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How to Manifest Massive Money

043 How to Manifest Massive Money

It is officially launch day for We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club, so on the show today, I wanted to share with you the origin story for this program, which was born in the middle of the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. And joining me in telling this story is my amazing enrollment coach, Grace Edison.

Grace came to Hello Seven after working as a financial advisor, and she has so many insightful (and hilarious) stories to share about how to adjust your money beliefs as the world around you changes. The financial crisis that is unfolding because of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge distraction. However, over here at Hello Seven, we’ve worked on our strategy so that we can continue to help you thrive during this time.

Join us on the podcast this week as Grace and I discuss how to manifest massive money, even during a crisis. We’re talking about how to find your next million-dollar idea, and how we can help you use this time as an opportunity to take your business to the next level. We are incredibly excited to bring you We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club, so tune in today for all the details.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • The importance of believing that you can create money.
  • Why your next million-dollar idea is probably already somewhere in your head.
  • How we're dealing with and moving through the current health and financial crisis over here at Hello Seven.
  • Why having a team on your payroll is an asset, even in a recession.
  • The story of how we came up with our We Should All Be Millionaires program.
  • Why you always have to be ready to make changes in your business.
  • The signs that you might need to make some changes in your business.
  • Why We Should All Be Millionaires will be a game-changer for your business.

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Rachel Rodgers: Jealousy is good because it points you to what you want for yourself.

Grace Edison: Well, all of these emotions, like jealousy, boredom, whatever, we think, “Ooh, I don’t want to feel that.” It’s like, actually follow it. Make space for it. Pull up a chair at the table and be like, “What do you have to tell me? Oh, you are actually about my desire right now that’s out of alignment with my belief that I can have those things.” That’s all it is.

Then we start looking at what are these moves that we need to make? When that starts happening for you and so I’ve been with you since June of last year, I’ve seen it happen a few times, I get excited.

Rachel Rodgers: Welcome to the Hello Seven Podcast. I'm your host, Rachel Rodgers, wife, mother to four children, a lover of Beyoncé, coffee drinker, an afro-wearer, and I just happen to be the CEO of a seven-figure business. I am on a mission to help every woman I meet become a millionaire. If you want to make more money, you are in the right place. Let's get it going.

Hey, guys. Super exciting day today. It is officially launch day for our We Should All Be Millionaires program and if you want all the details on that you can go to and check it out right now. But what I thought we would do for the podcast today is tell you the origin stories for this program which was born in the middle of the crisis.

Joining me to talk about this story is my amazing enrollment coach, Grace Edison. Welcome to the podcast, Grace!

Grace Edison: I’m so happy to be here, but you know that it’s actually sales bitch, right?

Rachel Rodgers: Oh sorry, I’m sorry. Her official title is Sales Bitch. Grace Edison, Sales Bitch, sparkletoes, what is it?

Grace Edison: Little Sparkle.

Rachel Rodgers: Little Sparkle, right. So, you can you feel free to call her Grace or Little Sparkle or Sales Bitch whichever you want. Any of them are fine. Any will do. Tell them a little bit about who you are, Grace, and how you came to the Hello Seven team. Just so they can have some more background. I know you have been on podcast before, but just in case they missed that episode.

Grace Edison: Yeah, so last summer I was at a training, I was at a David Neagle training and I realized while I was at this training – if you don’t know David Neagle he does a lot of shadow work. It’s pretty crazy stuff, and I realized mid-way through this training I was like, “I am not where I want to be. I’m not doing what I want to do with my life right now.”

I walked out and I got an email from a friend of mine who was at your Craft and Commerce, We Should All Be Millionaires. Is that what it was called?

Rachel Rodgers: Yes, it was that talk called We Should All Be Millionaires at ConvertKit’s Conference that was last July, so July 2019.

Grace Edison: So, I get this email from her and it’s like, “Stop what you’re doing. Get your fucking resume together.” Are we allowed to swear on this?

Rachel Rodgers: Duh! It’s me.

Grace Edison: Yeah. So, she’s like, “Stop what you’re doing. Get your resume together. Send it over.” This is my best friend; I trust her with my whole life. She knows me better than anybody, so I was actually with the other lady that I was working for at this conference and I was like, “Oh, I’m going to go and get this other hotel. It’s closer to the airport,” so that I could go and do the interview with you guys.

Rachel Rodgers: She had to sneak out of a David Neagle conference, I love it.

Grace Edison: That morning as I found out about you, I was in the hotel gym listening to all of your podcasts and I was just like, “This is it.” I was excited. So, I used to be a financial advisor. I then left that world to open a yoga studio. I started doing some online courses. I created this course called the Yoga of Money because I was wanting to bridge my experience as a financial advisor with all of this really amazing –

Rachel Rodgers: Which is a great idea, by the way. I love the name Yoga of Money.

Grace Edison: It was super cool. I bring that to what we do at Hello Seven. When I do the coaching sessions, because I don’t just get to talk to people when they come in on the enrollment calls, but I also get to coach our members and we do talk a lot about how the money mindset stuff, to me, is so important and let me tell you, as a financial advisor it was crazy to see people who had a $1 million in the bank or $100 in the bank seem to come in with the same level of stress.

They didn’t know what they wanted from their money, they didn’t know what they were working for, they weren’t clear. They had all of these stories and just the beliefs and patterns that they weren’t aware of and that’s how that course came to be and a lot of what I taught in that course gets brought to my sessions because we need to go through and figure out why you’re doing the things that you’re doing so that you, actually can come from this really intentional place. When you’re aligned and you feel purposeful everything changes.

Rachel Rodgers: It’s so true and that’s why today we’re talking about how to manifest massive money. Of course, you’re the perfect person to be talking about this with because your money is so related to beliefs. The book that I'm writing, also titled We Should All Be Millionaires, we talk about broke ass decisions versus million-dollar decisions, and whether you're broke or a millionaire, you could be making broke ass decisions. It's hard to say broke ass broke decisions.

Grace Edison: Broke ass decisions. It’s a tough word.

Rachel Rodgers: I’m I want decisions to be done fast, or it takes too long to be out of my mouth. So, broke ass decisions versus million-dollar decisions. Whichever one you're making, you are creating your future with those beliefs. You believe it first, you think it first, then you believe it, and then you make decisions based on it, and then it brings itself into reality. So, you can be thinking and creating lots of money, or you can be thinking and creating lots broke ass situations.

Grace Edison: Totally. Well, people can be creating lots of money and still have a belief around, and this was mine, this is a good one for you guys. I'm really good at solving problems was something that I took a lot of, and that seems like a great thing. It seems like a great belief to have. However, as I started making more money, I started to create bigger problems that required more money.

Rachel Rodgers: Yes, like living right on the edge. I did the same thing.

Grace Edison: That's what Biggie was talking about.

Rachel Rodgers: That’s what he was talking about. Yeah, he knew what he was talking about.

Grace Edison: He knew. This is where these beliefs are really important because you can create more money, more wealth, but if you’re still at, in yoga we talk about disease, being in a disease process. If you're perpetuating your old habits and your old mindset, cool, great, you've built this new skill, you're doing amazing.

I have had the opportunity to talk to people who are really successful, and it looks like in their application they're making tons of money, but when we talk, a lot of it is just there's a leaky faucet problem. A lot of they don't know where it's going. They're paying too much money for ads. They don't have the right ideal client. There's stuff there that has to be worked on, on a deeper level.

