The one thing you don’t want to do.

This newsletter comes from Brittany Martin, President at Hello Seven.

When I first joined Hello Seven, I was a part-time contractor. I worked as the CEO’s right-hand person doing pretty much anything that needed to be done. Run the social media account? Check. Set up a new payment system? On it. Coach a disgruntled client who’s struggling to achieve their goals? Write newsletters and promo copy and help prep content for a webinar and the marketing funnel itself? Pronto. My motto was, “Consider it done.”

I wore so many hats, I could have opened a Hello Seven Hat Store. 

As the years rolled along, Hello Seven grew from a seven-figure to multi-seven and then eight-figure company. 

I got promoted and rose through several positions: business coach, marketing manager, creative director, director of operations. Each role brought greater responsibilities than the last.

When I worked as director of operations, Rachel (our CEO) suggested that maybe it was time for me to get an executive assistant. 

Rather than rejoice at this offer (“Hooray! That would be wonderful!”) I reacted with tremendous reluctance. “An assistant? For me? No thanks.” Even though my role in the company had changed significantly, my mindset was lagging behind and stuck back in 2018. I honestly felt like, “I’m not worthy of having an assistant. I don’t deserve to have that kind of support. Rather than paying someone to help me, we could put those company resources towards something else that’s more important.”

And then…I got pregnant.

With a 3-month maternity leave on the horizon, it was a harsh reality check. 

That’s when it hit me: “Nobody else on the team knows how to do my job—and this is a problem.” What's more, I was essentially doing six different people’s jobs (with very little backup support for my calendar, inbox, or to-do list). A self-induced problem. AND I needed to prepare for my leave, which included ensuring there was no major gap in my absence.

I realized, “The one thing I really don’t want to do is exactly what the company needs most.”

It was time to stop being a superhero-slash-martyr and dedicate myself to both delegation and accepting support.

Prior to my maternity leave, I documented every single thing that I do at work—building repeatable systems that could be assigned to someone else. Finding resources to outsource things that there wasn’t currently a human on the team to hold. I did time study after time study to understand exactly how I was spending my time, and I began releasing control and sharing my workload with other people on the team. I promised myself that the second I returned to work, I would find an assistant to help me practice releasing.

During my leave, the company had some of its highest-earning months of all time. 

This confirmed: my gut instinct had been correct. The one thing I’d been so reluctant to do? That’s exactly the step that needed to happen. 

Once I came back to work, I hired an executive assistant, gratefully accepted their help, and began delegating more than ever. We also hired an HR Director (and several other positions) so that I no longer needed to be an octopus with tentacles grasping every part of the business. As a result, my workload is much more sustainable and the company is stronger.

These days, I no longer ask myself, “What needs to get done?” but rather, “Who needs to get this done?” At times, I backslide into my old mindset and catch myself thinking, “I just need to do this myself.” But I'm improving and learning to lead more and do less.

Whether you are just beginning your business, or running an established operation, know this:

There is something you are avoiding, neglecting, or resisting. 

It could be launching that website, raising your prices, making your first hire, or finding the courage to ask your dream client, “Would you like to hire me?” (Actually asking for their business directly rather than evading the question.)

I know there’s something you keep putting aside due to overwhelm, fear, shame, pride, or stubbornness. 

Whatever it is, once you finally do it, the money floodgates open and your business will hit the next level. 

You already know in your heart that I’m right about this. 

And, you know what you need to do next.


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