These women changed my life

Once upon a time, I walked into a room filled with kind, successful, high-achieving female entrepreneurs…

…and got my mind blown. 

It was a weekend at a lake house. Picture: a slumber party for badass broads. Over the course of that weekend, each woman dropped at least one million-dollar idea that permanently altered the course of my life.

One woman shared that she doesn’t check email all day long, just once a day at a designated time. What? Just once a day?! To me, this was a game-changing concept and felt like the permission slip I needed. Note to self: change email habits immediately.

Another woman shared how much she charges for speaking engagements. I had no idea you could charge that much for a one-hour keynote, and realized I’d been under-charging. Lesson learned. Never again.

Another woman explained that she hires a chef to cook dinner for her family—for about the same price as take-out, but much healthier. A personal chef?! This notion had never occurred to me. But hearing her talk about it, now it seemed so obvious. Clearly, I needed this in my life. Dear self: find chef, asap.

And another woman explained her process for writing a book manuscript in a really short amount of time. This planted new seeds in my mind. If she can write a book, one day, why not me? 

These women gave me fresh ideas on how to set boundaries, choose pricing for my offers, hire the right people, and be even more daring and ambitious.

I left that gathering a changed woman.

I went home, made all kinds of changes, and up-leveled my life. And I started making a lot more money.

This is the power of community.

When you get together with like-minded people—whether it’s online or face-to-face—it immediately changes your life.

It changes you, because:

  •  You identify areas where you’ve been settling for crumbs.
  •  You see money-making options you hadn’t considered before.
  •  You get priceless recommendations, insider tips, and client referrals.
  •  You have a-ha moments about upgrades you could make right away; obvious things that you were just not seeing clearly before.
  •  You can ask questions (“So, what exactly is an LLC, do I need to form one, and how do I even do that?!”) and get helpful answers that prevent you from wasting time and money.
  •  You get influenced by “peer pressure” in a good way—if everyone else is taking risks, making great money, and accomplishing big goals, then you want to get in on the action, too!

If you want to change your thinking, change your income, and change your life, plant yourself inside the right community. 

As 2020 comes to an end, now is a good time to take a close look at your social circle and professional network. 

Do you have the community you need to reach your next level? Are you hanging out inside the right kind of room? 

If you want to make $500K per year, do you have at least 5 close friends who are doing exactly that? Friends who can advise you and brainstorm with you?

If you want to become a millionaire, do you have a tight-knit community of people who are working fiercely towards the same goal?

Do you have a coach who kicks your ass and doesn’t allow you to back out of commitments you’ve made—most importantly, the promises you’ve made to yourself?

If you don’t have those kinds of people in your life yet, now is the time to call those people in. 

Creating seven zeroes in your bank account starts with the people in your life.

Call in the community you need…because being surrounded by the right people changes everything. 


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Not into big groups? Inside The Club, we have regular break-out gatherings where you can meet with a small circle of peers at your same revenue level and build close relationships. 

Our Club members also form special groups based on their identities, interests, and locations—there’s a group for Latinx Club members, Queer members, Working Moms, Club members in Michigan, and more groups being formed all the time.

Your Club membership pays for itself, many times over. 

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