We have a lot to celebrate.

It’s been a challenging week—and I mean that in a good way.

We just wrapped up The Make Money Moves Challenge, a 5-day experience that’s all about taking action to rapidly increase your income. We had 646 people participate — folks from all around the world.

What I love most about this challenge is…it’s all about action. No procrastinating. No dilly-dallying. No excuses. This challenge gets people moving forward in exciting ways. 

During the challenge, people raised their prices. Followed up with leads to close deals. Reached out to potential clients to describe their services and ask for the sale. Mapped out Million Dollar Offers and took steps to bring these offers to the marketplace. 

It’s extraordinary how much can change—in 5 days—when you set your excuses aside and just do the dang thing.

When you decide to make moves—even when you’re scared—this is when your life begins to change. 

What kinds of changes, exactly? Check out these wins that challenge participants reported…

“I absolutely crushed some limiting beliefs today! With no sales page, a simple website, an unfinished product, and 10x (!!!) the price of my previous offers, I reached out to 4 potential clients about my offer. I can feel myself gaining momentum! This challenge is incredible!” —Pipsa Valkeila 

“I have major feelings about money and asking for more. Valuing my skills and charging accordingly are things I still struggle with in spite of my experience. Today was a reminder of what assets I overlooked. […] I’m hiring two employees this week. One for social media and one to help with PR, admin, and anything else I need help doing. Yikes! Also can’t wait.” —Julia Mammoser

“I want to share three main things I learned: I need to educate my students in the value of what I have to offer. I need to raise the price. And, not be afraid of letting go of someone who is not willing to pay.” —Mira Neshama Weil

“Today I sent a Million Dollar Offer to my current and potential clients. It is the event I’ve dreamed of creating for a year. I am already receiving emails of interest back. I was nervous to send those emails out initially and SO glad I did.” —Taryn McNamee Ferrer

 “I love this training! I’ve had a side-hustle business that’s really been a hobby business. Now I’m ready to turn the hobby into a full-time million dollar business.” —Carolyn Stein

“This is actually my second Make Money Moves Challenge. I joined again because tbh I’ve been complacent and comfortable lately and ready to get my ass in motion.” —Mohini Gima

Look, here’s the truth. You can brainstorm business ideas and think positive thoughts for the next 10 years—and not earn a single dime. Thinking is important, but thinking alone does not make you a millionaire. To make serious money, you need to make moves. You need to do the things you are afraid to do. The things you don’t feel “ready” to do. You need to raise the price, make the offer, put yourself out there, ask for the sale, hire help, and choose to play bigger. These are the moves that bring cash into your bank account.

To everyone who participated in The Make Money Moves Challenge, congratulations on being willing to do the work that most people avoid. Enjoy the delightful rewards!

To everyone who skipped it, get on the challenge wait-list so you don’t miss it next time. 

What’s one Money Move that you will do in the next week? Decide what it is and when, exactly, you are going to do it.

That money is not going to earn itself. Let’s get it!


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