“Get On The Plane” Energy.

It was a few days before ROI: The Millionaire Summit

…and Amber was trying to decide, “Should I go?”

Amber, who describes herself as a “mama, chef, and menu creator,” considered all the reasons why she couldn’t make it.

In an IG Reel, she lays out, “My reasons NOT to get on the plane…”

  1. “It’s 3 days before the event.”
  2. “Who’s going to watch my daughter?”
  3. “I don’t have money for the ticket, flight, or hotel.”
  4. “I have too much to do at home.”
  5. “I can’t leave my 19 month old.”
  6. “My husband can’t go.”
  7. “Is it really worth the investment?”

She ruminated on the pros and cons. But something kept churning in her gut, compelling her to GO. Despite all the roadblocks, Amber knew, “I need to make this happen.”

Here’s what Amber did next…

4 hours before the deadline for ROI tickets, Amber reached out to her community and made an offer: “I’m raising funds for a life-changing trip. Is anyone interested in my culinary services? Who’s in?”

Women came forward (including complete strangers) and said, “Yes!” In a flash, she had 99 comments and $1,900. She exceeded her funding goal—5 minutes before the ticket deadline. 

She locked in her ticket and got on the plane. And, she decided to bring her daughter on the trip. Because when you’re learning how to become a seven-figure CEO, why not bring your daughter along for the ride? Millionaire mother-daughter adventure!

At ROI, Amber made priceless connections. Drank coffee on cobblestone streets. Saw a double rainbow in the sky. Sipped champagne. Took her daughter to the beach. Got educated on business, money, and mindset. Went home feeling like a BOSS—ready to make big moves.

What Amber just did? 

That’s what I call Get On The Plane Energy. GOTPE for short.

When you see an opportunity—and ferociously remove the obstacles in your way—that is GOTPE. 

GOTPE leads to cash pouring in, big breakthroughs, and rapid change. 

GOTPE is the type of energy you need to bring to your goals—every day. 

It’s easy to say, “I can’t…” and come up with reasons not to go. It’s tempting to say, “Well, I tried…” when in actuality you did not try at all. It takes courage to get on the plane.

What is the plane that you need to board?

It might be an event, business move, investment, or literal airplane that’s departing in 24 hours. Do not let that plane leave without you. Yes, you can rustle up the money. Yes, you can pull this off. Yes, you can do this.

Boss up, get on, and LET’S GO! 

Rachel Rodgers and The Hello Seven Team

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