My lack of confidence cost me 6 figures

If there’s one thing I want you to do this Women’s History and Gender Equality Month…

It is to believe in yourself. 

To have such a high level of confidence in your abilities that can’t nobody tell you shit about what you can or can’t do.

I want this for you, because once upon a time…

My lack of self-confidence cost me 6 figures.

And no, I’m not exaggerating.

Here’s the quick ‘n’ dirty version of that story…

A few years ago, I was selling an offer — as I do.

It was incredibly valuable, and I earned a lot of money from it…

But I had big revenue goals in mind for this offer, and I felt like I was too small to hit those goals.

I thought to myself: If only my audience was bigger, I could sell way more. Or maybe if I could tap into someone else’s audience. Yeah, that sounds like my golden ticket.

So, I entered a partnership with someone who had a bigger following than me.

Someone who I thought could really help me expand my reach, grow my own audience, and help me make more money.

And, in the end, that partnership did do all those things.

But at a cost.

A lawsuit to defend my intellectual property, which cost me $150,000 in legal fees, to be exact.

It also cost me friendships, credibility, at least half a million dollars in lost revenue, and thousands of hours that I should have been spending with my family.

And all of this could have been avoided…

If I was just confident enough in my abilities.

As women, Black people, people of color, queer people, folks with disabilities, and other historically underrepresented groups…

We were not born lacking confidence.


Society has taught us to make ourselves small.

I think about Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka who were recently featured on the 2021 Forbes 40 Under 40 List

But were lumped together with Michael Phelps as the only 3-person entry on the list — as if they couldn’t stand on their own with their achievements.

I think about the white man who interviewed 14-year-old Venus Williams…

And tried to dim her light by asking her why it’s so easy for her to call herself confident.

I think about the person who once called me a “rich bitch” because they didn’t like the way I spoke about the life I’ve worked hard to create for myself.

We’re told in so many ways – directly and indirectly — that we just aren’t good enough, OR that we’re way too much.

And if we listen to those voices long enough, we start to agree with them.

But, my friend…

We have to break that cycle.

It’s time to push past all those negative voices, and decide that we’ll no longer bow to society’s expectations of us.

We have to develop our own inner voice that fights for us.

An inner (and sometimes outer) voice that speaks volumes above the external noise that tries to tear us down.

When the world is saying, “Your audience isn’t big enough to hit that revenue goal,” you have to be able to tell yourself:

Okay, I have this offer that I want to sell. I have a million dollar story that can help me sell this thing easily. I don’t have to depend on anyone else. I can DO this.

When the people you work with try to question the ideas or dreams you have, you have to be able to tell yourself:

I control my life. I say what I can or cannot achieve. Nobody else can make those kinds of decisions for me. Whatever I believe or imagine or dream, I can make it come true. PE-RI-OD.

When the world insults you for being proud of yourself, you have to be able to tell yourself:

The way that person feels or thinks about me is absolutely NONE of my business. Their opinions don’t pay my bills and can’t buy me my dream car or fly me to the Maldives. I know what I think about myself — and I’m pretty damn awesome.

This Women’s History and Gender Equality Month…

I want you to work on shining your light as brightly as you can.

And if that light blinds people, too bad. They can buy sunglasses.

Think about all the big dreams you’ve got tucked away in your heart that you don’t feel brave enough to try.

What if, for this month, you stirred up enough courage to just believe in yourself to take the first step?

Pardon my French, but fuck the noise. Find that light in you, the part of you that believes all things are possible, and tap into it just for this month.

And I promise, you won’t want to stop next month.

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Here’s to a prosperous and light-filled Women’s History and Gender Equality Month.


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