The 90 Day Business Accelerator

Build your six (ready to scale to seven) figure business in under 100 days.

Presented by Rachel Rodgers & Hello Seven

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Are You Ready to Glow Up?

Hear Rachel Rodgers—creator of Glow Up—share why she created this program and what to expect.

The struggle Glow Up is real.

“More progress in the last 90 days
than in the last 3 years.”
“I started to do what they were suggesting,
and I blew up.”
“Do the framework and webinar in glow up y’all.
Send the emails. Post on social… it works.”
“The community I've been able to build (for my business)
in such a short amount of time has been just incredible.”
“Here’s to not ever going back to being a people-pleasing,
watered down version of myself — and leaning into values and strengths!”
“I went through Glow Up, [and] refined my framework.
I announced the rate increase to my list of about 600 people and [my] social media following, and people started coming out the woodwork to book. Literally.”
“This course is SO good, I’m doing so well. I’m making moves”
“The fire that the Hello Seven Team has lit under my butt is real and working!!”
“There was a 59.96% increase in my income the first 60 days after joining the Club.”
“This time has been life changing.”

Quick Glance

Can you build a business that has seven-figure foundations in under 100 days?

We show you how it’s done — and we support you along the way.

Welcome to Glow Up: the 90 Day Business Accelerator.

Our most successful program of all time is back — and better than ever.

  • Complete 10 money-generating projects in 90 days.
  • Check in with the Hello Seven team weekly to stay on track.
  • Pull the right levers to bring more money in the door — rapidly.
  • Get quick wins and a major confidence boost.
  • Shift your mindset from “struggling side-hustler” or “scrappy freelancer” to legit CEO.
  • Rise to a new level in all areas of your business and life. The way you set boundaries, speak to clients, price your services, dress for work, and carry yourself in the world—everything glows with more power and excellence.

It's time for your Glow Up to begin.

Before glow.

Over-working and under-earning. Struggling. Frustrated. Untapped earning potential. Leaving money on the table

After glow

Working smarter, not harder. Momentum. Prosperity. Maximizing your earning potential. Glowing from the inside out and friends asking, “What is your secret? Drop the skincare routine!”


During Glow Up, you complete 10 projects over the course of 90 days.

Each project lays the foundation of a solid, sustainable seven-figure business.

The first 5 projects bring money in the door quickly and establish a business model that generates six figures+ per year.

The second 5 projects are future-focused, laying the groundwork so that your six figure business can realistically grow into a $1,000,000 business.

Explore the curriculum…

Here’s What You’re Gonna Get
(Only 80 spots available!)

  1. Time with Rachel Rodgers
    Booking Rachel for a speaking engagement is $100,000 per hour. Securing a ticket to sit in the audience and hear her speak runs anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the event. She’s a highly in-demand speaker, educator, and business strategist. 

    During Glow Up, you get 10 sessions with Rachel—10 private speaking engagements exclusively for you & fellow Glow Up participants. Plus 5 coaching calls. She’s an expert at clearing whatever blocks are standing in between you and having a millie in the bank. It’s impossible to spend time with Rachel and NOT make more money.
    Value: $200,000.00
  2. Time with Hello Seven Team
    Hello Seven has grown from seven to eight figures in revenue in less than two years—during a pandemic and recession. How? Because of its brilliant leadership team. Booking this dream-team for a speaking engagement is $30,000 at minimum. 

    During Glow Up, you get access to this team and their combined knowledge on marketing, sales, systems, operations, logistics, and how to turn your business into a money-generating machine (no matter what is happening in the economy.)
    Value: $60,000.00
  3. Get Seen: Million Dollar Publicity
    Part of your Glow Up is putting yourself out there in a bigger way. You have to provide value, and you have to ask to be paid for that value. In order to help you do that, we’re giving you two opportunities to promote your value to our entire community.
    Value: $15,000.000
    • We’ll feature you as an author in our Hello Entrepreneur Bulletin, a partnership with Meta (the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp). Submit an article that you’ve written, include a link to your website, and we’ll share it with our entire audience (over 200,000 readers).
    • We’ll feature you on the Hello Seven Podcast, which has over 1,000,000 downloads. Submit a 5-minute audio clip where you teach a quick tip and share info about your signature product or service—and we’ll feature it on the show. Our entire fanbase will hear your Five Minute Feature and find out how to work with you.
Your investment: $25,000.00
GET STARTED with an initial payment of $2,500

Case Studies

We asked past clients: “How did working with Hello Seven transform your business, income, and life?

Here's what they said.

