THIS was the most popular this summer…

I hope you’re enjoying this Labor Day Weekend with some end-of-summer sunshine and an insta-worthy picnic (you know, the kind with a wicker basket, bougie cheeses, daytime wine, pomegranate seeds casually rolling about… all that good stuff!).

Here at Hello Seven, we wanted to give you one last taste of summer before we move on to sharing our juicy fall content with you. So, just in case you missed some of the most read, most loved, most life-changing content we put out this summer…

This is my gift to you — a roundup of all our most popular content from Summer 2021. 


Most downloaded Podcast Episode of the summer: Episode 90: Niching Down with Zim Flores

Take a listen to learn how to separate your identity and your worth from your work, how to niche down and serve a distinct group of people, and why — contrary to popular myth — niching down does NOT mean limited scaling.

If you’ve been listening this summer, you know I’ve been taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming (which is why this episode is a re-release), and maybe even pining for fresh new episodes.

If that’s you, here’s some great news: An all new season of the Hello Seven Podcast, with a new theme, a new co-host, and new episodes you’ll love is coming VERY soon…. So stay tuned! 😉

Most loved Blog Post of the summer: Let’s talk about inclusive language.

Discover some of the ways you can create an inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ members of your business community, and find out how to make all your communications (in business and in life) actually inclusive by reading our Guide To Inclusive Language.

Most popular Instagram Post of the summer: “Most Rich People…

There is a right and a wrong way to be rich — this is it.

This summer’s Top 5 Media Highlights:

Thanks to the wildly successful launch of my book, We Should All Be Millionaires, this summer was filled with exciting, enriching, and humbling media appearances.

  1. New York Times: No Loans, No Credit, No Funding: Why More Women Aren’t Millionaires
  2. Forbes: Why This Entrepreneur Wants You To Be A Millionaire
  3. Good Morning America: Self-made millionaire shares secrets to her success
  4. NBC News: Want to be a millionaire? Why starting a business matters more than saving 
  5. Scrubbing In: Podcast with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad

What do you think? Did your favorites make the list?

Here’s my end-of-summer question for you: Is there anything you want to hear, read, or learn from us this fall? 

Hit reply and let me know!


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