The key to wild success is simple

Photo by Christa MeolaI’ve got a big ass project I am working on. I have no idea if it will be a success. It’s something I’ve never done before (at least, not in this way). It scares me to even talk about this goal ‘cause I really don’t know if I can make it happen.

Over the past couple weeks, I have been working on assembling a team to help me execute this project. I asked around, got referrals, sent emails and finally set up calls with five different groups who would each be handling different aspects of the project.

On every single one of those phone calls, I was blown away.

Each one of them lived up to the hype of the referrer. They are all awesome. They have the expertise I need on my team, they were each excited about working with me on this project, the customer service was excellent and they were available. Oh, and I liked them cause that’s important, too.

Then came the part in the conversation where we talk about money.

Each one of them quoted a 4-figure or 5-figure number that was bigger than what I was expecting, in some cases double. I took that information, wrote some notes and ended the calls.

And then I had to decide. Was I gonna let the size of the investment scare me? Was I gonna let my uncertainty about whether I could actually pull this off stop me? Or was I gonna go all in?

That really is the key question: are you all in or nah?

Taking the next step, making a big move, throwing some big money down — I don’t know about you but it scares the shit out of me. I want to reach my goal, but is it worth it? Can I do it? Will I just be making a fool of myself? Is anybody even interested? Am I being unrealistic? These are the questions I asked myself when deciding whether to hire this crew of awesome to help me accomplish this massive goal.

But all of these questions are irrelevant.
It doesn’t matter that it scares me.
It doesn’t matter that I could potentially make a fool of myself.
It doesn’t matter if it’s possible that no one will be interested.
It doesn’t matter that it could be unrealistic.

All that matters is the answer to the question: are you all in or nah? If you’re all in, then the vasts amounts of fear, uncertainty and potential disaster are immaterial. All that matters is your commitment to make your dreams happen.

To take the next step, not with fear and hesitation, but with verve. To stomp, in heels, towards your goal like you own the place. To commit your wallet and your heart. To take the risk and make the investment, without hedging. That is what matters.

And in my experience, that is what will determine your success: whether or not you are fully committed to making this thing happen, or not.

A full commitment = success. You know why? Because when you won’t quit until it happens, it will happen.

As for me, I knew that if I didn’t hire this team that my chances of completing this project and accomplishing this goal were slim to none. So I committed. I hired them. I’m still a little nervous but I won’t let that stop me. I’m all in.

Are you?

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