Rachel Rodgers: Exactly.

Grace Edison: So, this is really important. It's really, really important to me, and it's really, really important to us as a team that this stuff gets handled

Rachel Rodgers: For sure, and it's important as somebody who wants to build wealth. If you want to have money, you have to be shifting how you think about money, and if you grew up poor like I did, then your thinking comes from like, “Oh, money is hard to make. There's never enough. Even if I have it, it'll be gone soon.” You have all of these stories that you make true every day in your life because you believe them.

Of course, obviously, there are things like all kinds of crises can happen, and trust me, over the last 10 years of business, I have had all kinds of personal crises from federal lawsuits, to high-risk pregnancies, multiple, and all kinds of shenanigans that have made making money difficult. But I believed in my ability to make money, and so I kept doing it, although I did make some challenging decisions along the way.

So, we're not saying that there are no societal or political situations that create circumstances for you that fuck with your money. Of course, that is true. At the same time, there are things that are within your control, and that's what we're talking about today where you have power. Yes, the government can do certain things, but I also have power.

One of the things I just started talking to my husband about was like, “Huh, I wonder if we should start moving some of our money to an overseas bank just in case.” You know what I mean? That's a decision that is within my control. Even though the government could do something shitty and take all my money, I could still be like, “Oh, but you don't know about my money over in whatever country.” Who knows where I'm going to put it. Let’s make no assumptions here.

Grace Edison: I think what we can know for sure is that there is always uncertainty. There is always uncertainty. We were actually overdue for a recession, just so everybody knows. As a financial advisor it was like, have you ever read Who Moved My Cheese?

Rachel Rodgers: I have not. I feel like everyone that I know has read it. I think I even own it.

Grace Edison: I read it in my 20s. It's really short. It's written at a grade school level, and I always keep this metaphor in my mind of having your sneakers tied around your neck. You just stay ready always. You're like, “What's happening?” This is what happened with us. This is what happened at Hello Seven, was in March, we were like, “Something is up. Something seems off. We really need to take a look at what's going on here.”

Rachel Rodgers: I think it was before March. I think it was February.

Grace Edison: February? Yeah. That, to me, was like spidey senses were tingling. As a team, we're all pretty in tune. We’re all pretty intuitive, and I think we were starting to feel change was coming, and I think you can't ignore that. The better you get at knowing your money story, the stronger this also gets. The stronger your spidey senses get and your intuition, and you start to know like, “I need to make some moves.” Boredom. Boredom is another really good indicator that something new needs to happen.

Rachel Rodgers: One of my indicators is jealousy. I'm like, “Oh, I see somebody who just bought themselves a boat,” or, “Their kids are going to this amazing school,” or “Oh, they just gave away $100,000. I wish I was in a position to do that.” It could be any number of things like, “Oh, I want my daughter to ride ponies,” whatever it is. That jealousy, I follow that, and I'm like, “Okay, what is that trying to tell me? What is it that I want for myself?” Then I go get it.

Grace Edison: Desire.

Rachel Rodgers: Exactly. That's what it is. It's desire, and it's not a bad thing. I think jealousy is good because it points you to what you want for yourself.

Grace Edison: Well, all of these emotions like jealousy, boredom, whatever, we think, “Oh, I don't want to feel that,” and it's like actually, follow it, make space for it. Pull up a chair at the table and be like, “What do you have to tell me? Oh, you are actually about my desire right now that's out of alignment with my belief that I can have those things.” That's all it is.

Then what are the things that I need to do, which you are so good at, and you have taught me a lot about how to really, I don't know what the word is, I want to say resourceful, but there's a resiliency in you where you're like, “I'm not where I want to be right now. I'm restless.” Then we start looking at what are these moves that we need to make.

When that starts happening for you, and I've seen it. I've been with you since June of last year. I've seen it happen a few times. I get excited. I know that it feels uncomfortable for you, but as a team member and as someone who's just that little bit removed, I'm like, “Oh, she's restless. She's restless. What are we going to do now?”

Rachel Rodgers: Some of our team members are like, “Oh, she's ready. She's about to fuck some shit up. What is she going to make me do now?”

Grace Edison: Natalie, our head coach, said yesterday, we had a team meeting, and she was saying, “Let's just take a moment with the incredible team that has been assembled here.” Look at this amazing formation of people who when you get restless, and we go, “Okay, we don't know what’s about to happen.”

There's uncertainty again, and maybe we're talking about macro uncertainty as globally right now, but also uncertainty within our team, and then us being able to actually say, “Okay, let's pull all of our resources and make this happen.”

Rachel Rodgers: Exactly. It's like wrestling with restlessness. It's wrestle with it. Figure out what it's trying to tell you. You got to go inward. You can't really go outward. I always do that too. I'm like, “Oh, let me see what other people are doing. Let me gather some data. Let me see what's going on in the world, and that'll help.” I'm just like, “That all seems whack. I'm not interested.”

Grace Edison: I think that’s the contrast. So, that's what's amazing, is for you, you look at what everyone is doing. What's that movie? Lucky Number Slevin where it's the Kansas City shuffle. You make them look left, and you go right. You do that. You're like, “Hey, everybody. Look at what's going on over there.” Then then we're over here planning to do epic shit, and everyone's like, “What?”

Rachel Rodgers: That is hilarious. I don't feel like I'm that strategic. I feel like it's so much more messy internally.

Grace Edison: Well, you start looking around, and I think the resistance piece, which when I was sitting and thinking about the last two weeks, which feels like a year or something has gone. The amount of stuff that's happened, it's like the things we didn't want to do, and what are we pushing up against.

I always notice when I'm pushing so hard, when I'm efforting so hard to push this thing away. It's like, what if I just stopped? Essentially, what we did was we stopped pushing, and we just let it happen because you had created something that you didn't even know you had created. When you and I were having the bathtub box. People don't know what box is. Get it. It's the best.

Rachel Rodgers: The bathtub box.

Grace Edison: We’ll tell you all about the bathtub box in a minute.

Rachel Rodgers: Yes, what you're saying is so true. That thought, that idea, had already been in my head for at least six months, but I was like, “Nope,” and kept swatting it away. Then you messaged me, and then I was wrestling with what you told me that we needed to do in the business.

So, I was wrestling with it, and then I was like, “Oh, it's actually been staring me in the face this whole time. Duh.” That's how it usually is. Just so it makes you all who are listening real crazy right now. Whatever your million-dollar, brilliant next idea is, is probably already in your head, and it's probably staring you right in the face, and you can't see it.

That shit drives me nuts because I know it's right there. I feel it, but I don't know, I can't make it out. It's like I see the shape, but I can't make out any of the details. I wrestle with it because it drives me insane, and then I figure it out. The way that I figure it out too is wrestling with it, but then also letting go. You got to go work out. That's why I was in the tub, because I was trying to just stop thinking.

Grace Edison: Well, and I think the other thing is it was something that you had already built. This is the interesting thing, is sometimes we're so busy focusing on like you had built Million Dollar Badass. We were putting so much time and effort into that, but something else was being created in the process. It's almost like when you're looking over here, and you don't realize what's amassing. It’s really interesting.

