Want more money? Do these 5 moves.

If you’re self-employed, you probably spend 20 to 40 hours per week working. You do a whole lot of things. Answer emails. Fiddle with your website. Post on social media. Hundreds of actions every week. 

Out of everything you spend your time doing, how many of these actions actually produce money? This is what you need to ask yourself.

If you currently make less than $25k per month, this means you are spending too much time doing busy work—and not enough time doing money-generating activities aka Money Moves.

Clients often ask me, “What kinds of Money Moves should I be doing? Can you be more specific?”

Yes I can!

If you want to increase your income—and want to do it quickly—here are the 5 Money Moves that you need to make. 

#1: Stop Leaving Money On the Table

You are leaving easy money on the table. Guaranteed. This happens in a variety of ways. One, you don’t follow up with a lead to close the deal. Two, there’s a lucrative upsell that you could offer a client but you don’t do it. I could list fifty more ways! Often, there’s an extremely simple way to 10x your income—right in front of you—but you’re too busy or distracted to jump on it.  

#2: Change Your Pricing Strategy

You have a bad habit of underselling yourself. You need to raise your prices and you need to do it now. Even if you don’t think you’re ready.

#3: Create a Million Dollar Offer

A Million Dollar Offer is an offer (product, service, program, etc.) with the potential to make you an enormous amount of money. You need to figure out what your Million Dollar Offer is—and bring it to the marketplace. 

#4: Shift Your Sales Strategy

You need to speak with potential clients/customers, describe your offer in an enticing way, and invite them to work with you. You need to go make the ASK. 

#5: Think Like a Millionaire

You need to start thinking like a high-achieving, high-earning person. I call this: thinking Million Dollar Thoughts. For most people, this is a complete mindset overhaul.

Those are the 5 Money Moves you need to do. But here is the problem… 

…Right now, you might not understand how to complete these 5 moves successfully. You think, “Sure, I would love to stop leaving easy money on the table, but how do I actually do that?” 

Or you might know exactly how to do it, but something is holding you back from taking action—imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or feeling too overwhelmed to get these important steps done. 

You have blocks in your way—and these blocks are hindering you from making more money. This is why you need to sign up for the Make Money Moves Challenge which starts tomorrow!  

During this challenge, you spend 5 days with me. I explain how to complete each of these 5 Money Moves and give you instructions to follow. And, I help you clear whatever mindset blocks are holding you back. During this challenge, you don’t just learn how to do these 5 moves. You actually go do them.

Last time we ran the challenge, the results were beyond belief. One participant sold a $20k package—with one phone call. Another contacted Amazon to negotiate a contract and closed the deal. Another followed up with a lead and walked away with $5k in her pocket. People told us, “Because of this challenge, I did courageous things that I would ordinarily never do.” 

Sign up for the challenge. This is an opportunity to work with me and my team for just $95. An unbelievable price for an experience that changes your life. 

There are Money Moves that you need to make—and the time is now. Let’s get it!


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