Want 18% more sales? Do this.

If you post a testimonial from a client on your website, does it really make a difference? Does it matter?

Answer: Yes, it does.

Whether you call it a “review,” “endorsement,” “praise,” “kind words,” or a “testimonial,” the fact is, positive statements from clients make a huge difference for your business.

One study shows:

  • 97% of clients/customers say that reviews make a difference in their purchasing decisions.
  • 94% say they always read reviews when they’re available.
  • On average, positive reviews displayed on a website lead to an 18% uptick in sales.

Another study shows:

  • 63% of clients/customers are willing to pay more for a product or service (up to 15% more) if they read positive reviews and feel confident that they’re buying something high-quality.
  • 77% of clients/customers would be willing to write a review if asked. 
  • But, only 13% of business owners ask for reviews. Big missed opportunity.

You might be wondering, “So, how can I get my clients to write a glowing review?”

Take notice of those final two bullet points, right above. Read those words again. “77% of clients/customers would be willing to write a review if asked.” 

You need to ask them.

I’ve collected some incredible testimonials for my new book, We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power. 

How? I reached out to people. I shared info about the book. I invited them to have an early sneak-peek at the manuscript. And I asked if they’d be willing to contribute a testimonial prior to the book’s release.

I asked for their support. Plain and simple. That’s how I got testimonials like these:

Sophia Amoruso, bestselling author of #GirlBoss

“Rachel Rodgers will give you a million dollar attitude with a bank account to match.”

Farnoosh Torabi, host of So Money, award winning financial correspondent and media personality

“A powerful, thought-provoking book about how to create abundance in your life. More money, more options, more possibilities for yourself and your family.”

Rachel Cargle, founder of the Loveland Foundation, renowned for her anti-racism work

“This book needs to be read by every woman who is ready for a blueprint for being joyful, finding ease, and growing wealth while standing up for causes that need our voices and attention.”

Mastin Kipp, bestselling author and creator of Functional Life Coaching™

“No matter your background, We Should All Be Millionaires is a must read not only to help you become more financially abundant and empowered, but so that you can become a much needed agent of change, equality and equity that our world needs.”

Susan Hyatt, bestselling author and Master certified life and business coach

“I've personally watched Rachel Rodgers grow her business from the ground up. She delivers a road map to go from broke to money woke in one delicious read. This is for every woman who wants to climb through the hole Rodgers just cracked in the glass ceiling.”

Here’s a quick guide on how to ask for testimonials and get people to say “yes”:

1. Start by reaching out to people you already know.

Email that client who loves you, or reach out to colleague who has known you for years and can vouch for your excellence.

Can you email a complete stranger or a huge celebrity (say, Oprah Winfrey) to plead for a testimonial for your new book, podcast, or project? Sure, you can. Shoot for the moon! But you’re more likely to hear “Yes!” if you start by contacting people who already know, like, and trust you.

2. Do the “hard work” for them.

When you reach out and say, “Hey, could you please write a testimonial for me?” you’re giving them a homework assignment to complete. To them, this might feel like hard work.

On the other hand, when you reach out and say, “Hey, I wrote a brief testimonial based on some kind things you’ve said about my work in the past. Could you take a look at what I wrote? Let me know if you ‘approve’ this language or if you want to make any edits. Thank you!”

Write the testimonial for them. Then, ask them to approve. Do the hard part for them, in advance, so that all they have to do is glance and say, “Looks great! Approved!”

3. A.B.S.F.T.

Always be scouting for testimonials. The best testimonials often pop up unexpectedly during phone calls, Zoom meetings, email conversations, or on social media in the midst of a lively community discussion.

For instance, when you meet with a client on the phone and they exclaim, “Hiring you was the best decision I made all year!” You can ask, “Yay! May I quote you on that?”

When a customer emails to say, “I am so impressed with your company’s customer service! I feel so respected and pampered.” Say to them, “We’re so glad! And, with your permission, may we use that statement on our website?”

When a fan posts something on Instagram: “Your program totally changed the way I think about money!” DM them to say thank you and ask, “May I use that lovely statement you posted as a testimonial on my site?”

4. Lastly, may I repeat once again: just ask.

Ask your book readers to post reviews on Amazon. Ask your podcast listeners to post reviews on Apple Podcasts. Ask your customers to share their wins (and constructive feedback, too) via email or through an online form. Ask colleagues to approve an endorsement you wrote in advance.

Bottom line: ask.

Nothing happens unless you ask.

Go get those rave reviews.

And go get that coin.


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