Who are you spending your time with?

Last week, I sat in a room with all 28 of the women in my Million Dollar Badass mastermind group. Coaches. Consultants. Entrepreneurs. Manufacturers. They had traveled from across the country to meet together and plot out how they were going to get their businesses to seven-figure revenue.

Here’s what I saw:

So much diversity

And not the kind of diversity that feels forced or tokeny. Not a room of white faces with one black lady. Or a bunch of millennials and one older woman.

I’ve been to a lot of live events and a lot of business retreats specifically geared towards women. More times than not, I’m the only woman of color in the room. Even in my personal mastermind that helps me with my business, I’m the only woman of color.

Real diversity is not one black woman in a room of white women, or one woman in a room of men. That person is then one voice against a crowd – it’s an intimidating position to be in and most of us, when we’re in that position, remain silent.

Women who think BIG.

It takes a lot of guts to join a mastermind called Million Dollar Badass. It takes a lot of gumption to look at your business and think, I want to make a million dollars in revenue. Especially if you’re a woman since so many of us have been taught to be embarrassed of our ambition or that our successes make other people feel bad.

During our three days together, we talked about what it meant to not just dream big, but BE BIG. Have a bold brand. Raise your prices. Let your business take up space in the market.

Women who don’t have time to waste

One of the things I kept repeating to our group is that it doesn’t have to take that long. I’ve launched a website in weeks. I’ve written an entire course in a month. It took me less than three months to launch and fill my mastermind. Because I know how to cut out the busy work and get the most important stuff done.

That’s why I ask my MDB’ers to commit to taking action and then my guides hold them accountable to those commitments.

A few of the commitments that came out of this retreat? A new website. New offers. Doubling prices. An entire conference. A launch by the end of February. A new brand name.

And I’d put money on these women getting it done.

A pregnant woman 🙂

Yep, that’s me. And yes, I am sitting down. Why? Because I happen to be 21-weeks pregnant, and my doctor said the only way I was allowed to host a live event was if I sat half the time (I was reminded frequently by my team and clients to sit my ass down, when I jumped up with enthusiasm … regularly.)

How often do you see pregnant women at a business event? How often do we talk honestly about what it takes to be pregnant and run a seven-figure business?

Speaking of commitments: these are the kinds of discussions that I’m committed to having. I want other pregnant women to read this article and know that whatever they’re dreaming of, it’s possible.

Woman who care about the world

I’m so over that bullshit about how you can’t want to make money and also care about the world. The truth is that when you have money, you can care about the world AND change the world. What world would you rather live in – one where the majority of million dollar businesses are run by men? Or by women?

My MDB’ers understand that it’s so much easier to have impact when our bills are paid. That the greatest gift we can give our children is for them to see us succeed. And that politically, our dollars are needed more than ever.


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