What’s the hardest biz decision you’ve ever made?

The hardest decision I ever made for my business was the decision to move my family from New York City (where I was raised and where my husband and I met and where my kids were born) to North Carolina. I uprooted my family of 6 from one of the most exciting cities in the world to a small town in the South. To a town where I didn’t know a single person. Brand new schools, new house, new neighbors, everything.

There was a lot behind this decision, but mainly it was for my business. If I wanted to be able to be 110% focused on growing my business to seven figures and beyond, I needed to live somewhere more affordable where the pace of life was slower (the lower taxes didn’t hurt either…)

But damn, that decision was hard. I cried, I agonized, I changed my mind (and then changed it back) a hundred times. I wanted it to feel easy and it just felt so hard.

See, some people have the impression that if a decision is right, it will happen easily and feel completely comfortable. So when a decision feels hard, they give up immediately and tell themselves that it probably wasn't right.

If I had done that, I'd still be living in New York City. I'd still be living in a tiny rental apartment instead of being about to move into a beautiful completely custom brand new home…that I own.

If you don’t make hard decisions, you’re making a decision to stay small.

What hard decision is on your plate right now? To finally give in and rent a damn office space so you can work in peace? To stop offering one-on-one services and start scaling? To quit your day job? To fire that one client?

These decisions are very difficult. Maybe you're worried you're not being realistic about your earning potential. Maybe you're worried that you don't have enough information to make the right decision. It's totally normal to feel overwhelmed, scared and frustrated when you're faced with a big decision in your business.

The key is to do the best you can with the information you have so that you don't get paralyzed in endless analysis.

Remember, ignoring a decision is a decision. Procrastinating on a decision is a decision. Being in denial about a decision is a decision. Doing nothing is a decision.

If you're waiting it to be easy, you're going to be waiting a long time.


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