Schedule & Time Commitment

Quick-Glance Schedule

Registration Period

September 23, 2022 to September 26, 2022

Prep Work

October 3, 2022 to October 9, 2022


October 10, 2022 to December 22, 2022

Glow Up includes video presentations led by Rachel Rodgers and key stakeholders on the Hello Seven Team and weekly coaching sessions—5 with Rachel and 6 with our Hello Seven coaching team.

Time Commitment

Glow is a 90 day business accelerator.

For best results, set aside 5 to 10 hours per week to complete projects and meet with your business coach.

You don’t have 5 to 10 hours of free time? You will soon.

During the Prep Work phase of the program, we show you how to set boundaries and adjust your schedule to create the time that you need.

“Will Glow Up be offered again in 2023 or 2024?”

“How much does Glow Up cost?”

“Do you offer scholarships?”

“May I see a detailed schedule so I can put everything into my calendar?”

See F.A.Q.

Team & Credentials

Rachel Rodgers

Founder and CEO of Hello Seven

Creator of Glow Up

Black woman. Mother of four. Entrepreneur. Investor. Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Self-made millionaire.

Rachel designed the Glow Up curriculum based on 10 years of experience working with clients, both as an intellectual property attorney and business coach.

Rachel grew her business from $0 to $100,000, and from $100,000 to $1,000,000+. Now, she’s on a mission to help you do the same. Whatever is holding you back from having more money, it’s time to clear those blocks out of the way.

“Hang with me and you will make more money. Guaranteed.”
– Rachel Rodgers

Meet your Glow Up team


Rachel Rodgers


Robert Hartwell


Susan Hyatt


Brittany Martin

Director of Operations

Liz Watson

Director of Information Systems

Greg Dube

Application Criteria

Are you a candidate for Glow Up?

Check and make sure that you match the following criteria.

  • You are a woman, person of color, queer person, or belong to another historically excluded community.
  • You are self-employed—or want to become self-employed soon.
  • You are making under $25,000 in revenue per month, and you want to make more.
  • You freelance, run a small business, or have a side-hustle that you’d like to grow into a main-hustle.
  • You have professional skills that you’ve honed. This could mean you’re an attorney, physician, hair stylist, fitness trainer, copywriter, consultant, or another profession. You’re excellent at this particular skill. However, you’re not earning as much money as you’d like to be making.
  • You currently earn between $0 and $300,000 per year from your full-time business or side-business. You want to crack the $100,000 mark (for starters) or you're ready to go way beyond.
  • You are resourceful and creative. Your attitude is, “There is always a way.” When there’s something that you need, you find a way to get it. You do not say, “I can’t.” You say, “I can. I’m not sure how exactly, I don’t have all the details figured out yet, but I know it is possible.”
  • You don’t want to commit to a lengthy program (12-24 months) at this time. You want a 90 day accelerator that delivers quick wins, momentum, and cash in the door—asap.
  • You want to run a grown-up, legitimate business. Correct paperwork: filed. Licenses: secured. Insurance: sorted. Taxes: paid. Trademarks: secured. You want to do this right—not just wing it.
  • You want to feel like a true CEO, not a scrappy freelancer who’s barely getting by.
  • You recognize that there is something (or several things) holding you back from earning more money, and you’re ready to confront those blocks and clear them out of the way.
  • You succeed when you have the following things in place: structure, deadlines, a coach, and specific projects to complete. When left to your own devices, you tend to stall, but in a structured setting with accountability, you get things done.
  • You want to Glow Up on every level. You want to next-level your income as well as your mindset, confidence, boundaries, and the way you conduct yourself in the world. It is time to stop settling for peanuts and get a major Glow Up. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions to Decide Rapidly if Glow Up is Right for You

One skill that every entrepreneur needs is the ability to evaluate options — and make decisions quickly and confidently. Practice this skill now.

Answer the following questions.

01. Are you currently earning $0 to $299,999 per year from your business or side-business?

02. Do you feel that you have untapped earning potential and you could be earning more than you currently do?

03. Would you like to learn how to free up 5 to 25 hours per week of time—free time that you can dedicate to your business to find more clients, serve those clients at a higher level, and bring more revenue in the door?

04. Would you like to work with expert coaches who meet with you twice a week to ensure that you’re taking the right steps at the right time and achieving your goals?

05. Would you like an accelerated experience that delivers rapid results?

06. Would you like to make an investment you can earn back?

07. Do you identify as a woman, person of color, queer person, or you’re from another marginalized group, and you want to surround yourself with people who look like you—diverse entrepreneurs who are thriving?

If you answer Yes to all (or most) of those questions, then, this decision is simple:
You belong in Glow Up!

We look forward to witnessing your Glow Up

Ready to earn over 6 figures?

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