I want you to be honest about this…

Imagine this:

You want to start selling a new service, or relaunch an existing offer. In order to generate interest, you decide to run a webinar. You spend a lot of time making this webinar KICKASS — The content is BRILLIANT. The copy is SO GOOD. Your promotion plan is SHARP. The morning of the webinar, you are so proud and so excited and so ready to conquer the world…

…and then nobody shows up.

Actually, one person shows up. For SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES. Then they leave. And you keep on talking through your brilliant content to an empty webinar room.

What do you do next?

A.  Decide that webinars don’t work for your ideal customer. You should never have wasted your time, but at least now you know. You’ll go back to word-of-mouth marketing since that was kind of working.

B.  Wonder if you’re meant to be an entrepreneur. It feels like it just isn’t working. All around you are examples of entrepreneurs who are killing it! Rachel Rodgers, Amanda Brinkman, Marie Forleo, Brooke Castillo, Selena Soo, etc. So why not you??

C.  Feel overcome with shame and disappointment. Spend the next couple days on the friends with your business coach or peers from your mastermind group, retelling the story of what happened on your webinar. Maybe cry a little.

D.  Some combination of A, B, and C.

E.  Finish your webinar. Say “FUCK” really loud and go for a run or meet a friend for a drink. Sometimes this entrepreneur shit is just SO HARD. That’s why it’s going to feel so good when you figure out this webinar thing. Maybe 4pm isn’t a great time of day for a webinar. Maybe webinars don’t work for your ideal customers. Maybe your copy wasn’t as on point as you thought. Make a note to study Marie Forleo’s webinar funnel a little closer. Damn, there’s so much to learn and test!

I want you to be 100% honest about what your reaction would be to the scenario I outlined above. If you’re in the A, B, C, D camp, I’m about to give you some truth, served STRAIGHT UP:

If you want to make a million dollars, you are not on the right path. You need to commit to a drastic shift in mindset, commitment and behavior. Whining, self-pity, wallowing, giving up, and

I’m talking about Million Dollar Behavior. It’s a concept that I’m going to be getting deep into over the next few months. Because if you don’t have Million Dollar Behavior, you can have all the tools and all the tactics and the most amazing offer and the best support team and you WILL. STILL. FAIL.

Million Dollar Behavior is why I can meet somebody who is making $25K a year and know that they’ll be earning seven-figures within a few years. And why I can meet somebody who is making $250K and know that they’re going to be making $250K for the next decade.

So what exactly is Million Dollar Behavior? Stay tuned. I’m going to cover it in detail. But first I want you to get clear (and get honest) about your actual behavior.

So, what would you do?


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