In yoga, we talk a lot about just the physiology of the body, and the eyeballs are in the front of the head. If you actually think about what you can see, you can see in front of you, and then you have this X amount of periphery here. Most of your all around you, you cannot see. You can't see what's behind you. So, by having a team of people that you have a really good relationship with and that you trust, we were actually able to see, let's call it 60% of what you couldn't necessarily see because you're so focused on what's in front.

Rachel Rodgers: Yeah, I think that's so true. I want to take a moment and go back to this idea of stay ready that you mentioned before, like having your sneakers around your neck because my husband and I were talking about it with my mother-in-law and just talking about how we could not have been more better prepared for a recession then right now.

We spent last year building up our team. So, having a team assembled, if you think that having a team and having payroll is a liability right now, I disagree. I think having a team is a huge asset right now. My thinking is, even if I had to blow up my whole business, I have myself, and my own intelligence, and I've got a team. What could I do with the team I have, with the IP that I've created, with the tools that I have? How can I shape those things into something that can be a successful offer, or business, or whatever.

A team is a huge asset. So, we spent last year assembling the team. We spent a bunch of time improving our credit. Our credit was okay like mid six hundreds, and I thought that was a good thing because I spent so much time in my young adulthood with shitty credit because I was one of those people that got a credit card. They send you credit cards right when you turn 18.

Grace Edison: That should be illegal. I have the same story.

Rachel Rodgers: It should be illegal. Same story. I went to college down the street from Bloomingdale's on 59th and Lex in New York City, and I used to be hitting that sales rack between classes.

Grace Edison: With that shiny, new credit card.

Rachel Rodgers: Yes, and I'm like, “Look, it's free money.” Actually, it's not because I had to pay it off. I destroyed my credit. So, I had really crappy credit for a lot of my young adulthood. I was like, “Oh, 660, that's a good credit score.” For those of you who have 660, who gives a shit, honestly.

But anyway, we did spend time because we realized like, “Hey, this business, as it gets larger, there may be times where we want to have a line of credit or we want to take advantage of credit to buy a property for the business or whatever other moves we want to be able to make.” So, we were like, let's focus on growing our credit score to be excellent credit. Now, we're more like 750, which then people are throwing money at you. The irony is, of course, that you don't need it.

Grace Edison: Well, you also learn.

Rachel Rodgers: We don’t even have a lot of credit. We have our own line of credit in the savings account. We have cash. That's the other thing that we did. We worked on building our team, we worked on building up our credit, and then we just saved a bunch of money last year. We were like, “Thank you, God,” because when this whole thing started unfolding, we were like, “We're in a good place where we could weather this storm.”

The thing is too, you don't even have to have a lot of money, but if you have a little bit of money, then that gives you a little bit of time to figure things out. You know what I mean? You can afford to have one bad month, which gives you some leeway to figure things out. I say this knowing that a lot of you listening may not be in that position. Cool. I've been in that position.

Last time a recession hit, I was broke as a joke with shitty credit. I had no team whatsoever, and no even friends that knew what they were doing in this realm of trying to have money, but I still made it because of my mindset. So, those tools are great. You want to have those things if you can, but if you don't, your brain is enough.

Grace Edison: Yeah, absolutely.

Rachel Rodgers: Your mindset is enough.

Grace Edison: What I hear you saying is you learned all of these things, and we get to now learn from the things. We don't have to go and do all of those things. You can say, “Hey, let's prepare.” Mindset, to me, is something no one can ever take from you. It doesn't matter what's going on.

Then as far as the other stuff goes, that, to me, is secondary, and really, having good credit in times like this, as a financial advisor, we were always taught to be on the phone when recessions hit calling people. My dad, who passed away six years ago, almost six years ago, in the last recession, I convinced him to borrow $100,000 at stupid low prime, whatever, something crazy.

Rachel Rodgers: Super, super low interest rate, which is basically like you're going to give me free money so I can do cool shit with it. Way more than what I would have paid in interest. This is how the wealthy think, my friends. You got to start thinking this way.

Grace Edison: At first, my parents didn't really trust me because I was terrible with money. I have the same story. I had like $30,000 in consumer debt. I worked at Hooters to pay for my tuition when I was in university living like downtown Toronto.

Rachel Rodgers: I worked at a bank as a teller. I thought I was hot shit, and then they treated me like garbage.

Grace Edison: Garbage. Oh, you want to talk about being treated like garbage? Go work at Hooters.

Rachel Rodgers: I can't even imagine.

Grace Edison: Except for those weird guys that used to take us shopping. It had no perks.

Rachel Rodgers: That's a story for another podcast.

Grace Edison: I've done some shit is what I'm saying. I had to work, but I had this credit card that I racked up. I was going somewhere with this, and then I lost it, but the point is learning from these things that we've done, and that not all debt is bad debt. I was like, “I’m never borrowing money again.”

Rachel Rodgers: Oh, you were telling the story of your father borrowing $100,000.

Grace Edison: Oh, yeah, so he borrowed this money when everyone was freaking out. I was saying they didn't trust me as a financial advisor because everyone was like, “You're going to do what? You are going to be a financial advisor?”

Rachel Rodgers: You just worked at Hooters. You’re broke. What are you talking about?

Grace Edison: You’re $30,000 in consumer debt. I was like, “Yeah, watch me work my way out of it.” You and I have this in common. I actually paid that debt off with one life insurance sale so I could buy a house because I was approved to buy this house. This is a whole other story too, but it was super cool. I got this opportunity to buy a house, and it was during the recession, so they had built this trust where they were going to pay your debt, your $40,000 down payment. You wrote an essay, and I was like, “Young mom, no money, twins.”

Rachel Rodgers: Listen, I did that on every college application. I’m black. Don’t worry about the fact that my mother is white. I'm black. I'm poor. I used all of that to get scholarship money. Listen, you use what you got.

Grace Edison: So, I get approved, and they're like, “Well, but all you have to do is pay off this $30,000.” This house was being built for us, and I had a picture stuck right above my bedside table. I was like, “We're getting this house. We're not living in this rental house that the lady comes and stays in the room in the basement, and we get a discount off of rent. We got to feed her cat, and my kids are eating the cat food off the floor. No.”

So, I went to work. My kids were nine months. My twins were nine months old, and I went, and I sold. I manifested the shit. You want to talk about manifestation? I am the manifestation master. Just to tie this all together, this is where I learned O.G. sales skills. I was picking up the phone. I was walking into businesses. I sold that policy, and I think the exact amount of money that hit my bank account was like $32,146, and I walked in and was like, “Here, pay that debt off.” They were like, “Huh?”

So, you build these skills, and I think that stayed with me. Every time we've been hit with something crazy, some crazy huge bill or something that we really want to do, or something that we really need to do, I'm like, “Yes.” There’s an excitement to it, which I see in you, which I love, love, love, love, love.

Rachel Rodgers: For sure. Oh, I love a challenge. Like buying a million-dollar house and having to put 20% down. I'm like, “Okay, great. I need to make enough money in my business that I could pay my whole team, pay the bills, and I have like $200,000 in profit that I can put aside for this house. What am I going to do?”

Grace Edison: It’s so exciting.

Rachel Rodgers: I want to go to Italy on a retreat. It’s 10K. Cool. Let me go put my product on sale and generate 10K. Cool. Now, I'm paying for the retreat. Now, I'm on a boat in Saint-Tropez or whatever. Or this was Italy, so Amalfi Coast.

