Let’s take action (+ free ticket!)

One of the cornerstones of my success (and of what I teach in all of my programs) is taking action.

I love strategy and planning as much as the next person, but without taking action (pressing send, going live, clicking post, making that call, etc), strategies and plans aren’t worth shit.

So today, I want to run a little challenge. Whoever can complete all of the tasks below by next Friday at 5pm EST will be entered into a challenge to win a ticket to the Hello Seven Incubator in Los Angeles on November 9th.

>>> Launch It.

Maybe it’s a new offering, maybe you’re pre-launching a course or program, maybe it’s a book or kit. I don’t care, just launch the damn thing. Stop over-analyzing, asking for opinions, and re-writing the sales page.

>>> Get loud.

Publish or send an email, FB live, blog post or Insta post in which you say what you really think. No more hiding. Get out there and use your voice.

>>> Invest.

Spend money on something that you think has the potential to dramatically grow your business. FB ads or a copywriter or a virtual assistant or a coaching program. I don’t care what you spend it on, my only requirement is that you get a little scared inside when you click BUY.

>>> Say No.

I want you to say NO to one thing: maybe it means firing that pain-in-the-ass client, maybe it means skipping that wedding and taking a bubble bath instead, maybe it means pushing a to-do to next year (or never).

Alright, you have your marching orders. I’ll wait to hear from you.


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