How to Know if a Podcast Publicist is Right for Your Business

By Christina Lenkowski

Hello Seven Client  |  Publicist with 15 Years Experience  |  Podcast Expert

As an entrepreneur, getting booked to be a guest on a podcast can be a huge WIN. You get to share your story with a fresh audience, share helpful tips, and get people excited about what your company provides. If you’re a fantastic guest, one podcast appearance can lead to a deluge of customers. Christina, a Hello Seven client and podcast expert, wrote this guide for anybody who wants to know, “Should I hire a podcast publicist? Is it worth it? And, how can I hire the right person?” Read on for tips.

Publicity is a bit like ice. 

Before ice freezes, all these things are happening under the surface that we don’t see. The temperature shifts. Crystals form. But we don’t really see anything until the ice freezes solid—seemingly out of nowhere. 

And that's how publicity works, too. You put yourself out there over and over again—in front of the right audiences, of courseand suddenly that “ice”  solidifies and you become known as an expert in whatever it is you do.

One of the BEST ways to position yourself as an authority in your field is to get booked as a podcast guest. Specifically, you want to get booked on podcasts that are aligned with what you’re selling—shows that have a listenership that’s chock-full of your ideal client or customer.

Being a podcast guest is an incredibly effective way to build excitement about your company and the services or products you sell.  As a guest, you get to talk to listeners in an intimate way. You’re right in their ears while they’re commuting, changing diapers, making dinner, or working out at the gym. When people hear your voice, they feel connected to you. It’s a type of connection that you just can’t get from an IG post or an email. Podcasts are such a powerful medium—and this is why I’ve completely niched my agency down to only focus on podcasts even after 10+ years working in the traditional PR & marketing fields.  Being on a podcast allows you to tell your story, direct potential customers exactly where you want them to go, and drastically shorten the nurture cycle by upping that “know, like, and trust” factor.

Statistics: the Power of Podcasts

Need some stats? Here are a couple:

  • Most of us have a favorite podcast (or seven favorites—that’s the weekly average) that we enjoy on the regular. Do you trust that host and what they have to say? Who do they bring on their show? Would you be inclined to trust those guest voices, too? For most people, according to research, the answer is yes. 
  • Over 70% of listeners download a podcast to learn something new. As an entrepreneur, you’re an educator. You want to share tips and strategies to help people lead better lives. Teaching something new is exactly what you do best! 
  • 94% of podcast users are active on at least one social media channel. If they listen to the episode you’re featured on, and love it, they might share the link with their community.  Meaning, the opportunity for you to gain new followers is HUGE.
  • Many clients tell me that after doing even just one podcast appearance, their engagement explodes. I'm talking Instagram DMs and out-of-the-blue emails from listeners. Not to mention the relationships with the hosts themselves…

All stats above are courtesy of Podcast Insights. 

With two million-plus podcasts (and growing!), there are shows out there for every niche imaginable. What is a Podcast Publicist and Who Needs One?

At this point you might be thinking, well this all sounds just fine and dandy, but I don’t have time to add any more marketing initiatives… 

Enter my agency, Publicity by Christina, and my team of high-performing Podcast Publicists. 

As publicists, our job is to generate and manage publicity for you. We compile a list of the best podcasts for you to get featured on. We contact the host (or producer) on your behalf and tell them why you’d be a perfect guest. We get you booked on top shows and do all the legwork. All you need to do is show up on recording day…ready to meet the host, chat, and record an episode.

We have the skills, the energy—not to mention, the connections—to make sure we are getting you in front of the right shows for your audience. 

Consider hiring a publicist if you are:

  • A business looking for growth. Publicists are perfect for gaining growth in your business, including engagement, customer retention, and new customers.
  • An expert who just can’t seem to get your name out there. If you’re struggling with popularity, a publicist can help you get your name circulating in the right areas.

An author, creator, coach, or online business owner wanting to be the go-to expert in your field. A publicist can assist you no matter what line of business you’re in.Anyone can benefit from a publicist. Even if your business is doing well, it can always do better.

What Is is Podcast Publicity Going to Do for You?

Although it’s a somewhat new concept, podcast publicity is perfect for skyrocketing awareness, raising engagement, and generating new customers. A Podcast Publicist can help you:help you:

  • Become a household name
  • Up that “know, like, & trust” factor
  • Reduce or eliminate advertising costs 
  • Immediately elevate your expertise 

What Questions Should You Ask When Deciding to Hire a Publicist?

You may be thinking that hiring a publicist is the right choice for you. However, there’s there are hundreds of publicists out there. How do you know who is the right fit for your needs? When interviewing a potential publicist, consider asking:

  • What does success look like for your typical client?
  • How are you going to measure success?
  • When should I expect to see success?
  • What makes your process different from other agencies?
  • Do you guarantee bookings?
  • Can you get me on my dream show?
  • Do you have testimonials from past clients?

A good, successful publicist is going to be able to answer all of these questions with evidence and support. No good publicist will ever shy away from providing you with evidence of their work!

Ready for the Next Step?

If you’re thinking Podcast Publicity is the next step in your business, take a minute to download our Podcast Guest Checklist. I hope to hear you on the podcast airwaves soon!

-Christina Lenkowski

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