Grace Edison: The point here, what I was going to say for everybody listening is what we realized in all of this that you are so good at – it’s not even like teaching people, it’s just being around you. You learn through osmosis. It can start out really small, it’s like you manifest, you want to – you get this bill it could be $1,000 and all of a sudden because you now have this you’ve cultivated a belief that you can do it. Than you can fucking get that money. Then you’re thinking differently. You’re like, “Wait a minute, I have something already that I can – “ Like I was telling you the other day when I was really active at the yoga studio I would be like what’s a workshop I could put on a Saturday for two hours for $100. Get 20 people to come. Math.

Rachel Rodgers: Exactly, it’s all math. Just do some math. It’s true and it’s then it’s like to me, I personally love having a number in mind. Like, “Oh, it’s going to cost X to get that house that I want. It’s going to cost X to go on that trip. It’s going to cost X to pay that bill.” Whatever the reason is, “It’s going to cost X to keep my assistant so that I don’t have to fire anybody in the middle of this recession,” whatever it is or, “It’s going to cost X for Facebook Ads so I can sell the fuck out of this whatever course or program that I have,” whatever it is you come up with that number and then you just start brainstorming and start dumping ideas out.

That’s essentially what we did. That’s what we started doing. So, now that we sort of meandered, but I think it was a really good meander because like we said this episode is called, “How to Manifest Massive Money.” So, we’re talking about exactly how we’ve done that in our lives which leads to today and we want to tell you more about how we came up with the idea for We Should All Be Millionaires, like how did this program get born. Why don’t we rewind back to the bathtub conversation and let’s talk about that?

Grace Edison: So, it’s March, and we had gone through some trainings. We were building out some systems and again to go back to you had this restlessness that we were all feeling.

Rachel Rodgers: March was not shaping out to be a great revenue month for us. January started off great. We started off 2020 with a bang, we had an excellent month in January. December was probably our biggest month to date, so we ended the year really strong. January was another really strong month. February was good for February. Something February is like – February, historically, in my business has never been a great month. Last year was the first time that I cracked six figures in February there was always a drop in revenue. I don’t know why.

Maybe it was me because I just was distracted with Valentine’s Day and my birthday and I was too busy celebrating and not focusing on money. I don’t know if that’s what the problem is. Anyway, this year we had a pretty solid February. We had a good month, good amount of revenue. We were in good shape but then March was not looking good.

That was a part of it. We knew March wasn’t going to be a great revenue month. It was already shaping up that way. There are two reasons for that. Partially it’s because this Coronavirus thing hit and that definitely affected calls getting booked for you and basically our audience was very distracted, we all were. So, I think that’s part of it.

I think the other part of it was we were busy just figuring shit out. We knew from February that we were like, there’s a shift coming in our business, there’s a restlessness. I don’t know what that shift needs to be, but I know there needs to be one. We need time to figure it out. We went to a couple of conferences and we went to a training for the team and we really just kind of turned internal on the company and started really evaluating everything, looking at all of our stats, looking at our numbers, looking at our team, doing trainings, trying to figure out what was next for our company. What was the next big move?

Because I started of the year, I will tell you guys very honestly, and I might have said this in a previous podcast, we did $2 million last year in 2019. I started off this year like, “I do not have a plan to double our revenue again.” To me, we regularly double our revenue, that’s what my business has always done for the last 10 years. Not every year, but many years we went from $1 million, a little over $1 million to $2 million in a year.

So, I’m like, “I don’t know how we’re getting to $3 million. I don’t know how we’re getting to $4 million. I don’t know how we’re going to make those numbers happen this year. I do not have a plan.” That’s how we started off with January, do you remember that?

Grace Edison: I do.

Rachel Rodgers: That felt odd to me because I’m a visionary and I always have a plan. I’m always like, “Here’s what we’re going to do.” I was like, “I ain’t got nothing, y’all.”

Grace Edison: Well, we did come up with a few things and then it was like, “No, that’s not it.” I think that’s where the bathtub conversation came in. So, we’re on Voxer pretty late.

Rachel Rodgers: Yes! We kept being like maybe it’s this, no. Maybe it’s that, no. Right, exactly.

Grace Edison: Pretty late at night.

Rachel Rodgers: Well wait, the Voxer conversation was born out of a Slack conversation because we saw someone that we know, an entrepreneur that’s pretty cool, that we like selling something for $100 and the email he wrote was so great. We were like, “I fucking love how straightforward, no pretense, no bullshit this email is,” and we were talking about that and that’s where the conversation got started.


Grace Edison: It was pretty late at night and so you Vox me and you were just sort of asking a bunch of questions. I was actually in the living room with my family, and I shot up out of my seat –

Rachel Rodgers: Wait, I’m going to stop you there for a second, Grace, because I want people to know why I was messaging you in particular out of all the members on the team. Because you talk to our potential clients every single day. You know exactly what their biggest struggles are, what are they thinking, what’s getting in their way, what are their biggest problems, right? What are they looking for? So, I always go to Grace to get the pulse of what’s happening for our audience.

Because it’s like, I know, I’m very involved in my business. I’m not one of those absentee CEOs, but at the same time I don’t talk to people as much as you do. You spend all day every day talking to people so I’m like, “Tell me, what do other people say? Maybe this will help me figure it out, what I need to do.”

Grace Edison: And I’m a genius, but I mean –

Rachel Rodgers: And you’re a genius, obviously.

Grace Edison: This is why having someone in enrollment is so important, right? I just want to say that if you think back to a few minutes ago, Rachel was talking about how important it’s been to have a team for several reasons. One, you’re not doing it on your own, you have those extra eyeballs. The other thing is you’ve got extra, it’s not just me I have to look out for, it’s all these people that I love and care about. We want to thrive and they want to keep their jobs, but I get to talk to all these people. Whether it’s over email or messenger or on Facebook or in the Facebook group or on the phone.

So, really what happened was Rachel Voxed me. I don’t even know, something came over me in that moment. I don’t know if you remember this, but I got up, and I left the room and I went in and I shut my bedroom door and I just started saying, “This is what we need to do.” I started to get – I’m the token crier on the team. I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad, I cry at a story, it doesn’t matter, I cry at a commercial, but this wasn’t crying. I started to get this internal quiver where I was like, “This is it. This is what it is.”

I said, “I don’t know what’s happening right now.” Rachel Voxed back I could hear the –

Rachel Rodgers: I wish everybody could see your face right now, it is so –

Grace Edison: I know, that’s why podcasting for me is like maybe not my best medium because every time – I have to be reminded, “No one can see you, you’re on a podcast,” and I’m like, “Shit.” They can hear it. They can hear it, they know.

Rachel Rodgers: Wait, wait. Can we just pause for a second because we have to talk about Kerry Washington because my husband I think he calls quiver lips or quiver face something like that because Kerry Washington gets that like her lips and everything on her face starts to quiver when she’s about to get emotional when she’s acting in her various shows that’s been on.

Grace Edison: So, I had the Kerry Washington going on like inside. I was like, “I don’t know what’s happening right now,” and years ago I had some psychic or medium person be like, “When that happens to you, it’s the truth. You are downloading. You are receiving the message.”

Rachel Rodgers: Yes!

