Putting a cap on your income is selfish.

In your imagination, what happens when you reach your seemingly far-off income goal? Do you hit that once elusive benchmark and release, having achieved enough? At a certain point, you have all that you and your family could possibly need, right? Instead of going for more, you’ll nobly maintain that “enough” level of income.

Earning more would be capitalistic and greedy.

Hell. No. It’s not noble to cut off your income when you have “enough.” In fact, one might argue that it’s foolish. Putting a cap on your income, for no reason other than you personally don’t need it, is selfish.

When you become a high net-worth woman, you also become the center of an ecosystem that supports others. 

When you say yes to earning more, you also say yes to easily meeting the needs of those who rely on you. The more you earn, the more resources you have for your team, your clients, your community, and the organizations you care about—all of whom you can impact with your money. Every person you come in contact with can benefit from the fact that you chose to keep saying “yes” to more revenue opportunities.

By earning more revenue for my business, I am able to hire more team members who not only help me be more impactful and effective with my message but also grow my revenue. In turn, I am able to provide salaries, profit sharing, and employee benefits that I only dreamt of when I started my business 9 years ago.

And this extends beyond my business. I also provide to my community, my household employees, my family members and more.

I’ve become an entire micro-economy of support.

When we look at earning potential and revenue goals in this way, it’s clear: there is no sense to the belief that once you attain a certain level of income, you no longer need more.

You should earn more even if you don’t personally need more. Each revenue goal you set and then achieve simply becomes a tangible benchmark along the path to elevating your net-worth. By elevating your net-worth, you’re able to become a larger system for support. And this potential for more and more women to become the center of these ecosystems of support, rather than majority men, is why I want more and more women to say “Hello Seven” in 2020.

So, what’s the next revenue goal you’re going to achieve, and what happens after you hit it?


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