How to manifest massive money… before the end of the year.

Today is December 18th, which means we’ve got 13 days until the end of the year.

Would you like to bring a big chunk of cash in the door before December 31st? Wouldn’t it feel fabulous to ring in the New Year with extra money in the bank? Funds for your next vacation, for a house downpayment, to re-invest back into your business, or anything else that you desire. 

It’s possible. It’s not too late. 

Here’s my advice on how to generate cash quickly—whenever you want to.

  1. Pick a number.

Would you like to earn an extra $1k, $5k, $10k, $50k…? Pick a number. Don’t choose a piddly amount like $50 bucks. Choose a number that feels audacious. You need a goal that’s worth getting excited about. 

  1. State your amount, your timeframe, and your why.

Say, “I will earn [amount] within the next [number] days because [top reason why].” Be specific. Example: “I will earn an extra $5k within the next 13 days because I want to surprise my mom with an all-expenses paid vacation for her 70th birthday.”

  1. Choose a Million Dollar Thought.

Choose a thought that makes you feel powerful, energized, and expansive. Something like: “I’ve done challenging things before and I can do it again.” “I will give my ALL and let’s see what happens!” “This can be simple.” “I look forward to being surprised and delighted!”

  1. Brainstorm 10 money-making possibilities. 

Let’s say you want to earn an extra $5k. Make a list of 10 ways you could rake these coins in the door. You have zero ideas? Here are a few to get your wheels turning…

  • Follow up with clients who are late paying their invoices. Nudge them to pay up.
  • Put together an irresistible offer, announce it to your community, and let folks know that it’s here for a limited time: they need to purchase it before December 31st.
  • Invite your favorite customers to pre-book and pre-pay for 2023 services. Offer an incentive (like a gift or bonus session) to motivate them to do it. 
  • Do a flash sale. Offer ridiculously good pricing on whatever you sell—24 hours only—to motivate people to act quickly.
  • Offer a done-in-one-day package where you solve your client’s top problem in one day. 
  • Create a high-end VIP offer (think: intensive, 1-on-1, deluxe, all-inclusive) and convince one client to buy it. This might be all you need to do to reach your goal!
  • Make a big ASK. Reach out to a dream client, customer, or investor and ask for something major. “Would you like to invest $30k to help my business expand and reach the next level? Here’s what I can offer you in return…” 
  • Find out if you’re eligible for ongoing COVID-19 pandemic tax credits and relief payments and if so, apply and get every dollar that you’re owed! 
  • That cousin you loaned $500 two years ago? Tell her you love her…and it’s time to pay up.
  1. Make a move!

You brainstormed 10 money-generating ideas. Next: get moving. 

Pick one idea from your list—whichever is likely to create the biggest amount of money with the least amount of effort—and do it. If it doesn’t work out, pick another idea and keep going. 

Sidebar: if you’re someone who struggles to take action—you tend to overthink, stall, or get overwhelmed—get on the wait-list for the next Make Money Moves Challenge. I will get you moving!

Get that shmoney!

I’m visualizing you counting all your bills on New Year’s Eve with a golden crown on your head and a sparkling beverage in your hand. 

Go make it happen.

A lot can shift in 13 days.

This year is not over yet. 

Rachel and The Hello Seven Team

PS. Want more inspiration? Listen to my podcast episode on how to manifest massive money. And, listen to this conversation where I chat with two clients who challenged themselves to make $10k in an extremely short span of time. They share how they pulled it off. Also, if you feel awkward when it comes to selling your work, use these email scripts and read these 10 tips on how to sell with confidence. 

PPS. Your guiding question: “How could this be possible?” Instead of thinking, “There’s no way this will work,” “That’s too much money,” “Not enough time,” “It’s not feasible,” focus on possibilities. Whether you want to make a couple thousand or a millie, there is always a way.

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