Grace Edison: So, I just said to Rachel, “Here’s what’s up. This is what needs to happen, based on – ” I had this moment of clarity. I mean, yes, it came from me having these conversations, but it also felt like a divine moment. Honestly, I was like, “Okay, I’ll tell her.” Because I was a little bit nervous.

Rachel Rodgers: You were nervous, too, because what you wanted to tell me goes against everything I ever say or want to do.

Grace Edison: Yeah, so the quiver was because a couple reasons, right? One, I felt so strongly about it, but the other thing – and it’s funny because, and I want everyone to hear this, too, when you really feel like you need to speak your truth you need to step up, pull up your big girls panties and say that shit. Because I was scared to tell Rachel. I was scared to say this thing that she felt really strongly about now doing and the next day I think you wrote me or Voxed me back to be like, “You need to be more honest more often. You need to actually say what you’re thinking because we need to hear it.”

Rachel Rodgers: Yes.

Grace Edison: I grew up like 10 years overnight. I was like – you guys all have said it to me, “Be honest. Tell us what you’re thinking. Don’t be afraid to say something that you think – “because what’s the worst that’s going to happen? You guys are going to be like, “No, shut up. That’s stupid.” But that’s not what happened, you guys.

Rachel Rodgers: Exactly. No one yells and that’s totally not what happened. Exactly. So, basically what you told me is that we have this massive audience, we’ve got thousands of people on our mailing list, thousands of people that listen to this podcast, thousands of people in our free Facebook group, Hello Seven, and so you were like, “There’s all of these people in our community who want help and who want to work with us and who know that we are the people that really help them get to that next level.”

“They love everything that you have to say and they’re learning from you and all of that stuff, but we don’t offer something that meet them at the level that they’re at.” Because at the time the only offer that we had is a five-figure investment and that’s the only option. So, you guys all know, I own my shit is worth it and it’s actually worth more than what we charge, in my opinion, and in many of my clients’ opinions as well. So, I’m not one to lower my prices. I’m definitely not one to discount things. I’m also not somebody who does the $49 offer, like never.

I don’t do shit for under, I don’t know $5,000 pretty much. That’s what it is. That’s legit. That’s really where I was at and so you were like, “Hey, we need to find a way to support our people.”

Grace Edison: Yeah. I mean, that’s really what it came down to was the amount of people who saw themselves in you, right? Who were like Rachel’s story, who she is – even somebody wrote me yesterday and was like, “The authenticity and how real it is, I just need to be around you guys.”

Even all the people who have already signed up for We Should All Be Millionaires they’re just so excited. I think I’m the only who says this, but I always say we all say it because I like to make it seem like –

Rachel Rodgers: That it’s not just you?

Grace Edison: No, I always say, “We have fun and we get shit done.” I think that’s the thing I hear most commonly on these calls is there is no reason for people to be working on their business and be dreading it and not having fun. First of all, laughter is the key to actually learning and integrating. When you’re having fun, you’re actually setting a new neural pathway and a memory.

Rachel Rodgers: Breaking down science on this podcast.

Grace Edison: Oh yeah, so much.

Rachel Rodgers: Just bringing the science!

Grace Edison: Little Sparkle bringing the science. Oh my God, I just twerked in my seat there. It was really –

Rachel Rodgers: #LittleSparkleBringsScience I love it. Let’s make it trend, y’all.

Grace Edison: I kept hearing people say, “We want to be able to learn from you, spend time with you, have fun. You guys look like you have so much fun.” That’s uncommon. I’m sorry, there’s a lot of great, but boring shit happening out there in this space and I’m like allergic to that.

Rachel Rodgers: Some of the emails, I posted in our Slack the other day – our team Slack the other day that I was like, listen, y’all, I just need to applaud everybody on this team because the content that we put out is so much better than so much of what I’m seeing. I just got to be honest here. Some of it is just so dry and so repetitive. I’m like, “Yo, I need y’all to dig deeper. You have creative things to share. Please bring your authentic self. You know you don’t agree with everybody else in the world. This is boring, say more.”

Grace Edison: Don’t be afraid to say what you actually think.

Rachel Rodgers: Exactly. It’s all a hiding thing. That’s why everybody sounds the same because you’re all hiding who you really are.

Grace Edison: This is safe to say because 52 other people already said it. No, nobody wants to hear the same shit over and over again. So, we have this Vox, Rachel’s in the bathtub, I realize because I hear the water slush. I’m like, “Are you in the tub? That makes this even better.”

Rachel Rodgers: I was taking a bubble bath in my big ass copper tub. That’s where I go to. When I feel lost or frustrated in my business and I can’t make a decision or I can’t figure it out I get in the tub. I just get in water. Sometimes it’s a hot shower, usually it’s the tub, bubble bath, Epsom salts, I go all out. Then I just sit in there in the dark. Actually, sometimes I really take it to the next level and dim all the lights, it’s dark in there except I like light seven candles. Like I’m having my own personal bathtub séance. I’m starting to like channel the answers. Give me the answers!

Grace Edison: You’re just in there like, “Light as a feather, stiff as a board. Light as a feather, stiff as a board.”

Rachel Rodgers: Anywho, okay.

Grace Edison: I said the thing that actually really scared me to say and Rachel heard it. Everything I think there was like a culmination or it had been coming and there had been the breakdown before the breakthrough which I mean, you guys, if you’re not up on this there is always a breakdown before a breakthrough and I truly believe that about what we’re experiencing right now. There is a breakdown happening, but a breakthrough is on its way. Keep the faith.

We just really looked at what was starting to really and truly like when a wave hits you can drown, you can sink or you can swim, right? So, it was like wait a second, we have this. This is already built and created between what we saw happen in Worthy, Glow Up – what are you laughing at?

Rachel Rodgers: I’m just laughing because it’s true. Like, literally it was already built.

Grace Edison: You’re realizing it even more now in this moment.

Rachel Rodgers: Literally even the member site, we spent $15,000 building a member site and we were like, “Oh shit, we literally everything we need to bring this to fruition, all we have to do is give it a name and put it out there. Package it together.”

Grace Edison: Get out of our own way, but more than anything else it was like, yes, there are things we need to figure out, but there’s always lots of things like logistics and the delivery of it. But really a lot of it had been – like the stones had been laid for the path between what happened in Worthy – that was the first time really you opened up something for that many people and that we kind of all came out of the closet with our Money Mindset stuff.

Because we started to see the effect it was having in the mastermind and we were like, “Hold up.”

Rachel Rodgers: Yeah, because we made the Worthy content available to our mastermind members and we just saw all of our clients like slaying it and we were like, “Oh shit.” You know what’s so funny is we came up with the course in August at a team retreat at my house and then we launched the course in December and then by January we were like, “Why the fuck did we launch this course?” It was starting at the end of January, early February is when we started Worthy and we were like, “Why did we launch this course? Why did we create this work for ourselves?”

We already make a lot of money with the mastermind. We’ve got other offer – why did we create this additional work for ourselves? Then, we just followed our intuition though. We know we needed to do it, we just didn’t really understand why. I mean, we turned a profit, but it was not for money. We had so many bigger financial plays that we could’ve made, but it was really just following our collective team intuition was like, “No, this is what we need.”

Grace Edison: What we realized, and I think maybe I’m realizing this more in this moment than I have, what we realized is that what we brought in Worthy transcended all levels and stages of business that the seven-figure earners and the just getting started and people who are like, “I don’t even know what the heck I want to do in my business” were all benefitting from it.

