (and you best believe her family was very involved in the process of getting those products out into the world.)

Madam’s story didn’t die when she transitioned from this earth — it still lives on through the powerful Black women that came after her.

It sends shivers down my spine just thinking about the opportunities and the wealth that exploded from Madam’s life into her family.

And the fact that her legacy still lives on, a whole century later, is mind-blowing.

THAT is the kind of impact I want to have in my children’s lives, their children’s lives, and their children’s children’s lives.

And that’s the kind of legacy I want for you, too.

As we close out Black History Month and enter Women’s History Month, I want you to take 3 lessons from Madam’s life.

1. Your circumstances do not define you. 

YOU define you. You get to write your own story. You have everything you need to create your legacy, even if it seems like you have very little.

2. The decisions you make now aren’t just for you. 

They’re for your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Make smart moves with your money, your resources, and your connections.

3. Help the people around you. 

Use your wealth for good. Create opportunities for other people. The world becomes a better place when women and other marginalized groups have more money.

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