Sharee had a Million Dollar Epiphany

You can make money fast or you can make money slow. 

It can take you three years to make a million dollars or it can take thirty. You can make $10k this week by spending 10 hours at your desk or 80. It all depends on what you want and how you approach your goal. 

Personally when it comes to money, I prefer: fast.

This is why I created a 90-day business accelerator called Glow Up.

Glow Up is for self-employed people who currently make less than $30k a month and want to make more.

You want to get more clients in the door—quickly? You want to add thousands to your monthly income—asap? You want to find your Million Dollar Offer—the product or service that’s going to lead to your first million? And, you want to make huge strides forward in the next 90 days? You’re a perfect candidate for Glow Up.

It’s one thing to hear about a program from the creator. It’s another to hear about it directly from the people who have actually done it. 

Here’s what clients say about Glow Up.

Stephanie is putting herself out there in a bigger way

“I just posted about my coaching endeavor on LinkedIn. I know that I can reach even more people if I just put it out there. I had to ask myself, what am I afraid of? 90% of the people who would judge me would never have the guts to put themselves out there like that. Thank you to the Hello Seven team for challenging me to just do the damn thing.”
—Stephanie Alexander

Samantha is no longer working for peanuts

“Here’s a nugget I took from today’s Glow Up session: magical prices. Don’t give away all of your magic for free. No more discounted magic! And, I am finessing my framework which will enable me to get a lot of info out of my head so I can hire someone to get it off my plate.” 
—Samantha A. Murray

Shayla stopped waiting and rolled out a new offer

“I rolled out a new introductory offer for body composition analysis in my clinic. I have the machine but hadn’t advertised it yet, because I wasn’t sure how to ‘package’ the ad. Rachel mentioned several times to just make an offer. Celebrating a win because…I did it!”
—Shayla Toombs-Withers

Sharee had a Million Dollar Epiphany

“I followed Rachel’s advice and did the assessment to discover my strengths. My top strength is Strategist. I am starting to realize that what my clients love most is the strategic plans that I give them. Now I understand that in order to increase my revenue, I have to lean into my top strength and let go of the tasks that I am not strong in, nor have the time to learn. Mind blowing, ‘cause I didn’t see this fully until now.” 
—Sharee Berkhout 

. . .

If you’re self-employed, you have professional skills that people need, and you’re good at what you do, then there is absolutely no reason why you can’t be making $30k a month (and eventually much more). 

You already have the raw ingredients for success. Now you need mentorship and acceleration. You need someone to show you how to climb the mountain faster. You need Glow Up.

Here’s your next move:

Schedule a strategy call to discuss where you are right now, where you want to be in 90 days, and how Glow Up can get you there.

This is a call with a member of my team. There’s no charge for this call, but I want you to treat it as if it costs $10,000. Show up focused, undistracted, and ready to dive in. Use this call to determine how much money you would like to be making, what it will take to get there, and what’s holding you back from moving forward. 

Do you want to make money fast or slow? And, do you want to move forward on this journey with expert support or alone? The choice is entirely yours. 


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