Rachel Rodgers: Or they might be still in a corporate job that are, “I see a side hustle for me, maybe. I see a different business for myself. I want to build wealth in a different way, but I’m not sure how.” Literally every woman needed to take this program. Every woman who is ambitious and wants to make more money.

Grace Edison: Women are waking up, it’s happening pretty rapidly now, too. I think we’re really being called in this time with everything that’s going on like, “How are you going to step the fuck up? Really though?” It is not time for us to be like, “Oh,” and I know that we’re in collective grief and trauma. Believe me, as like a trauma-informed yoga teacher, I totally get it. I see it. We need to be resting and having naps and taking care of ourselves. But also, how do we just naturally show up as the leaders that we already are?

It's been buried and it’s been pushed down and we’ve been burned literally at the stake and told, “Don’t do that,” and now it’s like okay, so – this is what I’m seeing is all these women are rising through the ashes of this. It’s not phoenixes, it’s women.

Rachel Rodgers: Exactly. What I see, too, is here’s the thing because the world is having this Rha Goddess, I think she calls it like a global pause or the great sacred pause. Something like that and she’s actually going to be on the podcast in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that, y’all.

But during this sacred pause I still see a lot of women wanting to grow. We don’t stop the desire to grow. We’re like, “I actually want to grow even more. I want to grow through this even faster and even bigger ways through this process.”

Grace Edison: I feel like we really hear the call on a very deep level. What was the joke that we made about when we created this? I said it was like our doula, homebirth water baby that we were all there for. We were all just there birthing it together and all these women gathered. It was very midwifery in that we had created this worthy, you and Natalie delivered the shit out of it. It was just amazing and so once we saw that I think we really answered the call when we created We Should All Be Millionaires because what we realized was we had already created this. We already saw – we had seen it work.

Then, nobody really wanted to leave. Worthy was ending or coming to an end and everyone was like, “What?” They were mad. Which is so great.

Rachel Rodgers: It was a 10-week course and actually this week is the last week in the program and so people were like, “Yeah, what’s next?” We were like, “I don’t know.” That’s where we were.

Wait, I want to take us back because I don’t want to skip an important step, because I think this is an important step of the process. We had the conversation where you were like, “Yo, I know you’re like all of your shit’s expensive, blah, blah, blah, but we’ve got a lot of people in our community, literally thousands of women who are looking to us for some type of support and help and you ain’t got nothing for them. What’s up? What are we going to do?”

I was like, “Okay, I need to create something that is really accessible for people, cool. Got that concept down, right?” Then I’m like, “What the fuck is it though?” We threw out like 27 different ideas and whenever I’m in that phase of like, “I don’t know” I was just like let me go to my peoples. So we went into the Facebook group which has almost 10,000 people in it, 10,000 women. So, we went in there and we said, “Hey, if there was one thing that I could provide for you. One problem that I could solve for you what would it be?” Hundreds of people answered that post.

We also sent that out as an email to our list, like hundreds of people responded. It was basically a one-question survey. This is a tip for you guys if you’re ever like, “I need to create something, but I don’t know what it is for my people,” then go to your people and ask them what they want and what they need.

So, we went to them and they were saying things like, “I want to learn how to be more badass. I want to learn how to manage my money better. I want to shift my mindset. I want to build a team. I want to create a better brand. I want to scale my business. I want to set up the financial and legal systems so that I can be a boss,” right? I was like, “There’s so many things here! None of it points to one program or offer.” I’m like, “I’m even more confused now!”

But then I sat with it for like a day or two, I think it was over a weekend and so these responses were coming in and after a couple of days I was like, “Oh, I know exactly what I need to do. What I need to do is exactly what I don’t want to do and what I’ve never wanted to do, and what I’ve actually poopooed for years. That’s what I need to do. I need to do exactly what I don’t want to do.” Isn’t that hilarious? This is exactly how it happens.

Grace Edison: It happens so much and I see it even happen with our clients. I want everyone to really hear this, really and truly the thing that you’re like, “Oh no, I’m not going to do that.” Even when you’re like, “That’s not my ideal client,” but that person is literally gathering in hoards outside of your door and you’re like, “Excuse me, pardon me, you’re in my way.” No, you created this.

What I was going to actually say which is so funny is I sold you on your own shit.

Rachel Rodgers: You sold me on my own shit. You did. We always talk about – this is why we call her the Sales Bitch because Grace will sell you literally anything and you’ll be like, “I’m so glad I bought it.” She’ll be like, “Oh, you guys, you got to try this new cream. I got this new – “ what was it? The iPad? The notebook?

Grace Edison: The reMarkable tablet, the Noble speakers that Dediako acted like he wasn’t listening to me and then the next time I saw I elbowed him. I’m like, you get those speakers eh? He’s like, “Yeah, I got them.” He’s like mad at me. “Yeah, I got them.” Then he goes, “You’re shorter than I remember.”

Rachel Rodgers: This is so funny because Grace is always making recommendations to us and we’re always like, “Okay.” Then she tells all the reasons why. She’s like, “Okay, you need to buy this and here’s why.” We’re like, “You’re right. I do need to buy it.” Then you buy it and you’re like, “I actually love it. Thank you for making me buy that.”

Grace Edison: When you were like, I don’t know what it is, I was like, “Yeah, you do. It’s all of these things – everything they listed is literally everything that you have in all of the courses you’ve created, it’s now bringing it all that together” and remember that $15,000 membership site library? Again, I wish people could see my face.

Rachel Rodgers: Oh my God, it’s so ridiculous. So, let’s get into it. What actually is We Should All Be Millionaires? What did it wind up being? So, I’m looking at all the things that people are saying they would like to learn from us and from me and then I’m looking at all of the things that I’ve already created, all of my intellectual property that’s just sitting in this new member site and I’m like, “Oh.”

So, that’s what we did. We Should All Be Millionaires is a membership community and my mastermind clients will die laughing because I’m always trying to talk them out of creating memberships. Some of them do have memberships that are very successful, but a lot of them, I feel like people create memberships for the wrong reasons. They create a membership community because they just want to sell something that’s dirt cheap because they feel like it’ll be easy to sell. What I always try to explain is if you are collecting even one red cent, if you offer is $1 you still have to sell it. I still need to hear the explanation of why I need to give you this dollar. What am I getting in exchange for my buck?

So, you’re not getting out of selling, and so that’s why I usually am talking people out of creating memberships because it’s like, “No, you are doing this because you want to play small right now” [crosstalk] Exactly. So, I don’t actually hate memberships as an offer, I just hate that people do it because they think, “Oh it’s cheap, so people will just say yes, and it will be easy.” It’s like, nope.

You still have to have an ideal client. You still have to have an offer that provides a transformation and solution, like, you don’t get to skip any of the other parts of building a business just because it’s a low cost. So, yeah, it’s a membership community and it includes our Worthy program, and now we understand why we created it, it’s our Money Mindset course.

We want everybody in that program, unless they’ve already taken Worthy with us, we want them to start with Worthy because that Money Mindset piece is the most important. You have to do the mindset work first, then all of the actions follow.

Grace Edison: It’s really different. I want to say, I know that Money Mindset course, I’ve heard a few people, I’ve already done that. No, first of all, I just want to stop you right there and say, no you have not. It’s never done. It’s never done, okay? It’s never done.

I also want to say that this is a Money Mindset course based on million-dollar behavior and that is not something that anybody else is teaching because it’s really building the skills as Rachel and I were talking about earlier when you’re like, “I need to make X amount of dollars,” you being able to actually step into that mindset of “What do I already have created?” That’s not taught. We’re actually taught the opposite of that. So, I just want to say Money Mindset, but million-dollar behavior and how you’re thinking about your energy exchange. Anyway, go on. I interrupted you.

Rachel Rodgers: No, but it’s true. It is from a very intersectionally feminist perspective where we use a lot of politics and what is going on in the law and our sociology that causes us to believe that we’re not good with money as women. We deal with a lot of that stuff. A lot of our clients have said, this is a very different way. It’s a more elevated way of having this conversation. It’s not all of this light and fluffy – when people hear manifest, they hear like, “Oh, this is all airy-fairy bullshit,” and this is not that at all.

So, We Should All Be Millionaires includes Worthy, it also includes Glow Up which is my course that takes you through the Million-dollar Badass framework and the exact nine steps you need to take to build a scalable business. So, all of those parts that people were asking for, like how do I build a brand? How do I build an audience? How do I create a killer offer? How do I build a team? What does that need to look like? How do I build systems? How do I capitalize on my strengths and unique abilities? All of that is built into the Glow Up program.

That course probably was one of our most successful courses and it was so successful we shut it down and included it in our mastermind instead because we wanted to provide a higher level of coaching included in that.

Grace Edison: The biggest thing with that course is people wanted more time, so hello, you’re going to get that now.

Rachel Rodgers: Yes, exactly. We’ve got Worthy, upgrading your Money Mindset and your Million-dollar Behavior. Then you get Glow Up and learn exactly how to build a business and build one that is scalable and that can be a large business. Not a business that never makes more than $50,000 which is true for 90%-plus of female-run businesses which horrifies me. Then, it also includes Multiply which is my program on how to create a digital product. So, if you want to take your IP and turn it into a course, that can generate money when you’re not working. That’s what that program is going to do.

Which is another one of our programs that had huge success for people. We had people who never launched a course before ever in their lives and made like $55,000 with a pre-launch. They hadn’t even built the course yet the first time. We had a lot of people who had a lot of success with that program and that’s all about capitalizing on your IP which I have been preaching about for 10 years.

Lastly, you also get Small Business Bodyguard which is my legal product on how to just create all of the legal structures in your business, your contracts, you LLC or S-Corp, creating all of the legal documentation around building your team. It’s that support. How to register your trademarks and your copyrights so you can protect your IP.

Grace Edison: I got to tell you the funniest thing. Wait. As you were saying “Small Business Bodyguard” up in the corner of my computer it just showed someone just purchased it. You manifesting witch, what the fuck? You’re like, “And Small Business Bodyguard,” and like as you said it the little notification came up like, “So and so just bought Small Business Bodyguard.” I’m like, “Huh?!”

Rachel Rodgers: That is bananas! Manifested in real-time, y’all. That’s the thing, right? Each of these programs together is like $10,000 all together and you get all four of those programs, but that’s not it, right? Because we all know that the information and the strategy is important but you also need ongoing support, so you also get weekly coaching. Coaching every week with our master certified coach, Natalie Miller. You also get a million-dollar decision form every month where we help you make million-dollar decisions. You literally show up with like, “I need to make a decision about XYZ,” whatever it is, real estate, your career, something in your business, and then we will actually help you make that decision.

Then, we’re also doing a training. I’ll be doing a training every month teaching you about new concepts related to building wealth and that’s what we’re starting with. Of course, we’ll probably be adding more. Then, on top of that you have this amazing community of incredible women. The people literally, me and Grace, both started getting weepy-eyed when people started introducing themselves in this community. It was crazy.

We didn’t even get to that part yet! We have to tell them how – it’s launch day, we’re just opening up the door, so how is there already people in there? Tell them that part, Grace.

Grace Edison: So, Rachel goes into the Facebook group and this was part of the conversation we had in the bathtub Vox as it will forever be known, is I was like there’s already 8,000 people in the Facebook group and they’re asking for this. So, Rachel goes in and puts a post up about we’ve got this new secret project going on and what you can do if you want more information on it is just say, “Pony.” We were like, “Okay, cool.” We saw a few coming in. We’re like, “Oh yeah, no problem.” I start going in and writing back to people and sending them some DMs, just sliding into people’s DMs, and then it got crazy. It got crazy.

We broke everyone’s Facebook. We couldn’t go on Rachel’s Facebook. We couldn’t go on mine. I was creating an account for my 11-year-old and she’s sitting in the chair next to me and I’m like, “Copy and paste. Write this and respond to these people.”

Rachel Rodgers: It was bananas. The post essentially said, “Hey, I’ve got this secret project, here’s who it’s for – “ and some bullet points about who this person is, so people know if it’s for them or not, and here’s what we’re going to do together, and some bullet points about that. I mean, super short post. That post know has 1,200 comments. We actually turned the comments off. We had to stop people from saying, “Pony.”

We were like, listen, “Why was pony the code word?” What it represents is like we want you to have so much money that a regular weekend activity is taking your kids to the stables for the weekend.

Grace Edison: Or you could hire Ginuwine to come and sing at your next event. That’s what it meant for me.

Rachel Rodgers: Either way the word “Pony” worked and we just had hundreds of people respond and say, “Pony.” We were like, “Oh shit, this is it.” It’s a way for you – notice that like at every step of the way we’re not waiting until we’ve created the perfect thing. We’re putting it out there and we’re saying, “Hey, this is what it is. Are you interested?” People are responding in droves, and then we took it to the DMs and we were having private conversations with people on Facebook Messenger.

We had so many people respond that we actually had to go create bots, right? I hate bots. I hate anything that’s not 100% authentic, so I’m like, “Ugh, fake robots pretending to be people. Hate it.” I hate that idea and we needed the bots because we needed like 12 Graces to respond to everybody. There was such a huge response.

So, a friend of mine in Australia created bots for us and we were pretty up front that it’s a bot that’s going to deliver this initial information and then from there you’ll have a private conversation with Grace just so it could cut down the workload.

I created a membership, which I didn’t ever want to do, used bots, which I was like, I hate bots. All the things you hate are exactly probably what you have to do in order to have what you want. Maybe not, but in this context, yes.

Grace Edison: Well, it’s so funny how you can get in your own way with these things that you make these decisions about. You and I always talk about like we just decide. Well, deciding works both ways. The funny thing about manifestation is that in the universal laws when you say, “I don’t want this,” the “n’t” doesn’t apply. So, as you’re making decisions and you’re like, “I don’t ever want to do this,” all the universe is hearing is, “bring more attention to that thing.”

So, you’re like, “I don’t want to create a membership. I don’t want to ever have to use bots.” What’s happening is that momentum is building and then essentially – so you have to take a look, again, at what you’re trying to push away because it’s making its way to you. So be very careful.

Rachel Rodgers: It’s so true. I think it’s so interesting to see how people will be like, I see this with some of our clients sometimes where they’re like, “Well, I’m never doing that. Well, I don’t like that. I don’t like that methodology.”

Grace Edison: I hear it all the time.

Rachel Rodgers: “I think that’s bullshit,” or whatever. I’m like, “Listen, stop your crap. Stop trying to control exactly how it’s supposed to happen and thinking that you’re too good for XYZ strategies, you’re not.” You’re not too good for bots. You’re not too good for a membership, Rachel Rodgers. Now you’ve learned.

Grace Edison: Can I bring you back to something for a second? Go ahead.

Rachel Rodgers: But before you say that, Grace, just to wrap that up, what I really want to say is don’t allow your ego to block your blessing because that’s what I was doing when I was too good for bots and too good for a membership. My ego was in the way. Your ego will take away all of the things that might be meant for you, but you’re not getting them because you’re more committed to your ego than to your success. You’re more committed to your ego and to looking a certain way and to presenting yourself a certain way than you are to actually serving your higher purpose that you are here to serve.

Grace Edison: Amen.

Rachel Rodgers: Now that we’ve gone to church.

Grace Edison: Yeah, thank you.

Rachel Rodgers: What were you going to say, Grace?

Grace Edison: What I want to say is that what you are demonstrating here is you are allowed to change your mind.

Rachel Rodgers: Yes! Hello!

Grace Edison: I don’t know who the fuck needs to hear this, but I think it’s every single person listening to this right now. Everybody just did some kind of a clap or a dance or I don’t know, but you heard it. It was for you.

Rachel Rodgers: They’re snapping.

Grace Edison: You are allowed to change your mind. It’s a perverse mindset that’s been spread throughout the people and especially women that you are not allowed to go back on the things that you said. I’ve had it happen to me a lot in my life because I’ve changed my mind a lot.

I’m very, “I feel this way about something, and I’m going to tell everyone about it on my megaphone,” and I have had to go back a lot of times and say, “Oh shit, I was wrong about that.” And/or I have new information now. So, as we gather more information and you built this business over 10 years you are allowed to say, “Wait a second, this thing that I didn’t think I wanted to do, I had reasons for it, and they were good reasons that my smart brain told me, and I had some proof.” Your opinion about something is built up on research and education and also your experience in life, so you have that and we hold on to that so super tight, but be very careful about how you don’t allow yourself to change your mind.

You’re allowed to change your mind. I would like to give everyone here permission today that you’re allowed to change your mind about anything and everything.

Rachel Rodgers: Yes, exactly. I love it. It’s so true and I think it’s something, too, that’s particular to women. Women think that they are not allowed to change their minds. You absolutely are. You have evolved, you have grown, you have more personal development, you’ve learned new things, you’ve met new people, you’ve experienced new things, and shit changes.

Grace Edison: And you don’t need to wear shoulder pads anymore.

Rachel Rodgers: You don’t wear shoulder pads anymore, exactly, because you have good information that told you not to. I think that’s so important, so I’m so glad that you said that and let me just publicly say, “Here I am, Rachel Rodgers, changing my mind.”

Grace Edison: We witness you.

Rachel Rodgers: Thank you. So, anyway, I think that’s really important, so I’m glad that you shared that. So, what happened is we put this out there and got this massive response to the point we had to turn off – stop commenting, we’re not ready yet. We’ve got to go back to the lab, figure out how we’re going to launch this thing and put it out for a large scale because so many people want in.

So, what happened is behind the scenes, just from those conversations that we’ve been having in the first 48 hours 50 people signed up. It was bananas and I think the only reason it was only 50 people is because they had to have a private conversation with us before they – if we would’ve just given them the link it would’ve been more.

So, anyway, we have over 100 people that are already in this program and we’re opening it up today to I know many more women so this is going to be such a robust community and we’ve been adding features that haven’t even made it to the sales page. For example, what we are building in the member site is a networking tool so that you can fill out your profile, share details about yourself and when people are looking for a copywriter or they’re looking for a financial advisor or they’re looking for someone to partner with or they want to write a book, they’re going to go there first and find their sisters and hire their sisters.

Grace Edison: Rolodex.

Rachel Rodgers: Exactly, Rolodex. This is my dream for an all-girls club. This is it. Not only that then you can also search each other by location so that you can find people in New York and be like, “Hey, my New York sisters, let’s get together.”

Grace Edison: Let’s meet up.

Rachel Rodgers: Exactly, when the world is doing that again. But you can certainly get together virtually as well. So, we are really building in a lot of community so that it is a diverse and inclusive community for women to build wealth, to talk about money, to get coaching, to get training, and to really become millionaires. That is the goal. We want at least 300 women to become millionaires in the next three years and I think it is so doable and so possible even in this recession.

In fact, the recession creates more opportunity to become a millionaire not less. So, I’m really excited. So, today is the official launch. Go to if you want to go check out all the deets. Right, Grace?

Grace Edison: Yeah, and I wanted to say one last thing is, a number of people have asked about who is this for? At what stage in your business? I would say, really all stages. If you are interested in talking to us, if you’ve been looking at the mastermind at MDB we can have a conversation. Certainly, hit me up through Rachel’s Facebook page, we can talk there. If you have any questions, let us know, we’re here to support you.

I think this is going to be incredible. It’s already incredible. The women coming in, I was like, oh my goodness.

Rachel Rodgers: We have women who are famous who are regularly on TV, we have women who have massive audiences, we have women who are just starting. We have women who are working a corporate job and trying to figure out, do I want to climb the corporate ladder or do I want to have the side hustle? We have seasoned entrepreneurs of all types. There are people in there who are making lots and lots of money and there are people in there who are just getting started on their wealth journey.

The beauty of this community is that you’ll be able to connect and find your people like you can connect with people who are at the same stage, which I think is really important to have that peer-to-peer support, but then you can also be connecting with people who are at a higher stage than you, so you can be like pulled up to that next level. You can connect with women who are at a lower stage than you so that you can be that person to be like, “Yo, let me lift you up, sister, because that’s what we’re here to do.”

Grace Edison: We can all support each other. Here’s the thing, I have heard a number of times on these calls where people are like, “I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room.” To that I would say, we are all in our own way the smartest person in the room. Everybody has some incredible experience to bring and if you’re sharing your wisdom with someone, you’re crystalizing it, you’re teaching, and you’re now at a new level of knowing that wisdom because you’ve now passed it on. That’s what this is all about.

That’s what women historically have done, gathered in groups and passed on wisdom from one person’s mouth to another person’s ear. So, that’s what this is about, really going back to what we were meant to do and that is collaborate, join forces. Everybody is bringing their zone of genius and that is a high value of ours.

Rachel Rodgers: It’s a beautiful thing and honestly ever since I even created Small Business Bodyguard, ever since I started bringing women together it’s always been this really high level, professional badass women coming together and everybody has their own particular genius. Everybody has their own particular connections that they’re bringing. So, I don’t think you’ll be the smartest person in the room. I’m going to be honest, you won’t be, which is a really good thing. You’re going to be with people with whom you can grow and I think that’s really exciting. You can also be with people to whom you can contribute, both are super important.

So, get your ass in there! Don’t play yourself. Honestly, the price point, the experience that we’re providing, please don’t play yourself. Just go ahead and get in there now and grab your spot. So yeah, that’s what we’ve got to say about that. So, now you know how to manifest massive money, y’all. Thank you, Grace, for joining me today. This was delightful.

Grace Edison: Little Sparkle says, my pleasure.

Rachel Rodgers: Thanks, Little Sparkle.

Grace Edison: Bye.

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